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The Android Recovery StickPlug and play into any Windows computer.
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The iPhone Recovery StickPlugs into any windows computer.
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Are you looking for the latest in phone data recovery? Do you need to find text message history, deleted pictures, map directions, and WIFI passwords? Whatever your need for gaining peace of mind, these powerful data recovery flash drives, used by forensic data recovery professionals, will open your eyes to some truths. The program is preloaded onto the iPhone Recovery Stick and the Android Recovery Stick.

You may think that it isn't worth it to purchase a new recovery stick every time you use the expensive one you already purchased, but if that's your concern, you can stop worrying. You'll never have to buy more than one! Free updates are available soon after a new operating system is released! Plug them into a computer to gather much of the current and deleted information or attach iOS or Android devices. You can use these data recovery flash drives on as many devices as required, though they work only with Windows computers, not Macs or Chromebooks.

Checking on the activities of employees or ensuring your child's safety becomes quick and easy with this recovery monitoring software. We believe that everyone should have access to safety.

How Recovery Programs Work on Mobile Phones: While they may seem complicated and advanced, phone monitoring programs are surprisingly user-friendly and easy to install! With only a cord, a click, and the pre-loaded programs onto these drives, you can quickly retrieve current data and some deleted files from an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Sometimes, not all data is lost. Many pictures, documents, and text messages are still stored in the device's memory after being deleted — they are just waiting to be completely overwritten by other, newer data.

You may locate and recover text messages, call logs, pictures, some browser history, app information, and much more. Still, it will depend on how much information is currently within the device's memory and how quickly it gets deleted. If there are many large files stored there, such as video clips and movies, or if the storage is nearly full, it might be best to perform your data recovery overnight. What could you accomplish by gaining access to the content stored on a phone or tablet? Maybe you think a chat thread on a smartphone is missing chunks of conversations, perhaps even explicit photos. Perhaps important company tax documents or password lists had been deleted. With this quick and easy forensic data recovery system, you never have to worry about losing your cell phone details ever again!

Monitoring Software for Employees: You may have an employee with a company phone, and that employee has come under review for misconduct. When using company-issued cell phones, anything an employee writes, posts, or uploads can fall upon the business to fix. Let's hope they're not putting themselves or the company in a negative light, but retaining access to the devices so that you may use monitoring software, can be crucial to your operations, even your safety. Having company mobile devices out and about means the company risks a certain amount of information just by having it out there. Often, a company will want to protect that as best they can, and part of that is monitoring what the employees are doing on the phone.

Some companies use mobile phone monitoring apps (for example, a parental control app). Still, if you want to record calls and monitor phone calls as well, you might need monitoring features that are more intense than your everyday mobile tracker. Some software offers location tracking, which is quite helpful for keeping employees accountable for how they spend the company's time.

Possibly, there will come a time when you need to investigate sexual harassment claims by combing a phone for inappropriate texts, picture messages, or voicemails. Maybe a competitor has somehow gotten the plans for your secret sauce. Perhaps essential and irreplaceable documents were lost. Monitoring and recovering data from company devices can be vital when tracking employee behavior, searching for intellectual property theft, or finding lost files. Whatever your reason for wanting to monitor employees, we've got you.

Parental Control Monitoring Software: As a parent, there is nothing more important than protecting your children. Predators are not only driving around in plain white vans anymore, and in our increasingly digital-first world, having the ability to monitor your child's texts, calls, and internet activity is a top priority. The best parental control apps are great when they work, but only some known or unknown phone monitoring apps do the job. This is why we offer our industry-leading parental control monitoring software that was designed to allow parents to protect and track everything from the child's web browsing history to all calls and chats made using popular apps like Snapchat or WhatsApp. Explicit text messages can be a matter of concern. Still, deleted images can say so much more, and you'll have about 30 days to grab them with this recovery program before they're gone forever from your child's mobile device.

Some parents feel uncomfortable monitoring their children's phones because they feel like it's a breach of privacy. However, there are some genuine concerns to guard against, and if you're open and honest about your intentions, your child will be far better off with protection than without. Here are the top concerns you can and should be shielding your children from when you can:

1. Cyberbullying: Many children fall victim to cyberbullies. It's often that the victim doesn't share with their parents because they're embarrassed or scared. Their emotional distress is real, but they sometimes don't know what to do about it. Monitoring can alert parents to cyberbullying and solve the problem on both ends.

