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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
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Stylish eye wear for any attire.Simple to use, with one touch on and off recording.
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1080P Video Spy Camera Glasses Reviews
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Covert Watch Cam. Be just like James Bond!Built in 16GB internal memory. Plug in to an PC or Mac to download.
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2K Ultra Spy Watch Hidden Camera Reviews
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2K Ultra video recording pen.Hide your camera lens when your not using it by simply sliding the black cover up over it.
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2K Ultra Spy Pen Camera Reviews
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Car FOB Spy Camera.Can record based on motion detection or continuously.
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Key Fob Hidden Video Recorder Reviews
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720p Covert Video Recorder.90 minutes of battery life.
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1080P Hidden Button Camera Reviews
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A discreet video recorder that can be used a moments notice.Recharges quickly through any powered USB connection.
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1080P Flash Drive Micro USB Spy Camera Reviews
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Lightweight and durable, built for law enforcement world wide.Hidden micro camera embedded into the front of this spy cam.
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LawMate 1080P WIFI Keychain Spy Camera Reviews
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Hidden body cameras allow the user to discreetly place a video camera on themselves to record an interaction with someone else. Body-worn cameras come in various devices like watches, pens, glasses, key chains that look like your car's key fob, and even small micro cameras that can replace a button on your shirt! Each device has the ability to not only record video but audio as well. Each video is date and time-stamped, and you can download the device’s memory onto a computer to use for evidence gathering. These discrete video cams are simple to use and don't stand out in a crowd. Some of our body cams now offer hi-definition videos and have built-in memories, reducing having to change out an SD Card. But you can still find models that allow you to use an SD card, which is handy because you can quickly hot-swap one card for another and continue recording and downloading the footage later. Each of these devices is battery-operated and comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This allows for limited downtime because these tiny cams can be charged off a USB port, so you can use a PC, Laptop, or any powered USB AC power supply to recharge your unit. Covert hidden body cameras are great to use for domestic situations, child custody cases, issues at work with a coworker, verbal abuse at home, and much more.

The SpyCentre Security Difference: We have worked closely with each manufacturer to bring the best spy products to the market. Our emphasis is always on longevity and usability, and our Dallas-area customer service team backs each product. If you ever have a question, don't hesitate to call, and one of our personal in-store advisors will help. If you are ever in the Dallas area, feel free to stop by our showroom!

2k Spy Pen Recorder - Click Here: Our pen recorders are some of our best-selling wearable technology. They have the advantage of blending into any environment while allowing plenty of internal room to hide the necessary cameras and rechargeable batteries. This 2K video recorder is a nice upgrade to our long-running HD 1080p model. With this version, you get HD video up to 2304x1296 resolution at 30 frames per second. If you need a faster frame rate, it can do that, too; this camera can capture 720P at 60 frames per second with an adjustment. The snapshot feature is another excellent benefit, allowing you to take 4-megapixel images with a discrete click of a button. This pen is fully functional so that it will blend in with the board room and the showroom. Whether you need to do a walk-through on the new job site, record a contract signing, or perform undercover shopping, this little pen truly outperforms. With 1-hour battery life, you'll appreciate the ability to recharge it from any USB outlet quickly, and the fact that it records audio makes this little camera a true best-seller. You can also save data space on the onboard memory card by activating the motion detection mode and only recording when it detects that someone is in the room.

1080P Spy Glasses - Click Here: Our spy glasses are another top-level performer. These sleek, modern-looking glasses are attracting a lot of attention among private investigators. Just slip them on and press the button on the left side arm for 3 seconds for an hour and a half of accurate, 1080P HD footage. The real beauty of these is how easy it is to aim them. The pinhole camera in the bridge picks up an 80-degree view. By pointing your head at the object you wish to record, you can capture a nice, clear view of the event while still staying entirely present with the flow of events unfolding around you. This design also makes it handy for quick walk-throughs, whether looking at a property to buy or handling an undercover workman's compensation investigation.

