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Class ten 128GB Micro SD card.


While some of our hidden cameras have lower maximum gigabyte SD card capacities, many can accept all the way up to this 128GB Micro SD Card. With any of our devices set to motion activation or even continuous recording, expect to get a few days' worth of material even at the higher picture resolutions.

When looking at mini SD cards, always be looking for a Class 10 card, as this one is, but also look for at least a 3 with a U under it to denote the UHS Speed Class that says the card can "read/write" up to 4K video. Many SD cards manufacturers claim they can record high definition video, but always be sure to look out for those two symbols or the third type of symbol that looks like V30-V90, which is a new classification of high-speed video "read/write" capabilities. These will be the best options for finding a memory card compatible with any camera you purchase. 


  • Class 10 SD Card
  • Able to read/write full 4K HD Video


  • Micro 128GB SD Card
  • Micro SD Card Adapter

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