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Voice Changers

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We carry two models of voice changers one is best used as a joke or gag device, the other is a professional model that has been used on TV and movies. The Pro Voice Changer can make your voice a higher or lower pitch then normal so you do not sound like yourself, it's great if you want to play a joke on your friends or family.
The Telephone Voice Transformer is our professional model and it can actually change the gender of your voice. If you are a male but would like to sound like a female or a female looking to sound like a male, this is the only one that can do it. This device comes preloaded with two male voices and one female voice. You can also program up to 20 different voices, and switch voices with the simple twist of a dial.
They both come with accessories to work with land line telephones as well as smartphones and cellphones. The Telephone Voice Transformer also comes with an accessory to plug into a computer.