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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
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Cellular Signal Stopping Bag.You can also protect RFID passports, credit cards and transponders.
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Block-It Pocket Cell Phone Signal Blocking Bag Reviews
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This kit allows for you to perform five to six tests in less than 5 minutes each.CheckMate is a do it yourself infidelity kit.
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CheckMate Semen Detection Kit Reviews
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The iPhone Recovery StickPlugs into any windows computer.
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iPhone Recovery Stick Reviews
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The Android Recovery StickPlug and play into any Windows computer.
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Android Recovery Stick Reviews
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Hidden Camera Detector With IR FinderIncludes a practice pinhole to allow for you to practice.
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Hidden Camera Detector With IR Finder Reviews
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Simple and easy alerts using visual, audible or vibrating.Easy to operate and use, you will be sweeping for bugs and looking for hidden cameras in seconds.
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Camera Finder & Wireless Bug Detector Reviews
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Palm sized wireless frequency finder.Simple to use and operate, helps find wireless devices quickly and accurately.
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Multi-Use RF Bug Detector Reviews
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Detects 2G, 3G and 4G Frequencies.Six adjustable signal strength levels.
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Professional GPS Detector Reviews
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Detects laser tapping, landline phone tapping and can find camera lensesFull menu breakdown on what this unit has to offer.
A professional bug detection unit that is truly simple to operate and learn.Sweep for GSM, Bluetooth, WiFi and RF signals.
Detect, WiFi, Bluetooth, RF and more with this device!Large pick up range, up to 32ft!

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Professional Bug Detectors: Our Counter Surveillance section is the place you will find all of the devices you will need to detect if you are wirelessly monitored or tracked. You will find various wireless bug detectors, anti bugging devices, white noise generators, camera finders, and signal blocking bags for your smartphone. This is the section that helps you find hidden recording devices quickly! Our counter surveillance products are designed to detect or block surveillance equipment. The wireless bug detectors have multiple different options. The options will vary by frequency range, how easy they are to use, and the detection range. The higher-end models have the ability to distinguish the different types of wireless signals. This is important when trying to find something, especially in an office environment where you can not control the wireless signals. Additionally, it is common to hide one signal inside of another. You might hide a GSM (cell phone) audio bug inside a router that transmits WIFI Signals. Without the correct RF bug detector, you'll correctly pick up the WIFI Signal and miss the hidden GSM one. Our anti-bugging devices, RF detectors, white noise generators, and signal blocking bags are used to make it harder or impossible for someone to use surveillance equipment on you. White noise generators will create a sound that will make it harder for people to record or listen to audio. The signal blocking bags will make it impossible to track or use your smartphone to spy on you since they block all signals being sent to your smartphone. We also offer a high-end professional model for private investigators who need to conduct sweeps in rooms with a large radio frequency interference. All of our devices are easy to use, and we also have a discussion of the best-hidden camera detectors for some of the more common scenarios where we've seen customers use them. However, if you ever have questions, our Texas store representatives are always ready to help.

Find Hidden Cameras: Camera finders are the only surefire way of finding any camera. It doesn't matter if the camera is on or off, wired or wireless, transmitting or not transmitting; these devices will detect the camera's lens. When a wireless hidden camera transmits a signal for a real-time picture, it is a little easier to find. Our high-end bug detectors can sniff those out in minutes. However, many cameras do not transmit a signal but only record to disk. These are a little harder to find since you can't track the WIFI symbol. This requires you to find a pinhole-sized video camera. Tiny spy cameras are a major concern in our day of advanced technology, especially in an era where room-sharing services such as Airbnb are common. A camera detector makes all of the difference in quickly finding surveillance devices and ensuring that you have perfect privacy for your stay. Like our Hidden Camera Detector, a bug detector that allows you to find a camera based on reflections with their unique lens detector. With this system, you hold the detector up to your eye. The red filter blocks out other light sources. Then, the red LED lights sweep the room, allowing you to examine every object closely for hidden lenses. With your eye up to the lens finder, the hidden gadgets will light up. It's common to hide cameras in smoke detectors and USB phone chargers. This means that some of the most innocuous devices in the room might be what compromise your privacy. Keep in mind that it is impossible to tell if a wireless camera is recording. You may wish to move it to a different room or leave the premises once you find it.

Find Cell Phones: Cell phones can compromise your privacy and be used for eavesdropping. However, they are commonly used in the classroom for cheating and sharing test answers. Our Multi-function Bug Detector is an excellent weapon for these scenarios. It can pick up on a full range of frequencies. They pick up on 3G and 4G signals, including both GSM and CDMA carriers. Many of the competitor's devices only go up to 6GHz or 8GHz, but this can detect signals all the way into the 10GHz range. This broad range spectrum analyzer makes all of the difference when you don't know what you are up against and need to find the bugs quickly. It goes even further and detects wireless phone tapping and laser tapping.

Find GPS Tracking Devices: GPS trackers are surprisingly small. They can also be hidden in hard-to-find places, such as the underside of a car. Our professional RF signal detector also have the ability to pick up on GPS signals. The more entry-level devices will "ping" on just about any electrical signal. For example, a set of wires might be picked up as being a possible antenna extension. This can waste your limited time, searching in the wrong direction. With better, professional devices, you can narrow your search to specific frequencies. This helps you locate only those devices that are emitting an active signal and speed up your search. This gives you that peace of mind before taking off on a trip where you need greater privacy. Ideally, when you do your sweeps, you will turn off anything that could produce a wireless signal like smartphones, routers, etc. In-office environments, you may not be able to turn off all the wireless signals in your office or even the businesses next to you. Higher-end models will help you distinguish between a Bluetooth or cellular signal being sent from your smartphone versus an actual wireless listening device. When doing a sweep, you will want to turn on the lights as other devices in the room as if that place was in normal operation. The bugs may be wired into a steady source of electricity to ensure that they are always on. Following electric lines with your sweeping tool can be quite productive. We have iPhone and Android recovery sticks that will allow you to retrieve deleted text messages, call logs, calendar entries, contacts, and photos. We also carry the Windows recovery stick, which allows you to retrieve information that has been deleted on a Windows computer, SD cards, USB flash drives, and digital cameras with internal memory.