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GPS Tracking Units

In this collection you will find our real time GPS trackers and GPS data loggers, along with all of the accessories you'll need, to get the job done right.

Real time global positioning devices allow for you to log into a web portal and track a vehicle in real time either through a laptop, computer or smartphone. Each portal can support several hundred tracking devices making our system great for company's with a large fleet of vehicles to manage. Each tracker can be programmed the same or completely differently.

You can set speed alerts so anytime a vehicle breaks the speed threshold you set for them it can send you a text message or email. You can even set up multiple zone alerts to instantly notify you that the device has left a certain area, like a house or business.

Start stop reports allow for you to see how long a vehicle has been at a particular place even showing how long it took to get to the next address. Our web portal also offers a vapor trail, its a color line that shows you everywhere the vehicle has been through out the day, this means you get to see each and every street the vehicle was on, including where it stopped. The portal will store up to 90 days of data and all reports can be exported out via excel into a spread sheet format.

Passive tracking devices work very similar to real time units except you can not log into a web portal to see where the device is. You have to retrieve the device off the vehicle and then download it to a computer.

These units are able to get addresses of where the vehicle has stopped and for how long. Data loggers tend to be smaller than their real time counter parts making them easier to place out of site, most of these units are weatherized and have a magnet built into them allowing for quick and fast deployment onto a vehicle.

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