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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 products
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The iPhone Recovery StickPlugs into any windows computer.
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iPhone Recovery Stick Reviews
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The Android Recovery StickPlug and play into any Windows computer.
Sale price$149.00 Regular price$159.99
Android Recovery Stick Reviews
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This kit allows for you to perform five to six tests in less than 5 minutes each.CheckMate is a do it yourself infidelity kit.
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CheckMate Semen Detection Kit Reviews
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Cellular Signal Stopping Bag.You can also protect RFID passports, credit cards and transponders.
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Block-It Pocket Cell Phone Signal Blocking Bag Reviews
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Simple and easy alerts using visual, audible or vibrating.Easy to operate and use, you will be sweeping for bugs and looking for hidden cameras in seconds.
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Camera Finder & Wireless Bug Detector Reviews
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Palm sized wireless frequency finder.Simple to use and operate, helps find wireless devices quickly and accurately.
Sale price$209.99
Multi-Use RF Bug Detector Reviews
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Detects laser tapping, landline phone tapping and can find camera lensesFull menu breakdown on what this unit has to offer.
A professional bug detection unit that is truly simple to operate and learn.Sweep for GSM, Bluetooth, WiFi and RF signals.
Detect, WiFi, Bluetooth, RF and more with this device!Large pick up range, up to 32ft!
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Hidden Camera Detector With IR FinderIncludes a practice pinhole to allow for you to practice.
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Hidden Camera Detector With IR Finder Reviews
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Detects 2G, 3G and 4G Frequencies.Six adjustable signal strength levels.
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Professional GPS Detector Reviews
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Digital Night Vision Monocular.User friendly buttons that light up at night.
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Digital Night Vision Monocular Reviews
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Digital Night Vision Binocular.Includes a user-friendly Interface with straight forward control buttons.
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Digital Night Vision Binocular Reviews
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James Bond, Jason Bourne, and even Austin Powers have opened the world's eyes to the potential of spycraft and the gadgets used within. Thankfully, much of the best spy gear they or other private eyes would use is available and collected here, ranging from bug detectors to data recovery sticks on down to digital night vision binoculars. Do you want your spy gadget to have the best technology available? 

Then you have come to the right place; we offer a signal-blocking bag for digital privacy, nanny cameras, and, of course, recovery sticks for your cellphone. Beyond that, our line of radio frequency-sensitive bug detectors and camera finders will help you ensure no one is listening in on your business conversation or watching you at your home. 

Just about anything that transmits a signal can be found with these devices. For more targeted investigations, try our data recovery sticks that help you recover deleted text messages, images, and more from smartphones and tablets. No matter the reason for your visit, you'll find valuable items for your situation here with our spy equipment.

Private Investigator Spy Gadgets: We only carry the best spy gadgets on the market. These spy gadgets are well-made, dependable, and can be used for a variety of purposes. This hidden equipment can be used as commercial security tools and is even suitable for securing your home. Top-of-the-line products normally reserved for private investigators or law enforcement officers are available to the public and are offered alongside our great how-to video. However, we also have spy gear priced just right for any counter-surveillance budget.

Block-It Pocket Cell Phone Signal Blocking Bag - Click Here: The electromagnetic mastery of Michael Faraday has been harnessed by this spy gadget to block any cellular/GSM, Bluetooth, or WIFI signals from entering or exiting the Block-It Pocket. A cell phone placed inside is basically dead to the world, with no chance of receiving or sending any data. Block anyone from remotely activating the microphone or camera to spy on you. Fool any work phone's monitoring software that may record when it gets turned on or off or when a text message gets delivered.

Disable any tracking software that may be monitoring your whereabouts. Your phone is, essentially, gone. In this way, no one may track your phone, no algorithm may dial into your in-person conversations for “directed advertising” purposes, and those millions of notifications can take a flying leap. You, however, can quickly and easily enter the digital world again just by drawing the phone back out of the protected pocket. You get to choose when to connect to the outside rather than having it chase you down.

Camera Detector - Click Here: In today's digital age, concerns about privacy invasion are more pertinent than ever. With the proliferation of miniature cameras and surveillance devices, safeguarding your personal space has become paramount. Fortunately, technology has evolved to offer a solution in the form of camera detectors. These ingenious devices provide many benefits, empowering individuals to protect their privacy and security easily. As technology continues to advance, investing in a camera detector is a proactive step toward safeguarding privacy and ensuring peace of mind in an increasingly interconnected world

Multi-Use RF Bug Detector - Click Here: Finding the broadest possible range of radio frequencies can sometimes come at a cost, but the technology found in those professional devices can also be found here, with the Multi-Use RF Bug Detector. Spycraft can be tricky and hard to find, so the extensive detection range of 50Mhz to 6Ghz can be beneficial. This bug detector can find any WIFI, Bluetooth, or Cellular/GSM signals within the antenna range, and it can tell the difference between them like its big brother, the Professional Multi-Frequency Wireless Bug Detector. The significant difference is that pro-multi-frequency has a more extensive frequency range covering 824 MHz-7 GHz.

