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GL300 is an excellent tracking tool for new drivers in the family or massive fleets of vehiclesLights on the front indicate when power is turned on and when updating via GPS or Cell signals
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GL Miniature Active GPS Tracker Reviews
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This weatherized, magnetic case has an ingress protection rating of IP52Internal battery pack allows for 4 to 5 months of standby!
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SmartBox Lite GPS Tracker Kit Reviews
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Weatherized magnetic case for live global positioning tracker.Stainless steel hinge keeps latch from rusting shut.
Install on fleet vehicles to ensure fast delivery times and cut out unnecessary travelCreate Geo-Fences on a map and be alerted when a vehicle travels within or outside of this area
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GV50 Hard Wired GPS Tracker Reviews
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Live GPS tracking devices allow you to log into a mobile app or computer web portal and track, in real-time, the beacon's location as it travels along the road with a vehicle or in a person's pocket. Each account can connect with several hundred real-time GPS tracking devices, making these systems an excellent tool for companies with multiple vehicles to manage. Each GPS tracker can be programmed the same or can be customized to report different metrics of data. For instance, set speed thresholds to be notified of excessive speed and unsafe driving habits specific to your company vehicle or your child's. Or, you can set up multiple zone alerts, referred to as geofencing, which will update when the device has left a specific area you set, like a house, business, or school parking lot. Practically anyone with any significant assets such as a car, truck, van, or trailer can make good use of a live GPS tracker, so make sure to browse around and check out all the different GPS trackers and accessories we have available.

Real-Time GPS Tracker Features: There are two live GPS tracking devices: battery-powered and hardwired devices. The obvious benefit of a hardwired GPS tracking device is that you do not need to worry so much about the power since it's tied to the vehicle's battery or fuse box. The downside is it needs to be installed into the car, which can become costly unless you are a DIY person. There are apparent benefits to battery power, as well, with the ability to place a GPS tracker just about anywhere it can get a signal or even wear it on your person for safety in troubled areas. The GL Miniature GPS Tracker can be used with the standard magnetic case or utilize the unique design, which includes a panic button to notify emergency contacts of a dire situation. With a live GPS tracker, you can instantly gain all sorts of information about where your vehicles or significant assets are at any given time. Data gathered by the GPS tracker consolidates into the platform's servers, where you can generate multiple types of reports. When reviewing the location data for any beacon on a map, a vapor trail shows the details of each point where it had updated the position. Use this trail to spot-check that all deliveries were made or that your grounded child's vehicle only goes from home to school and back. Start-stop reports allow you to see how long a car has been at a particular place, even showing how long it took to get to the following address. Use the speeding reports to confront company drivers about unsafe habits. Create geofence boundaries on the map around a school, business parking lot, or your spouse's work, and get notified when the GPS beacon enters or leaves the area. All reports gathered from your real-time GPS tracker's real-time GPS software can be downloaded and printed into a spreadsheet format for easy accounting and review.

Keeping an Eye on Your Teens with a GPS Tracker: Every parent already knows how vital their safety, security, and well-being are at all times. But as your children mature into teenagers and young adults, it can be much more challenging to keep an eye on where they're spending their time roaming around town. In this case, a hidden GPS tracker might be what you need! With live GPS tracking, no matter where your teen is or who they're spending their time with, you'll be able to keep an eye on them in real-time! Plus, a GPS tracker will also give you peace of mind by allowing you to monitor your teen's driving habits, like speed and excessive idling, via live real-time GPS tracking results. Observe it all at your fingertips with mobile applications or from a computer.

Fleet  Management: Managing a fleet of vehicles is no simple task, so the ability to make life easier in managing a few to several hundred cars and trucks with real-time GPS tracking can be heaven-sent. Hardwired GPS tracking devices will make the most sense if multiple vehicles require fleet management or use a battery-powered unit if you only have one bad-actor that can use different company cars. Make sure everyone left when they were supposed to with geofence reports detailing entry and exit times. Reprimand drivers when they exceed company-regulated thresholds. Track deliveries throughout the day. Gather reports of miles driven for service work. Whether your vehicle fleet is parked in a secure or unsecured compound, real-time GPS tracking is the perfect addition to the security measures you already have in place. GPS trackers are incredibly versatile and convenient and range in size from being as small as a USB power bank to much larger GPS tracker devices that need to hardwiring into your vehicle for permanent, unlimited security and peace of mind. Real-time GPS tracking is ideal for delivery companies, transportation companies, trucking companies, storage companies, boatyards, car dealerships, and much more! You won't have to worry if your vehicle gets stolen: when the police show up, they can drive to the stolen asset and recover it.

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