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GPS Tracking

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In this collection, you will find our real-time GPS trackers, along with all of the accessories you'll need to get the job done right.

Real-time global positioning devices allow you to log into a web portal and track, in real-time, the location of the beacon through a laptop, computer, or smartphone. Each portal can support several hundred tracking devices making either system an excellent tool for companies with many vehicles to manage. Each tracker can be programmed the same or customized to report different metrics of data.

You can set speed alerts to notify the system if a vehicle breaks the speed threshold you set for them. You can even set up multiple zone alerts to instantly update you that the device has left a certain area, like a house, business, or school parking lot.

Start-stop reports allow you to see how long a vehicle has been at a particular place, even showing how long it took to get to the next address. Our web portals also offer a vapor trail, a colored line detailing everywhere the vehicle has been throughout the day to show what streets and locations were visited. All reports gathered from the tracking software can be downloaded and printed into a spreadsheet format for easy accounting and review. .

Passive tracking devices work very similar to real time units, except you can not log into a web portal to see where the device is. You have to retrieve the device off the vehicle and then download it to a computer.

Contact our sales team for any questions you may have so that you can make the best choice for your situation.

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