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Mini Wrist Band Voice Activated Recorder Review

Posted by Brian Frazier on

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Here are some scenarios: your boss is a bully, and constantly, he is on your case; or perhaps you are in the middle of a divorce, and you want to make sure your lawyer is representing you fairly and ethically; or maybe your child is being bullied at school and the administrators are doing nothing about it, or it could be that it's the teachers who are the bullies; or you could be like me, with a terrible memory, and you want to remember what your wife wanted for dinner without the embarrassment of calling her back to check what she wanted.

Looks like a Fitness Band, Easy One Touch Audio Recording

Look no further than this amazing little device. Looking like a fitness band, this one-touch audio recorder can be worn out in public without fear of anyone becoming suspicious that you are secretly recording them. Besides looking like a fitness band, you can also load music to the device's memory and use it as a media player, further cementing the idea that this device is innocuous. Nothing to see here! This is an amazing little device. Looking like a fitness band, listening to music you've loaded on to it, you can walk into work and do your job, all the while recording those around you with no one the wiser since they all think this is just a music player!

Voice Activated Recording With One Button Activation

With one touch-activated audio recording, you can easily and discreetly record the audio of anything happening around you for up to 8 hours of continuous recording. With the addition of pressing the “-” volume button while turning the device on, you can switch the recorder from recording continuously to voice-activated recording, and let me tell you, voice activation on this thing is truly great. I turned on the voice-activated recording while I was working one day, and the recording of my phone call was really cool; the recording was all in one file, and there were no long stretches of silence. It actually picked up right when I started talking, stopped right when I paused to listen and picked right back up as I started speaking again.

In this manner, you can set the device to record just about an entire workday in the office, record your lawyers as they discuss your case, record a lecture while at college, or give it to your child to record the way teachers speak to them. Hidden in plain sight, no one will guess that this stylish wristband secretly records everything being said.

Simple Download and Playback

While being able to plug into a computer to save the files in another location, as well as being able to listen to the files directly from the device with the included headphones, one of the greatest features of this one-touch voice recorder is its ability to plug into an Android Smartphone via the included cable. This allows you to quickly transfer files to and from the device onto your Android if you cannot get access to a computer (and we all carry our phones with us everywhere we go, anyway)!

Oh, and did I mention that this voice recorder has a date/time stamp? Crucial for any investigations. Date/time stamping this device is very easy. Plug the device into a computer, and you'll see the pre-loaded program for syncing the date and time of the device to the date and time of the computer (so make sure you're in the right time zone)! With this feature, there's no need to state the time and date in the recording itself, so no “Give me a second, there, Bob, before you beat my brow...The date is the twenty-third of November, 2016, time of 4:35 pm...OK, Bob, go ahead.”


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