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Voice Changers and Voice Transformers Guide

We carry two models of voice changers. One is best used for voice effects as a joke or gag device, while the other is a professional model that has been used on TV and in movies.

The Pro Voice Changer can make your voice a higher or lower pitch in real-time, so you do not sound like yourself. It's great if you want to play a joke with your friends or family. The Telephone Voice Transformer is our professional model, and it offers amazing, private-investigator-level sound effects. In fact, it can actually change the gender of your voice! In other words, if you are a male but would like to sound like a female or a female looking to sound like a male, this is the only one that can do it.

You can also program up to 8 different voices and switch voices with a simple twist. They both come with accessories to work with landline telephones, VOIP, Android smartphones, iPhones, Mac, Google Hangouts, Teamspeak, Viber, and Skype. The Telephone Voice Transformer also comes with an accessory input device to plug into a computer.

Let's take a better look at each of these voice changers and what they're truly capable of!

Professional Voice Changer

The Pro Voice Changer, is perfect for all of your voice-changing needs! It is an entry-level model designed to change your voice's pitch and tone. The device is portable and compatible with any smartphone or landline.

For unmatched clarity, the platform employs the most up-to-date technology. It has a built-in microphone with very low distortion and a durable metal casing to protect the device. It has 14 different programmed settings, from low to high pitch. The device is so easy to use, you can adjust your voice's tone with a quick turn of the knob, making it sound like several people are conversing. The device is perfect for giving the illusion that you have a personal assistant, prank calling your friends, or making movies or podcasts!

The Professional Voice Changer comes with: Pitch changer, ear strap that attaches to the phone, user manual and a 90-day warranty.

Some key features: Light-weight, compact, 14 programmed settings, including seven low and seven high pitch settings, works with any phone

Pro Telephone Voice Transformer Kit

It's not hard to find free versions of voice changer apps, voice filters, or free voice changer software, such as Voxal. But all are pale in comparison to this professional voice modulator. This upgraded voice converter or morphvox pro is a VST, perfect for video game streamers on Steam or Twitch seeking to conceal their identity or those wanting to make their business seem like a much bigger operation than it is in reality.

So whether you're a gamer playing Star Wars, Fortnite, PUBG, CSGO, or any other online games, you'll easily be able to disguise your voice when and where you need it! The Pro Telephone Voice Transformer kit is designed to change your own voice's tone and pitch, which means, if you get crafty enough, you can even make yourself sound like a clownfish underwater or a chipmunk in a tree! Up to 8 separate, completely new voices can be produced on top of your real-time voice with the correct mix of pitch and formant modification, with the potential of making a man sound like a woman and vice versa.

The voice mod tool comes with everything you need to link to a CPU or plugin to most mobile phones (Android and iOS), as well as the ability to experiment with changing how you sound in advance or in real-time. It has a microphone for speaking into and headphones to listen to your voiceover before using it in action! Many different businesses, including law enforcement, radio celebrities, movie overlays, and small companies can benefit from such a product.

The pro telephone voice transformer kit comes with: 90-day warranty, headphones, microphone, user manual, phone interface, and telephone voice changer.

Some key features: 8 programable voices, with the ability to change your pitch and formant. There are 4 memory buttons to change voices instantly. Works with all types of phones and computers so you can easily review your audio files.

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