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Anti-Eavesdropping Wireless Bug Detector & Camera Lens Finder

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Our newest detector, the Anti-Eavesdropping Wireless Bug Detector with Camera Lens Finder, is quite the powerhouse in a small portable frame while being very simple to use and operate. With a device such as this, you'd be able to find abnormal frequencies in the area, from standard radio frequencies to WIFI, Bluetooth, and Cellular signal sources in the ranges of 1 MHz to 6.5 GHz. If you're finding a signal coming out of a clock or an AC adapter, that's definitely not the norm! Now it's time for a physical search of the environment, and this device will help you pinpoint where you need to be looking with the built-in LCD finder that reflects off of wired or wireless camera lenses built into hidden objects.


Devices such as bugging equipment can transmit their feeds to another location or record internally, but cameras always have a lens to capture light. The Camera Finder on this unit exploits this and uses a flashing light that'll reflect against any camera lens, revealing their hidden location. A built-in filter on the device will block out some unnecessary reflections so that you can focus on any tiny points of light you may find in your hotel or conference room, or anywhere else you feel you could be spied upon. Be aware; you can get some false positives with things like LED bulbs. However, bulbs like this are convex and reflect the light from any angle, whereas camera lenses are concave and can only be seen when looking directly at the lens.

You can perform frequency sweeps of the area covertly with the vibration mode or allow it to chirp whenever it starts detecting a signal when you're not looking directly at it. Adjusting the sensitivity all the way up will, of course, be finding plenty of frequencies in the environment, so bring it back down until you're barely getting anything. Perform an S-wave sweep over the walls and shelves in the room, looking for any bump in signal strength. When you find a good signal, bring the sensitivity down again until you get closer and closer to the transmitting device. When the sensitivity gets down to the lowest point, and you're finding some signal strength, search the area for anything that should normally be transmitting, like your WiFi Router or your Smart TV, but also look for any small electronics that really shouldn't be there, or things that should definitely not be producing a signal like a wall outlet or a smoke detector.


You can perform frequency sweeps of the area covertly with vibration mode or by utilizing the included earphone. This detector also can provide an audible chirp whenever it starts detecting a signal when you're near it, helping you pinpoint wireless bugs or cameras more quickly. This device can detect a wide range of signals from 1 Mhz to 6.5 GHz. Being small, compact, and portable allows you to carry this device with you just about anywhere you may have suspicions. Let us not forget one of the best features is that this device comes with a built-in LCD camera finder that uses flashing red LEDs to reflect off the glass of hidden cameras that may be built into an object, giving you the ultimate in protection from wired and wireless cameras. This sweeper can last for up to an hour on a full charge and can quickly be recharged with the included adapter. Wireless signals can be found in many areas, such as your home, office, coffee shop, or the hospital, and they may all be using wireless signals for legitimate purposes. However, many of these types of frequencies could be used illegally or in malicious manners, such as listening in on your conversations or watching you move around the vacation home you're renting. With this detector, you have the power to detect any benign or malicious signal sources in your home or business to make sure your conversations and doings are private and secure.


  • Ensure privacy in hotel rooms, vacation homes, the office, or your home
  • Flashing LED lights and viewfinder for detecting hidden camera lenses up to 30 feet away
  • Handheld and portable with a telescoping antenna and earphone for covert sweeping verification
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery with visual cue signal strength indicators, buzzing, noise, or vibration
  • Helps locate wireless hidden cameras and bugging devices on Cellular, Bluetooth, WIFI, and Radio Frequencies
  • Finds frequencies ranging from 1 MHz-6.5 GHz with adjustable sensitivity to narrow in on the wireless signal source

    What's Included?

    • User Manual, 90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty
    • Wireless Detector and Camera Lens Finder
    • Headphones, Charging Cable


    • 6 Red LEDs
    • Weight: 2.4 oz
    • Battery Life: 1 hour
    • Charge Time: 1 hour
    • Battery Type: Rechargeable
    • LED Detection Distance: 30 ft
    • Wireless Frequency Range: 30 ft 
    • Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 1.7 x .5 inches
    • Frequency Detection Range: 1 MHz to 6.5 GHz
    • Frequency Types Scanned: Cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi
    • Lens Finder Detects: Cameras, hardwired, and wireless


    Q: Can it tell the difference between the different signals I'm finding?
    A: No, this model can only show you it's finding a signal.

    Q: Will you be able to find frequencies from WiFi, Cellular, or Bluetooth sources?
    A: Yes, we have tested it, and it does find each of those frequency types.

    Q: Why is there a compass on the unit?
    A: It would help identify which wall or section of the environment you're finding the signal for future references, such as filing a police report when something is found.

    Phone Assistance

    • 1-800-292-7748, Monday-Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm CST
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    Quick Delivery

    I got the product quickly, worked out the box. Very pleased

    Ravi B.
    United States United States
    Bug detector

    Great product. Excellent service

    Melanie M.
    United States United States
    No what?

    I found many bugs around & in my home & garage. Called TPD and did nothing? No what do i do?

    United States United States
    It does what it says

    Found wireless Bluetooth devices and cameras right away. Wish it was connected to a website to get a reading print out.

    United States United States
    SpyCentre Security...

    Product was delivered in a timely fashion.

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