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Dallas Spy Shop About Us SpyCentre Security®

Dallas spy shop SpyCentre Security® is the premier spy store and security camera equipment provider in Texas. We have one physical brick-and-mortar location open to the public in Plano.

We specialize in Hidden Cameras, Real-Time GPS Trackers, Hidden Body Worn Cameras, Spy Voice Recorders, Counter Surveillance, and Dash Cameras.
Our location is stocked with the latest technology available on the market.

Our friendly sales staff is extremely well versed in all of the equipment we carry; each team member has been personally trained and has a working knowledge of how the technology we carry has the potential to solve your needs.

SpyCentre Security has established itself in the Dallas market for over 25 years as the nation's #1 Spy Gear Superstore® and provides fully functioning demonstration areas at our Plano location. Even though purchasing online has become a breeze, it still doesn’t compare to the hands-on experience and the satisfaction of walking out the door with your product in hand and ready to deploy when you need it.

Not in Texas? No worries, our online spy shop has hundreds of options available to you for your unique situations. We offer phone support and in-depth sales consultations about our items.

You’ll obtain the same friendly service on the phone and be able to speak with an associate that will more than likely have the product in hand and not reading from a specification sheet.

We also have video demonstrations and tutorials for a majority of our products available online. So if visiting one of our locations or a phone consultation isn’t for you, then we have a vast knowledge base on our YouTube site to help you.

Our Secure Zone Blog can help you with real-world applications and situations that may be similar to your own; our goal is to help you find the right product that will accomplish your goal.

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We hold a Class B license from Texas, #B09375, and are insured for installing Security Systems in Texas.

SpyCentre Security In The News!

Over the years, our store has been featured as industry experts. It’s always a pleasure to help our local news teams get the information they need for their story.

Here are a few of those times we’ve been featured:

Brian Frazier

With SpyCentre Security Since: 2006

What do I love about working at SpyCentre Security?

The support from the local community over the past 15 years has been amazing, and as a small business, we truly appreciate that support. Being able to pivot and transition the business from retail to online was a blast to learn in the past 3 years. It’s fun to create your own path in this world. We promote family life, and we all have a vested interest in this company for it to succeed. The owner is always here working with us, teaching us tricks of the trade. I love learning new things from him and the team.

Our customers are unique. We get to help customers who have real-life problems but can’t turn to the authorities because they need to collect evidence first. It’s challenging but rewarding to help so many people solve these unique issues they encounter.

What is your favorite product?

USB Power Bank 150-day Audio Recorder - It’s unique because it is a USB power bank that can actually charge your devices on the fly.

But it also has the longest battery life of any audio recorder we sell. You get up to 2 weeks of continuous recording or up to 5 months of standby recording. It’s also discreet looking because it's a functioning USB power bank. You can leave it out in the open, and no one will be the wiser.

Jacob Wilkerson

With SpyCentre Security Since 2020

What do I love about working at SpyCentre Security?

I enjoy helping people. It’s an easy way to learn technology and to help teach customers that technology as well. Our customers are generally here for a specific task, and I’m glad to be able to help them accomplish their goals.

What is your favorite product?

Zetta Max WIFI - It’s convenient. I love the remote viewing feature with the app on your phone that lets you live view the footage anywhere. It's small and compact and can be placed virtually anywhere.

Dominic Frazier

With SpyCentre Security Since 2014

What do I love about working at SpyCentre Security?

I enjoy the camaraderie and that even though we are a small force, we’ve been able to make a big impact in the community. It’s a great workforce, and I look forward to coming in to work with this team.

What is your favorite product?

USB Power Bank 150-day Audio Recorder - I enjoy the simplicity behind it. It's a very user-friendly tool. It is also a functioning power bank which never hurts to have on hand. The extremely long battery life makes it an unbeatable tool.  

Alex Nettles

With SpyCentre Security Since 2014

What do I love about working at SpyCentre Security?

I love the small business feel. I can walk in and talk to the owner. It’s such a friendly atmosphere and feels like a family ever since I started. We’re helping people in times of need. They are coming to us with serious issues with family or work, and we’re helping them out. It’s a great feeling when you get them to the point where they feel they can solve their issue.

What is your favorite product?

Zetta Security Cameras - The Zetta line of products. They are little security cameras that can fit anywhere and are customizable. We loved them so much we brought on the full line.

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