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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
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A functional Bluetooth speaker. Play your favorite music while protecting your home or business.Easy peer to peer connection using the QR code.
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Bluetooth Speaker Security Camera Reviews
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Download your recorded footage to your smart devices or your Mac or Windows computer.Built-in infrared allows this surveillance camera to see up to 20 feet in complete darkness.
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WIFI Security Camera with Rotatable Lens Reviews
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Looks like a common router.Keep an eye on employees or thieves!
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WIFI Router Hidden Camera Reviews
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WiFi 1080P Mini Clock Camera with IR.See live from anywhere and anytime!
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WIFI 1080P Mini Clock Camera Reviews
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Download your video footage to a PC or Mac.Wide 110 degree field of view!
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WIFI Weather Station Hidden Nanny Camera Reviews
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Date and time stamped videos make it easy to pinpoint when an event occurred.Record video in high definition 720P
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WIFI USB Wall Charger Spy Camera with IR Reviews
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Portable security cam for your home or business.Perfect for keeping an eye on the kids with the babysitter.
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HD 1080P Power Bank WIFI Security Camera Reviews
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ZMax Security Cam with infrared. Great for your home or business.Zetta max surveillance security cam.
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Zetta Max IR Surveillance Camera 160° Field of View Reviews
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No one can know everything that's going on at all times; unless they have a camera! Valuables must be protected, whether in the form of jewels, children, or your business. Often enough, it would be at night when a camera would be required, such as when a thief breaks in at night, when children get home late, or when someone walks into your office after hours. Night Vision Hidden Spy Cameras are discreet cameras that allow you to secretly keep an eye on things at night, thanks to their built-in infrared LEDs. Surveillance for the inside of the home or office while you're away no longer requires all the lights left on for the best picture. Infrared light, discovered in 1800 by Sir William Herschel, is a wavelength of light that is invisible to warm-blooded animals, like us humans. Various military and everyday businesses use infrared technology, from night vision scopes to standard security cameras. Now infrared can light up the room to help IR-sensitive spy cameras see in the dark! With a wide selection of clock spy cameras, black box nanny cameras, AC adapter discreet cameras, and much more to choose from, you can be sure you will find what you need to fit in your environment. Designed for continuous use while plugged into a wall outlet, most devices can also record for hours after a power outage with a battery backup. Each device can be set up to record their HD video to an SD card upon motion or to capture footage continuously, and reviewing your videos is quick and straightforward on your smartphone or computer. Each surveillance cam date- and time-stamps the video, allowing you to gather robust evidence on your target for extended periods. What separates these nanny cameras from others is their ability to be used in low lighting situations thanks to their built-in infrared illuminators, making them invaluable for late-night surveillance while you're working or sleeping. They have varying ranges of night vision distance, so double-check the specifications of any device you're looking at to see if it'll do the job. These cameras can blend in easily and securely into any environment. Frequently used in the home or office, spy cameras keep an eye on nannies at home, make sure employees stay on task, and keep watch over homes during vacations. Whatever the case, you can be confident that these cameras will get the job done for you, day or night.

Full High-Definition Video Capture: Eight hours of recording with continuous battery consumption in a well-lit location can be had with the 1080P Power Bank WIFI Security Camera, while only having three hours of battery when recording in the dark with the night vision IRs turned on. Of course, you may leave it plugged into the wall for constant power and surveillance capabilities! This night vision hidden camera is small and doubles as a working power bank, so it's a perfect device to carry from place to place and "forget" you've left behind at your office or in the home to watch over things after the lights turn out. Connecting the camera to the WIFI enables remote access on a smartphone or tablet, so you can log in and watch what's happening in real-time or wait until you get back to the device to retrieve the 720P resolution videos. Infrared light from inside this device can push that night vision up to 18 feet from the camera, so it's perfect for monitoring most small rooms and walkways.

WIFI Surveillance Has Never Been Easier: Watching over a home or office has never been more covert than with the WIFI 1080P Pro Black Box Nanny Camera! Place it up high on a dark shelf or use it as a stand for a vase to hide this black box video recorder that has a 90-degree field of view with an impressive 1080P video record resolution. Gather 8-10 hours of video with the internal battery or leave it plugged in for constant use and security of the home or office. With this night vision hidden security camera, you can see up to 15 feet away from the unit in a low-light or no-light setting. Connect the spy camera to the WIFI of the area so you may remotely live stream video right to your phone or tablet. Downloading 1080P video into your smart device to review day or nighttime recordings is quick and easy, and from there, they can be uploaded to services like Dropbox or Google Drive for sharing.