2. Sexting: Sometimes, teens think it's funny to partake in sharing nude photos either of themselves or others. They might think it's funny and harmless but don't realize it's a genuine danger. With monitoring, you can step in and correct the behaviors.

3. Online Predators: You don't need us to convince you that the Internet is the favorite tool of child predators. The Internet makes it easy to find children and develop friendships with them. Unless you're watching, you won't know who your child is talking to.

4. "Friends:" The people your children align themselves with aren't always the best people. Some of these "friends" could be using their influence to convince your child to partake in illegal activities such as drugs or shoplifting. It could be even more subtle in that these "friends" are slowly turning your child away from the values and relationships of their family. It's so important to be involved in your child's life so that they can turn to the right people for guidance and support.

5. Protect Personal Information: Children often reveal more about themselves than they should. It isn't intentional most of the time, but they can end up sharing their whereabouts, full names, and other things that should be kept from people they know. Staying involved and aware will help you direct and teach your child what is and what is not appropriate to share online.

6. Safeguard Reputations: We all joke about what you shouldn't post online if you ever want to run for president, but reputation is a genuine concern. Certain things shouldn't be published because they might damage your child's reputation and harm their chances of a good job or college career.

7. Identity Theft: As stated above, children often give out too much too freely. Because they're so trusting, children are a top target for identity thieves. The last thing we want is someone committing fraud in our children's name before they're old enough to know what fraud is.

8. Viruses and Malware: We're back around to just how trusting kids are. They can only sometimes evaluate whether a site, app, or download is trustworthy simply because they have yet to be very experienced. They may unknowingly download something you don't want running rampant through their device, and monitoring lets you stay current on such things.

9. Limit Screen Time: All it takes is working a demanding job to become a little disconnected about how much time your child spends in front of screens. Our age of technology is impressive, but it is also generating children who don't know what to do with themselves other than be entertained by electronics. Kids need to move, exercise, and breathe fresh air. Understanding how they spend their time can help direct them to create health habits outside their screens.

Knowing the websites, echo chamber forums, and social media channels visited can lead to many more questions, but knowing what sorts of ideas are going through your children's minds is good. Promote your child's safety and security by talking with your children about what you've seen in their search histories and finding issues before it becomes too late to fix them.

Forensic Investigation Software Made Easy: Investigators use forensic recovery software like this to gather evidence of domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, and even harassment of employees. Rather than taking the time to dig through each saved link and all of the chat threads, this forensic recovery software will compile everything into categorical lists of information. All the text messages, call logs, passwords, and websites visited are separated into sections for easy review. A unique search function, iSearch, makes sifting through the information faster so the recovery process doesn't waste precious time.

Apple devices are known for their security, which may make you wonder how these recovery sticks can work on your iPhone. There is a security flaw that the iRecovery stick can exploit: all of the data from the phone can be backed up to iTunes and siphoned from there. Regularly backing up the phone will ensure the collection of the information you're looking to find, and you won't need to keep the phone plugged into the computer during the recovery!

Fast and Easy Installation: You don't have to have a fancy degree in the technology field to work these recovery sticks. Connecting your data recovery flash drive is fast and effective. Before starting the recovery process, check for any updates available for the monitoring software (they're always free!). You'll need to type in the password for any device you're attempting to recover information from. With phones, you'll need a way to plug the device into a Windows computer. When prompted, enable debugging mode and access from unknown sources (Androids) or trust the computer (iDevices) before activating the data recovery program. Androids running OS 5 or newer must be rooted to access deleted information.

With the added knowledge that their activity is being monitored, teenagers and employees will be less likely to engage in dangerous or illegal activity on their phones or computers. The forensic data recovery software will detail various information, including texts, received and outgoing calls, the amount of time they spent on social media apps, internet usage, and more. When you need to find information or recover data on devices or a phone, these recovery flash drives are invaluable tools to keep in your bag of tricks.

Check out our full line of PC and smart device forensic data recovery flash drives, GPS trackers, hidden cameras, and spy gear packages, and contact us if you require any more SpyCentre Security surveillance equipment!