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Pro USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder-Voice Activated

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A Discreet Voice Activated Recorder with 25 Day Standby Battery Life!

Our top-selling flash drive recorder just received an upgrade! With voice activation, 25 day standby life, & 24 hour continuous recording, this is the most powerful and feature rich thumb drive sound recorder yet! It's not just a voice recorder, it works as a USB drive as well, helping to create the disguise that it isn't anything other than a normal thumb drive. Plug the recorder into any computer via the USB port and easily view, listen, or save your audio files!

How Does The Pro USB Audio Recorder Work?

This pro voice recorder contains all of the features that our standard model has, but has additional features like time and date stamp and an increased battery life. Flip the record switch on the top of the unit to the right to activate voice activation and flip the same switch to the left for continuous recording. Along with the AMAZING voice activated standby time of 25 days, this unit can record while plugged into a powered USB device, giving you unlimited battery life.

This item is so easy to download, you won't believe it. Simply pull off the cap and plug your flash memory device into your computers' USB port, wait a few moments and a folder will pop up. Simply drag and drop your audio recordings onto your desktop or a new folder you have created. Once your files are on your desktop, simply double click your file and listen to it. No special software is needed since all your files are recorded in a MP3 format!

Setting the date and time is achieved by plugging the device into your Windows computer. A removable desktop folder should pop up. Click open the folder to view the files on your audio drive. Just go to our support page at the top or our FAQ at the bottom to download the set up file. 

If you do not see the time setup on your device you can download the software program in the support section below.

A new window will open, click the start button to set your date and time. Disconnect your item from the PC and take a moment to make a 30 second audio clip. Once you have completed making your audio clip, plug your device back into your PC, go to your voice folder and ensure the time and date are correct on the file name.

To charge your mini thumb drive simply pull the cap off and plug into your PC, MAC or any USB device with power. It'll only take 2 hours to gain a full charge of the battery. 

Why Choose The Pro Thumb Drive Recorder?

Our all new thumb drive recorder boasts a voice activation mode and is an upgraded version of our popular Thumb Drive Voice Recorder. Boasting a 24 hour battery life while in continuous recording and 25 day standby battery life when in voice activation, this model also can store 288 hours of voice recordings and only takes 2 hours to fully recharge.

Date & time stamping ensures you know exactly when an interaction took place. With simple one touch voice recording and plug and play download to any PC or MAC, this USB recorder even functions as a true memory device allowing you to store work files or school files on it. You can even leave this device plugged into a powered USB port and it will record!


  • Recording Conversations
  • Recording Lectures
  • Recording Business Meetings
  • On-the-Go Covert Recording
  • Law Enforcement Evidence Gathering
  • Record Verbal Abuse at Home or Work
  • Dictation Device


  • Voice activation: Set to record only when audio is detected; the battery will last up to 25-DAYS.
  • Battery lasts up to 24 hours while recording continuously.
  • Time/date stamp (Windows Only): Comes with software program to set
  • Records while plugged in to a computer or powered USB port
  • Use the built-in battery as your power source or plug into any USB power source for unlimited recording power
  • New sleek design: Looks like an ordinary USB drive with an upgraded sleek appearance
  • 288hr audio capacity: That's a full 12 days of recording capacity!
  • 8GB memory: Double the memory as our previous version
  • HD audio quality: Files are recorded in MP3 format and can be played back in any audio program including iTunes or windows media player
  • Works on any MAC or Windows computer. Just plug it in and it functions as a USB storage device, no software required to listen to your files
  • Functions as a real USB drive, put your work or school documents on it.
  • Audio pick up range: 40ft in optimal conditions
  • Recharge time: 2 hours

What's Included?

