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Counter Surveillance BannerOur Counter Surveillance section is the place you will find all of the devices you will need to detect if you are being wirelessly monitored or tracked. You will find a variety of wireless bug detectors, anti bugging devices, white noise generators, camera finders and signal blocking bags for your smartphone.

Our counter surveillance products are designed to detect or block surveillance equipment. The wireless bug detectors have multiple different options. The options will vary by frequency range, how easy they are to use and the detection range. The higher end models have the ability to distinguish the different types of wireless signals. This is important when you are trying to find something especially in an office environment where you can not control the wireless signals around you.

Our anti bugging devices, white noise generators and signal blocking bags are used to make it harder or impossible for someone to use surveillance equipment on you. White noise generators will create a sound that will make it harder for people to record or listen to audio. The signal blocking bags will make it impossible to track or use your smartphone to spy on you since it will block all signals being sent to your smartphone.

Camera finders are the only surefire way of finding any camera. It does't matter if the camera is on or off, wired or wireless, transmitting or not transmitting these devices will detect the camera's lens.

When you do your sweeps, ideally you will turn off anything that could produce a wireless signal like smartphones, routers, ect. In office environments you may not be to able to turn off all the wireless signals in your office or even the businesses next to you. Higher end models will help you distinguish between a Bluetooth signal being sent from your smartphone versus an actual wireless listening device.

We have iPhone and Android recovery sticks that will allow you to retrieve deleted text messages, call logs, calendar entries, contacts and photos.  We also carry the Windows recovery stick, which allows you to retrieve information that has been deleted on a Windows computer, SD cards, USB flash drives and digital cameras with internal memory.