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Keychain Audio Recorder-Voice Activated - Spy Centre Security

Keychain Audio Recorder-Voice Activated

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Covert Recording with a Modern Key Fob

Record audio wherever you go with our law enforcement grade covert key chain voice recorder. This sleek and stealthy voice recorder provides professional grade voice recording at consumer pricing. With this audio recorders, quick charge capabilities, you can easily record up to 10 hours of audio on a 2 hour charge! When 10 hours battery life just is not enough, set your key chain audio recorder to voice activation mode and extend your battery life out to 50 hours.  Now you can keep a voice recorder with you at your home, office, car or shop, and never worry about not getting the recordings that you need.

*Sorry Android users, the links in the video will not display on Android Phones or Tablets please click on the link if you want more information about our pro USB flash drive audio recorder.

Easy to Use Key Fob Audio Recorder

This covert realistic car remote features easy recording, simple sharing, storage and archiving of your audio files. Simply press the unlock button to turn the recorder on. You will feel the key fob vibrate to indicate it is turn on. Press the middle button to start the recording mode, you will again feel it vibrate to indicate that it is in record mode, to stop the recording tap the middle button twice.

Playing back your audio is simple. The lock button is the play button. Plug in the headphones included with the key fob and press the lock button to listen to the recordings directly from the recorder. All files are recorded to MP3 format which means you can save the files on virtually any computer with the included USB cable.

Located on the left hand side of our key fob recorder there is a small switch for continuous recording and voice activated recording. Simply slide the switch to voice activated mode and turn on your key fob.

Why Choose The Key Chain Recorder?

Used by law enforcement all over the world our key chain voice recorder looks like an actual key fob for your car and blends in perfectly on any key ring. This hidden audio recorder key chain has a 10 hour battery life in continuous record mode, 50 hours standby battery life while in voice activation mode, 30 hours of audio storage, discreet one touch voice recording, fast 2 hour recharge with plug and play download onto a PC and no software required to listen to your audio recordings just use windows media player, VLC media player or iTunes.

While in voice activated mode this stylish key fob will go into a sleep mode to conserve battery life (up to 50 hours in standby!!) and instantly turn on and begin recording the moment it hears sound.

What can the Key Chain Voice Recorder be Used For?

  • Recording Conversations
  • Recording Lectures
  • Recording Meetings
  • Covert On-the-Go Recording
  • Law Enforcement Evidence Gathering
  • Record Verbal Abuse at Work or Home
  • Dictation Device

What are the Features of the Key Chain Audio Recorder?

  • Discreet & easy to operate
  • 10 Hours of battery Life
  • 50 Hours of standby time in voice activation mode
  • Quick recharge time: 2 hours
  • Stores 30 hours of audio
  • Audio pick up range: 40ft in optimal conditions
  • Looks like a normal key fob for any modern day vehicle
  • Plug and play download, no software required
  • Blends in perfectly on any key ring

What's Included with the Key Chain Voice Recorder?

  • Keychain Audio Recorder-Voice Activated
  • USB Cable
  • Head Set
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


 Quick Start Guide


  • Memory: 2GB
  • Recording Time: 30Hrs of storage
  • Recording Format: MP3
  • Battery: Internal Rechargeable (via USB)
  • Battery Indicator: LED
  • Recording Battery Life: 10hrs
  • Battery Consumption: 50Hrs (standby)
  • Battery Consumption: 24Hrs (playback)
  • Recharge time 2 hours
  • Dimensions: 3” L x 1.25” W x 0.563” H
  • Weight: 0lb 2oz


Q: Can you listen to the recordings without using a computer?
A: Yes, you can play the recordings directly from the recorder using the headphones included.

Q: Does this function as an actual Car Key Fob?
A: No, the controls on the key fob are to control the audio recorder.

Q: Can this recorder do voice activation recording?
A: Yes, this can do voice activation recording.

Q: How long does it take to recharge?
A: 2 Hours

Q: Do I need an SD card?
A: No this unit has a 2GB built in flash drive that stores 30 hours of audio recordings.

Q: Whats the battery life?
A: 10 Hours in continuous recording and 50 hours in standby/voice activation.


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