No two wavelengths are the same, so different signal types can be detected at varying distances. Still, make sure to turn off everything in the area that could transmit a signal, turn down the detector's sensitivity, and get as close as possible to whatever you're trying to scan so you can cut out any innocuous or distracting interference. As you scan an area of the home, office, or vehicle, audio verification or a vibration mode may accompany the LED indicator to let you know of any RF being detected and the strength of that signal, helping to lead you in finding the signal source. Spycraft like this will take some time to get the hang of, but practice with known signal sources like your smartphone or WIFI router will make you adept in counter-surveillance.

Recovery Sticks - Click Here: At the pinnacle of our tools of spycraft are the recovery sticks. We offer two types of recovery sticks: the iPhone recovery stick and the Android recovery stick. Each of these recovery sticks is easy to use and can gather current or even deleted information that has yet to be fully overwritten in the device's memory. Each flash drive contains forensic software that allows the individual to collect data off of the mobile phone or tablet. All you need to do is plug the flash drive into your Windows computer, plug in the device, unlock the screen, and let the program do the work.

Employers worried about intellectual property theft or other improper use of company cell phones and computers can use this software on as many devices as necessary or use it on the family's set of phones to keep an eye on teenagers or wandering significant others. Once the process has been completed, you will know that there has been a complete forensic file recovery done on the phone, and you can see any relevant information. No trace of the software can be found on the phone, but Androids will need to be rooted to enable recovery.

Hidden Cameras - Click Here: We offer a wide selection of hidden cameras, from ones you wear on your body to those that stay in your house. Use these spy gadgets to create the covert surveillance system that suits your needs. Within this menu, we separate hidden cameras into a few categories, including those with night vision, WIFI connectivity, or those for body-worn applications. They're the perfect way to record footage without tipping off the person you're surveilling.

Body-worn Cameras - Click Here: Of course, some tools within the realm of spycraft are super small and compact. Like it sounds, body cams are worn on your body. It could be a pen, eyeglasses, a watch, or something similar. People choose to wear a body cam for many different reasons. They may want to use it while at a party or on a walk in nature, or it could be for something more serious, such as capturing on camera the physical or verbal abuse happening at work or home. The body cameras are all easy to use and have various features, with some being perfect for scanning documents with the ability to take photographs!

Nanny Cameras - Click Here: Nanny cams are spy gadgets that stay in your house, office, or storefront. Typically, these are set inside other electronic devices to conceal themselves, like a digital clock or a USB wall charger, though using the DIY Nanny Cam Kit in your own housing can make you a master of spycraft! Many that offer WIFI connectivity work with the same smart-device applications, so you can set up multiple devices in a home or office to capture different angles or areas of interest.

Spy Voice Recorders - Click Here: Covert voice recorders are extremely popular due to their small size, reliability, and ability to record for long periods. It can be advantageous to capture what people say in spycraft when they think there won't be any consequences. These devices can be standard digital recorders or masked as everyday items. 

Many have voice-activated capabilities, some can playback directly from the device itself, and all recordings are Windows or Mac-compatible. One of our best-selling voice recorders is the world's smallest micro voice recorder. This voice recorder is the size of a paperclip with up to 90 hours of storage. The audio is crisp and clear when unhindered, and you can record people at normal volumes about 30 feet from the conversation. You can use this any time you need to without detection.

Our longest-lasting spy recorder is the USB power bank digital voice recorder, measuring only 4 inches long with 336 hours of recording. This tool features 150 days of standby time in voice activation. It doubly functions as an actual power bank so that you can hide it in plain sight right on your desktop or in your bag. 

The Pro USB flash drive voice recorder works as both a voice recorder and a flash drive. It also has a long-lasting standby battery while in voice-activation mode, lasting up to 25 days with no noise to trigger it. Since it is a working flash drive, it won't look out of place if left plugged into your computer while constantly recording, but it also has a battery life of 24 hours with continuous recording.

GPS Trackers - Click Here: GPS tracking devices have been a staple in our business for over 30 years. A GPS tracker will allow parents to closely monitor teenage drivers or their significant other should marital problems arise. Another often overlooked facet of these devices is they are great for companies that roll service trucks daily or a company that does cross-country shipping. Real-time GPS tracking devices allow you to see where your vehicles are, whether you are home or at work. Log into the app and see where your employee, child, or spouse is currently at or has been.