Covert Disguises Enable Creative Placement: Surveillance of any room from a hidden vantage point is made easy with the WIFI USB Wall Charger Spy Camera with IR! With wall outlets available on almost every wall in any household or office setting, this hidden security camera is one of the best on the market when it comes to being discreet. To start using this camera, all you have to do is plug in an SD card for video storage (just like any other cameras we carry) and plug it into a wall for power. While you wait for it to boot up, download the free phone application called TinyCam, connect with the camera's WIFI signal, and then complete the rest of the settings through the app. When logged in, turn off the lights and see how much of the room you can see with the 10ft range of the infrared light. Like in a garage or a kitchen, outlets located up high will offer a greater field of view than if plugged into an outlet lower to the ground. If you can't get exactly the angle you want, you can always use an extension cable to make a DIY camera!

Covert Designs Allow Placement Out in the Open: Super boring designs for spy cameras tend to be the best. However, let this WIFI Router Hidden Camera wow you with the excellent 720P recording and 15 feet of night vision! Battery power is not available for this unit (and wouldn't be for a regular router!), so it will need constant power from a wall outlet. Hidden inside the antenna is the camera, which allows you to change the angle of view up and down. Lowering and raising the antenna is a handy feature, which can provide a bit of privacy if you don't need to record what's going on at that moment. Office, or even home, networks need to be robust and powerful nowadays, so having multiple routers in an area will not seem unusual. There is even a dummy port for a CAT5 cable plugin!

Functional Disguises Solidify The Illusion: Everyone needs a clock at their bedside so they can curse the night when they wake up too early. If you keep your valuables in your bedroom, a covert camera would be a practical tool. The WIFI 1080 Mini Clock Camera could find use in either of these situations. Night vision IR LEDs from this spy camera pump the infrared light up to 15 feet into total darkness. Like each of the other cameras, this clock camera records continuously or only when it senses motion. If the power goes out, this security camera has a backup battery life of 8 hours during the day and can run up to 3 hours when using IR.

Get The Best Night Vision For Large Area: Of course, when you need to find an outlet to charge your phone, all the outlets are taken, so it's natural to look for a USB charging hub. What if it also helped your night vision spy camera? You can extend the range of any night vision camera with an extra IR illuminator, such as this model that's disguised as a working USB charging hub! Six built-in IR LEDs enable you to see almost 30 feet in a dark room! Coupled with a night vision camera that's putting out its own IR light, you can surveil quite a bit of space in the dark! An included cable plugs the illuminator into a power source, meaning you can angle it whichever way you need to send the night vision infrared light in any direction.

Small Security Cameras With Powerful Capabilities: Lastly, here's a small security camera that doesn't benefit from WIFI access but still has the night vision needed to capture the evidence you need. The Zetta Max IR Surveillance Camera 160° Field of View has about 10 feet of night vision with an incredible customization program available for Macs and Windows computers. Sir William Herschel found the infrared wavelength by its relationship with heat, as it warmed a thermometer. Heat or thermal radiation radiates in the infrared range. A unique passive-infrared (body heat) motion detection feature enables this fantastic security camera to go into a low-power standby state for up to 180 days! Only warm-bodied people or animals will trigger a recording; no more wasted footage on a windy day when trees blow in the window or when a TV or fan turns on! Twelve hours of battery is available with a full charge. Still, it can be your 24/7 security camera when plugged into constant power and set to "overwrite" within the custom settings program. As it's not disguised as something other than a camera, this small security camera can record audio along with wide-angle 720P high-definition video.

How Will Night Vision Affect Recordings: Visual results from night vision recording will be grainy and whited out. Therefore, you'll want to get as close to the action as possible to gain the best picture while trying to remain covert. Night vision at a distance may be great to show that someone was in the area when they shouldn't be, but recording at closer proximity will benefit recordings greatly. Infrared light would also be invisible to cameras without a special filter, which you can sometimes hear sliding into place when the lights turn out and security camera IR LEDs come on. In any situation requiring video recording at night, you will need a device that can utilize infrared light to see in the dark; standard cameras will not do. Do note, however, that infrared light is only mostly invisible to warm-blooded creatures. Infrared at sufficient power levels or wavelengths closer to red light are sometimes visible. Night vision emitters, like IR LEDs, will show a very dull red or purple glow because the light is more intense inside the LED bulb itself, but it cannot be seen beyond that point. You can see it pretty clearly on CCTV security cameras that utilize infrared light; some styles have a ring of IR LEDs around the camera lens, some have them as larger LEDs set next to the camera lens. These LEDs on security cameras are generally easier to see, as they're not trying to remain hidden, but a spy camera needs to be as sneaky as possible. Many electronics have LEDs that blink or light up when devices are turned on, such as AC adapters and routers, so that they wouldn't look out of place on a night vision hidden camera. IR LEDs on a hidden camera is typically installed behind a screen of smoked plastic, which hides this tell-tale glow as much as possible.

We hope that this guide has helped to show the value of night vision spy cameras. Give us a call if you have any questions about these devices. Our technical staff will be happy to lead you to the products that would best fit your situation.

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