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This was as close to the movies as we could get! The GL tracker is a powerhouse of the GPS tracking community...and in such a tiny package! This compact beacon of position data is quite versatile at less than three inches long and less than two inches wide and weighing in at 60g. 

Ease-of-use is the game's name with the GPS Tracking application, available for iOS and Android devices. Select any beacon you wish to track, then ping the location to bring up a map with the location shown in real-time or from up to 24 months back! In addition, a special feature utilizes your Apple or Google maps to create a route from your position straight to the beacon! 

Beyond the awesome capabilities of the mobile application, a web browser interface hosts a range of features that make this more than a tool to track cheating spouses or wandering teens. Let it be your essential tool for reporting mileage on company vehicle use, state-line crossings for tracking packages or deliveries in town, courier services, or the family vehicle. Conduct all administrative duties through this intuitive web service, downloading any of the various types of available data reports or perform spot checks throughout the day on any number of trackers. 


The GL requires a monthly subscription to send all this valuable data to the servers, which has a secondary function of GSM localization to keep tracking even if the GPS signal is lost. Tracking and locating can be done within an application for smartphones, and auditing and managing historical data is accomplished via the web browser. 

Keep an eye on the movement of however many beacons you need to add to an account, be it a fleet of trucks or a small herd of children. Track the mileage driven, record any violations of speed limits you've set, and mark any new locations frequently visited, all within this interface. Many kinds of reports are ready for you to download into spreadsheets for easy management of data.  

A feature for power management uses an internal 3-axis accelerometer to detect motion and initiate tracking or keep the device in a low-power state while not moving, providing up to 400 hours of standby time. For example, when updating every 5 minutes, you could get up to 120 hours of driving time battery or 180 hours when updated every 10-minutes. 


Options for report generation are numerous. Export any of these data sets into Excel spreadsheets for easy analysis and later review. 

  • Schedule maintenance of the engine according to mileage reports
  • Set limits on speed and be notified of violations
  • Sketch a GeoFence onto a map and get notified of travel into or out of this area
  • Find reasons why unknown locations are visited often
  • Check for use after authorized hours
  • Investigate children skipping school 


This powerful piece of tracking technology has robust software to handle all of your needs for jobs large and small.

  • Are you sending the kids off with a new car? The GL's small body enables covert placement to help them feel independent while you breathe easily.
  • Are you operating the company fleet? Check historical data from up to 24 months past, and add as many devices as you need to the same account. 
  • Are you a reporter heading to cover a protest or making deliveries in the snow? If you get in some trouble, a built-in panic button will notify an emergency contact. 
  • During child custody cases, it may be necessary to throw this in with a kid's bag to monitor unsanctioned travel.
  • Achieve peace of mind knowing your assets and family are safe with the GL300!


With long battery life and a minuscule casing, the GL can be thrown into a package to ensure it gets there within a certain amount of time. Keep it in a glove compartment to investigate your suspicions of infidelity or verify children's honesty and their use of the car. Follow your skip-trace target using it with this magnetic case, or make sure your trailer stays put at the storage facility. Send it with your child when traveling or during custody battles, and get notified if the SOS panic button gets pushed. Use them to make business decisions on payroll, reprimands for company time wasted or exceeding speed limits, or help plan the most efficient route. 



  • Saves up to 24 months of historical data
  • Free Computer, iOS, or Android applications
  • Panic SOS button to alert emergency contacts of trouble
  • 3-axis accelerometer detects motion for an extended battery life of up to 400 hours of standby time
  • Track positions even with a loss of GPS signal! GSM localization accuracy increases or decreases depending on the number of cell towers pinged
  • Data reports compiled for individuals or groups can be generated for start and stop times, locations visited, speed-limit violations, state-line crossings, etc


    • User Manual, 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
    • GL Miniature GPS Tracker
    • Charge Cable


    • GPS activation: Built into the total price
    • Data plan: $39.99 **No contracts pay month to month**
    • Activate same day if GPS forms received before 4 pm CST
    • Daily Pro-rated amount $1.33


     GPS Activation Forms


    • Weight: 3.5 oz
    • Waterproofing: IPX5
    • GPS Antenna: Internal 
    • Charge Time: 2-3 hours
    • Cellular Antenna: Internal
    • Position Accuracy: 2.5 meters
    • Dimensions: 3.0 × 1.5 × 1.0  inches
    • Operating Temperature: -4°F to +131°F
    • Battery Life: 5-Minute Updates: 120 Hours, 10-Minute Updates: 180 Hours, No motion detected: 400 Hours


    Q: How does the device need to be placed?
    A: It needs to face up to the sky or down to the ground to bounce the signal back to the sky, and it cannot be surrounded by metal. 

    Q: Can I follow the device to the last reported location?
    A: You could follow it in real-time, or you could ping a certain or the last known location so you can get to that position.

    Q: What is GSM localization?
    A: If the GPS signal is lost, like when it goes under a bridge, between many tall buildings, or when it goes inside a delivery truck, updates from the beacon will be sent using GSM via the SIM card. It will ping against each cellular tower that it passes, which is less accurate than actual GPS tracking via satellites, but it still offers a general idea of where to look if needing to find the beacon.

    Q: Can I look at the history?
    A: Yes, with calendar navigation, you may click on any day within the past 24 months to check the available data. 



    • 1-800-292-7748, Monday-Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm CST
    • GPS account login: Click here

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