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Hidden Body Worn Cameras


Body Worn Camera Buyers GuideHidden body cameras allow for the user to discreetly place a video camera on themselves to record an interaction with someone else. Body worn cameras come in various devices like watches, pens, glasses, key chains that look like your cars key fob and even small micro cameras that can replace a button in your shirt!

Each device has the ability to not only record video but audio as well. Each video is date and time stamped and you can download the devices memory onto a computer to use for evidence gathering. These discreet video cams are simple to use and don't stand out in a crowd.

Most of these body cams now offer hi-definition video and have built in memories so it reduces having to change out an SD Card. But you can still find models that allow you to use a TF card which is handy because you can quickly hot swap one card for another and continue recording and download the footage at a later time. Each of these devices are battery operated and come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

This allows for limited downtime because these tiny cams can be charged off a USB port, so you can use a PC, Laptop or any powered USB AC power supply to recharge your unit. Covert bodyworn cameras are great to use for domestic situations, child custody cases, issues at work with a co worker, verbal abuse at home and much more.