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Voice Activated Sleek Audio Recorder Pen with 12 Hour Battery - Spy Centre Security

Voice Activated Sleek Audio Recorder Pen with 12 Hour Battery

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Style and Ease, Built Into Our Voice Activated Recorder Pen

The voice activated pen has a sleek and stealthy design, one button operation, and is a  fully functional pen. It's perfect for secret shoppers, journalists, private investigators, family disputes, child custody cases and the list goes on for what you can use this audio recorder pen for. Simply put your pen on voice activated recording mode and it will begin recording any sounds it may hear. With a long battery life of 12 hours you can rest easy knowing you won't miss a thing with our stylish voice activated recorder pen.

How Does The Voice Activated Sleek Audio Recorder Pen Work?

Our latest slim and sleek covert voice recorder pen is sure to exceed your expectations. Slide the silver clip down to start recording, and slide the silver clip up to stop recording, it's really that simple! This functional pen recorder can record up to 12 hours of audio, even while you're writing with it! Yes it REALLY writes!

To operate the voice activation mode for this spy pen connect the remote control included in the package. Press the M button on the remote and hold it down for 3 seconds, on the back of the pen you will see small blue light appear, press the stop key (square) and this light will begin flashing blue. You have now successfully set up voice activation recording. If you don't need voice activation any longer just repeat the above steps, instead of a flashing blue light you will have a solid blue light, this indicates that you are in continuous record mode. The blue light will not be on when you're recording it only shows up when you're setting up the pen's VOS mode.

If you want to listen to your files simply plug the recorder into your PC with the provided cable and drop the files you want to save onto your computer desktop. You can also listen to the recordings directly off of the pen with the included remote control and earbud.

To charge this device simply plug the device into your PC or MAC or any USB powered Device. It takes 2.5 hours to fully charge this pen.

Why Choose The Voice Activated Sleek Audio Recorder Pen?

This audio recorder pen is great for students and business professionals who need a convenient and fast way to record meetings and lectures without having to use bulky equipment that wastes time, space, and batteries!  With this very stealthy sleek design, you don't need to worry about pesky indicator lights, compatibility issues, or retrieving your files!  Easily move your files or charge the unit by simply plugging the USB adapter into any computer.

With its 12 hour battery life, 33 hours of storage and fast 2.5 hours battery recharge you can feel good knowing you will be able to record whoever, whenever you want. Lightning fast one touch voice recording allows for you to record at moments notice, even when you're caught off guard. This stylish pen actually writes and comes with replacement ink cartridges making this spy pen a must have for anyone.

Looking for something similar but with longer battery life?  Take a look at our Audio Recorder Spy Pen.  This pen has most of the same features as the sleek recorder pen but with a longer battery life and date & time stamp voice recordings.

What can the Voice Activated Sleek Audio Recorder Pen be Used For?

  • Recording Conversations
  • Recording Lectures
  • Recording Business Meetings
  • On-the-Go Covert Recording
  • Law Enforcement Evidence Gathering
  • Record Verbal Abuse at Work or Home
  • Dictation Device

What are the Features of the Voice Activated Recorder Pen?

  • 12 hour battery life
  • Voice activated recording
  • Pen really writes & comes with replacement ink cartridges
  • Stylish slim design
  • Easy to use
  • Plug and play download for MAC or PC, no software required
  • Audio pick up range: 40ft in optimal conditions
  • Rechargeable battery, full charge in 2.5 hours
  • Store up to 33 hours of audio recordings
  • One touch voice recording

What's Included with the Voice Activated Recorder Pen?

  • Voice Activated Sleek Audio Recorder Pen with 12 Hour Battery
  • USB Connection Cable
  • Plug in Remote
  • Headphones
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


  • Recording Battery Life: 12Hrs
  • Playback Battery Life: 8Hrs
  • Charging Time: 2.5 Hrs
  • XHQ Recording Time: 8Hrs
  • HQ Recording Time: 16Hrs
  • LP Recording Time: 33Hrs
  • Operational Temp. 32 to 104 degree F
  • Product Dimensions: 5inch x 1/4 x 1/4


Q: Does the Voice Recorder Pen function as a real pen?
A: Yes, you can write with the pen, and it comes with a couple replacement inks.

Q: Can I listen to the recordings without using a computer?
A: Yes, you can play the recordings directly from the recorder using the included headphones.

Q:How long does it take to charge?
A: 2.5 hours.

Q: Can the Voice Recorder Pen do voice activation?
A: Yes, the Voice Recorder Pen will do voice activation.  It comes default in continuous mode.  To change to Voice activation mode, plug in the remote and press the M button for longer then 3 seconds.  Depending on which mode it is in the light will be a solid light or a flashing light.  If it is flashing that indicates it is voice activated.  If it is solid press the stop button to change the mode.

Q: Do I need special software to play back the recordings?
A: No, this records in a MP3 format so you will not need any special software.

Q: Do I need an SD card?
A: No this unit has an 256MB flash drive internal memory.

Q: How long can this pen record for?
A: You have 3 record quality options to choose from with this pen, each option changes how long the pen can store audio recordings. XHQ - 8hrs, HQ - 16hrs, LP - 33hrs.

Q: What do you recommend I should set my quality at?
A: Through testing we have found that HQ mode and LP mode work well in most situations. But please feel free to test out the units different record modes to ensure the correct quality format for your situation.

Q: Whats the battery life?
A: 12 Hours

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