  • Pro USB Drive Audio Recording Device-Voice Activated
  • User Manual
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty


  • Memory: Internal 8GB
  • Record Time: 288hrs
  • Record Quality: HD MP3
  • Voice Activation Mode: Yes
  • VAR Detection Level: About 60dB
  • Record Format: MP3
  • Charge Time: 2hrs
  • Max Number of Recording Files: 999
  • Charge/PC Connect: USB
  • Battery Life - Record: 24hrs (continuous) or 25 days (standby)
  • Start/Stop Record: Slide Switch
  • Playback Speed Control: No
  • Noise Filter (low cut): No
  • Microphone Sensitivity Adjust: No
  • Built-in Speaker: No
  • Mac Compatible: Yes
  • Windows Compatible: Yes
  • Product Dimensions: 2.5 inch x 3/4 x .5
  • Battery: 3.7V, Li-Polymer 180mA
  • Weight: 14g
  • Temperature: 0 ~ 40C
  • Humidity: 20% ~ 80%


Q: How long should I charge the device to get a full battery?
A: 2 hours.

Q: What is the recommended program for playback?
A: A simple to use and free-to-download program that works with Mac computers as well as Windows PC's is VLC Media Player.

Q: How can I tell when its fully charged?
A: There will be a red light that will be solid while it charges, then it will start to blink when it has reached full power.

Q: How do I set the Time and Date on a Windows computer?
A: Plug your device into your Windows computer. A removable desktop folder should pop up. Click open the folder to view the files. At the top of this page is a support section, download the Date & Time Setup File - Windows file and put it in the root directory.

A new window will open, click the start button to set your date and time. This will create a date and time config file. Disconnect the device from the PC and take a moment to make a 30 second audio clip. Once you have completed making your audio clip plug it back into the computer, go to your voice folder and ensure the time and date are correct on the file name, if not repeat this step once more to ensure the time and date took.

Q: Can I set the time on a Mac computer?
A: Unfortunately, the program for date/time stamping of the files does not work on a Mac.

Q: What if, when I plug it into my computer, a pop up does not show to bring me to the files?
A: For a Windows PC, type "computer" into the search bar located at or near the Start menu. This will bring up the File Explorer with "MEMOQ" being listed under "This PC," which contains all your files. For a Mac computer you'll do the same thing but using the Finder app. 

Q: Does it require an external SD card?
A: No this unit has a built-in 8GB memory to store all the audio recordings, up to 288 hours. 

Q: What is the maximum battery life?
A: It can record 24 hours continuously and be in standby with voice activation for up to 25 days.

Q: Is there a maximum number of files?
A: 999 is the maximum amount of files and when that number is reached it will not record anymore until you plug it into your computer and delete from the device, save to the computer or move the files outside of the "Voice" folder.   

Q: Does it function as a real USB device?
A: Yes. But keep in mind it will use up some of the memory of the recorder if you store other files on it.


Date & Time Setup File - Windows

User Guide

 6676 Quick Start Guide

Contact Us

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Support Centre Videos - Windows Computers

How to Playback and Save Your Recordings on a PC       

How to Set Time & Date, Delete, Copy, Paste & Listen to Recordings

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United States United States

So far so good...

Early in the process but so far so good; test recordings good, form factor great, very simple to use/charge. Thank you... may need another, if so will be back. Any chance the USB can be encrypted and still record? Thinking not but just checking

United States United States

Voice Recorder

I ordered the recorder/Flash drive with the most memory and battery life. The sound quality was exceptional and picked up voices and any noise within a large space span. The Only problem I have is that it in no way supported the battery life as advertised. By day 3, with a full charge, it was out of juice and did not record. Please be advised to save your recordings to file or delete so you can retain memory space.

07/29/2019 - Spy Shop

Thank you for the review! The battery will last for 24 hours of continuous recording, or it can last in voice-activated standby mode for up to 25 days with no noise to trigger a recording. As the days progress, the total amount of hours the unit could record in a single day goes down. If the TV is on, or if it's placed next to an AC unit or inside a vehicle, these sounds will also trigger a recording, and three days of normal every-day sounds could definitely deplete the battery enough to drain a full charge. If you need an overall longer battery, let me suggest the USB Power Bank: which can last for 14 days of continuous recording or be in voice-activated standby mode for up to 150 days.

United States United States

Very discrete

This devise is very discrete and small. Sound quality is great and battery life is really good considering it’s size.

United States United States

Flash drive audio

Best decision that I have ever made. Product cured my curiosity

Thomas G.
United States United States


SpyCentre is setting the bar as high as possible: GREAT PRODUCTS, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, and good pricing for value. THANK YOU

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