LawMate 1080P WIFI Keychain Spy Camera - Click Here: Rounding out our top-3 best-selling covert cameras is our Key Fob recorder. While this isn't your traditional body cam, it carries nicely in hand or on a set of keys and blends well in any environment. Leave them lying on the table or lying carelessly about in the room for an instant surveillance kit or nanny cam. This is another 1080P camera with room for a larger, 128GB micro SD card. This allows for 21 hours of full high-definition footage. This recording device has 65 minutes of battery life, thanks to the lithium-ion battery, and it recharges nicely with the included USB charger in about 3 hours. You can also set it in motion detection mode to only record for 3 minutes when motion is picked up. This is a highly versatile video and audio recorder. It is one of the only devices in this category that we sell that offers real-time footage. You can sit up to 50 feet away and watch what is happening in the room, thanks to the included app. This device creates its own WIFI network for communicating with your smartphone, making it an aggressive surveillance tool. Whether you want to capture key parts of your professor's lecture, or you need to protect yourself while on a first date, this fob is one that you won't want to leave home without.

Hidden Button Camera - Click Here: This wouldn't be a proper spy store if we didn't mention one of our best-selling cameras for deep undercover work. The button camera is based on proven designs used in law enforcement and other undercover work. It hides a camera lens inside a small black button, allowing this mini spy camera a perfect vantage point. One of the key benefits of this model is that it rides on your body's core, creating a more stable image. Thanks to the slightly larger size (this entire device is only 2.5 inches tall and an 1 inch wide), it can hold a 128GB micro SD card for hours of high-definition video storage. The battery life provides 90 minutes of run time and recharges in 2 hours with the included USB cable. If you are looking for a low-key body cam, this is one of the most reliable.Read our Hidden Body-Worn Cameras Buyers Guide - Click Here

Body Worn Spy Cameras - Hidden Body Cameras

Battery Life

Of course, which body worn video camera you purchase will ultimately be what determines its battery life. The quality of the camera will be a large factor, but also, what features the spy camera has will change things.

You may find yourself having to choose what will enhance your experience with a portable camera and what will eat up too much battery. Everything in life is an act of give and take. What is most important to you?

If the device is meant to monitor high-definition video, it might not last as long as if it was only meant to record audio. If it has wireless wifi and is live streaming, that might eat up some of the battery life as well since internet tends to require more from a device. Even within this article, we reference hidden cameras that have a range.

Always remember to fully charge your body worn camera before setting out on any ventures.

Wearable Spy Cameras - Can They Record HD Video?

The short answer is yes: Body worn hidden cameras can record high-quality footage.

It all boils down to what kind of camera you are using and what its capabilities are. Some of our body cams now offer high-definition videos and have built-in memories, reducing having to change out an SD Card. It may be a little more pricey to record video with an HD body camera but think of all the trouble it could save you in the long run.

Cameras of this sort are taking already a chance at getting what you want, so you must prepare ahead of time as best you can. Finding the camera that is a perfect fit for you and your situation is why we're here.

Ideally, your camera will deliver that perfect moment from your pocket, glasses, watch, or wherever. After going to all that trouble, the risk of having fuzzy sound and video might not be worth it to you.

With high-definition footage, you can capture quality photos straight from the clip without having to take any extra steps. Additionally, HD video will monitor better at night, which is a feature low-quality cameras are missing.

Covert Surveillance on the Go - Hidden Body-Worn Camera Legalities:

Firstly, state laws are not all the same within the United States. It is important to know what your state expects of you before undertaking any kind of venture with hidden cameras.

Here is an article discussing specific state laws.

What we are about to discuss are general laws and expectations.

There are many laws regarding the privacy of an individual. Body worn cameras are considered similar to smartphones in the eyes of the law, however, the line soon becomes fuzzy because it is illegal to record without consent in a place or time when the individual being recorded can reasonably expect privacy.

Any time someone leaves their property, they understand there is a chance that they will be recorded. That doesn't mean you have the right to record any time someone leaves their yard.

"Reasonably expect" can mean anything from a private conversation over dinner at normal volume levels, to bathroom stalls in a public building. For instance, recording someone in a dressing room without their consent could be considered sexual harassment even though the dressing room was in a store that was open to the public. However, if what started out as a quiet conversation between two or more people escalates to yelling, those people involved lost their right to reasonably expect privacy.

Conversely, if you are on a walk, you do not have to right to stand on the sidewalk and record through someone's window just because the sidewalk is public property.

Use discernment when recording with a body camera and take great care to understand your state's laws.

Of course, there are individuals who have been granted power for covert surveillance by law and government to bypass those laws for the sake of public safety.

If you are in a situation where your safety is threatened, recording video with a spy camera may be one of your only ways out. If you do this, be aware that everything you say and do will also be scrutinized, not just the individual you are monitoring. You could potentially be called to answer for recording without consent, which means you need to take special care to stay above reproach.