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In this collection you will find a variety of hidden nanny cameras. Nanny cams are an effective tool in capturing evidence while your out of the house or your business. Nanny cams come in variety of household objects like digital clock radios, smartphone docking stations, DVD players, AC power adapters and much more.

Some of our hidden nanny cameras even allow for you to log directly into the device from anywhere in the world you have an internet connection on your cell phone. These WiFi nanny cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your baby sitter, employees, spouse or your elderly parents while your on vacation or at work.

Nanny cameras are built to blend into a home or office allowing for quick and easy deployment into any room at anytime. These devices record onto an SD card that can quickly be pulled out and downloaded to any Mac or Windows computer. To watch back your recorded video files simply play them through VLC media player, Windows media player or iTunes, no special software is necessary making these devices very easy to operate and use on a daily basis. 

One of the best features of these hidden video recorders is that they are date and time stamped, allowing for you to know precisely when an incident occurred, and each device truly functions making these items the perfect fit for discreet surveillance at home or the office.

Nanny Camera Buyer’s Guide

Best Cheap Hidden Nanny Camera: USB Wall Adapter Hidden Video Recorder 

This secret nanny camera is the best discreet combo of affordability and functionality. The USB Wall Adapter is actually a working USB charger, and who looks twice at a charger?

This is our easiest nanny cam to use and it records anywhere from 480p to 1080p. Plug it into a power socket about 6 feet away from your target location and it’s automatically powered on. Everything gets backed up to a 32GB micro SD card(not included) or you can plug the USB into your computer to watch from Windows or VLC media players.

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Best Clock Nanny Camera: WiFi 1080p Mini Clock Hidden Camera

The Mini Clock Hidden Nanny Camera functions as a real digital clock while recording a decent chunk of the room. It has a 90° video angle to capture most of any given space.

This clock camera can save a huge amount of footage and snapshots. H.264 compression will store hours of 1080p HD video without taking up much room on a 128GB SD card. Alternatively, you can take snapshots of superb high quality photos in 4032x3024. This can run on battery life for 2 to 3 hours, so for best performance we recommend keeping it plugged in for continuous or motion detection recording. 

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Best Nanny Camera to Record the Whole Room: WiFi 180° Pro Black Box Nanny Camera 

Designed to look like another piece of your entertainment system, the WiFi 180° Pro Black Box Nanny Camera is our top pick for getting the whole picture. The 180° lens has a visual angle of 90° and lets you move the view 45° to the left or right for a complete visual of the room. This hidden camera usually does the job of two cameras, so it’s an affordable option.

This WiFi camera can record on a battery charge for around 9 hours or continuously record if plugged in via USB. Compatible with 128GB memory cards and built with H.264 compression means this little hidden camera can back up a lot of security footage.

If you’re planning on using this in the living room, make certain it’ll be in good light. Since this isn’t a nighttime camera, low lighting situations (nighttime TV watching) can be hard to view.

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Best Hidden Nighttime Wifi Nanny Camera (AC Power): WiFi Multi Color Light Hidden Nanny Camera with IR 

Another functional secret nanny camera is this Multi Color Light Hidden Nanny Camera. This LED light plugs in and glows soft white, orange, teal, and more.

While that’s great for putting anyone off the hidden surveillance camera scent, what really makes this shine is the 330° rotation function and H.264 video compression. That means you can scan nearly an entire room’s field of view and save more recorded footage while taking up less space on a 128GB MicroSD card.

The Infrared function can be kicked on for nighttime recording via the Pro iCam app. The IR will pick up images up to 8 feet away, which should cover most rooms. It also has motion detection recording, so place this near an entrance, or whatever you want to survey, and you’ll know when someone is close by.

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Best Hidden Nighttime Nanny Camera (Battery Power): 720P Picture Frame Hidden Camera with IR

Need something discreet but not tied to a power outlet? This Picture Frame Nanny Camera with Nighttime Recording should be high on your list. Place this with other pictures frames and knick-knacks to seamlessly blend into a mantle or hang it on the wall with other family pictures.

This hidden camera can record up to 720P resolution on a 32GB microSD card. The battery life is incredible: it can record up to 30 hours of daytime video, or up to 10 hours when set to Infrared nighttime vision. You can either set it to continuous record or program it for motion detection recording. We recommend this for motion detection recording.

The big plus here? The night vision can detect up to 10 feet away, so this is ideal for larger spaces like living rooms or entry ways.

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