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Call Recorder Earbud Mic with 3.5mm Input

Our Phone Call Recording Earpiece "ear bud" microphone fits comfortably in your ear and records all of those important telephone calls to most any type of recorder with a 3.5mm microphone input jack. Never miss the details of those critical phone calls again. This Phone Adapter ear bud works with standard landline telephones, cell phones, digital phone systems, IP phone systems, VOIP systems, any type of phone system we we guarantee this phone will work with it.

An Easy to Use Earbud for Any Digital Voice Recorder

This device works with any digital audio recorder that has a standard 3.5mm audio input microphone jack. Simply plug the earbud into the 3.5mm microphone jack on your digital audio device, place the earbud in your left or right ear, put your cellphone or landline phone up to the same ear with the ear bud in it and turn your recording device on. The earbud has a mic in it which picks up what people are saying to you through your phone and it also picks up everything you say. This device is great for people in the middle of divorce cases, litigation's, insurance fraud, sales calls its truly limitless what you can record.

The built in mono condenser microphone has a frequency response of 50~160000Hz, which happens to be the same frequencies that most telephone services transmit. The microphone has a sensitivity of -54dB +/- 3dB. The microphone is 6mm in size and is very light weight and does not leave a nagging pain in your ear if left in for long periods of time.

Why Choose Our Recorder Earbud?

This small and portable earbud microphone works with any recording device with a 3.5mm input jack. One of the best features of the earbud mic is that it fits anywhere and weighs next to nothing. It's easy to throw it in your laptop bag or backpack, or even your purse. It's ready to use in a flash and is nondescript. People won't even know you're recording conversations as they won't think twice about someone using headphones to make a call. Buy extras to keep anywhere you might want to record your calls. Keep one in your car, one at the office, one at your desk at home, one in your backpack or purse, and even one in your living room or kitchen. One of the keys to capturing those crucial conversations is being ready no matter where you are.

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  • Plug and play microphone that resembles a headphone
  • Easily attachable and removable
  • keep your conversations over a phone private without complicated hardware
  • Universal 3.5mm input jack allows for quick connection to any digital voice recorder
  • 3.5ft Cabled microphone for flexibility when recording

What's Included?

  • Phone Call Recording Earbud Mic
  • 3.5ft Cabled Mic
  • 90 Day Manufacturers Warranty


  • Audible mic input through a microphone shaped like an ear piece
  • Audio quality: Mono
  • standard 3.5mm Aux connection
  • 3.5Ft Cable

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