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UFH Hard Wired Active GPS Tracking Unit

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This live GPS tracking device was designed to be both rugged and compact. It is water, weather, and shock-resistant, as well as dustproof (IP66 rating). Mother nature can try as she might; this product will keep working for you. This unit allows for live monitoring of the location and movement of an entire fleet at one glance or zooms in to track a single vehicle as needed, all from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Not only is this device elementary to install and use, but it’s also extremely reliable too!


Access the simple web interface using an internet-connected smartphone or computer. The computer online portal includes the ability to set notifications for each unit for speed thresholds, start/stop times and locations, geo-fence alerts, and many other items that might come in handy. The geo-fencing feature not only alerts you when a vehicle enters and exits a given ‘geofenced area, but it will also automatically record and report arrival and departure times from those areas that you have set up via the web interface. Print readouts of all these reports for easy record keeping. Trying to keep an eye on after-hours use of your fleet vehicles or children sneaking around after curfew? This feature has you covered. Alerts can be sent 24/7 via SMS, text, or email.

This unit includes an internal GPS/cellular antenna, making the item self-contained without the need to mount any external antennae. All of this is contained inside a water-resistant enclosure of 4.3″ x 3.2″ x 1.6″. This device can operate reliably from -30 degrees C all the way up to 70 degrees C (-22 to 158 degrees F). With a current draw of only 75mA at 12VDC, there’s virtually no load on the vehicle's electrical system. The simple 3 wire installation is a breeze as well. Additionally, with 1 ignition input or 2 additional inputs and 3 outputs, all of your needs should be covered.


This live tracking unit is accurate within 3 feet because it activates every 10 seconds while in motion! Several built-in reporting features are at your fingertips. 90 days of stored history for each vehicle can provide fleet management reports such as vehicle start/stop locations and time spent there, speed violations, alert history, and many other beneficial reports. These features are fantastic tools for bookkeeping and keeping track of maintenance schedules or even investigating employees who take too long to complete their routes.

Thanks to the built-in li-ion battery, even if the power to the unit is lost, the device will still be able to update the location of the vehicle once every 30 minutes for the next 5-7 days, which means you'll be able to find your vehicle even if it's stolen! Looking for a portable battery-operated option? Check out our Portable Tracking Unit.


  • If the power connection to the vehicle is lost, the unit will still show its current whereabouts once every 30 minutes for the next 10 days.
  • Use speed or Geo-fence alerts to immediately advise dispatch of policy violations (after-hour use, speeding, driving outside operational areas, etc.) Alerts can be received 24/7 via SMS, Text, or email.
  • Use Geo-fencing to mark specific locations (your company, customer docks, after-duty parking locations, operational areas, geographic limits). The system automatically records and reports arrival or departures from these locations.
  • Review or download various management reports that are automatically created from the 90-day stored history for each vehicle. Fleet management reports, vehicle start/stop reports, speed violations, maintenance, alert history, and many more.
  • Help locate stolen vehicles, watch where your spouse goes, keep track of your classic car or sports car, find your elderly parents when they get lost, make sure fleet vehicles stick to their routes, monitor your children's comings and goings, or watch for service vehicles being used for personal matters.
  • The web interface offers live monitoring of an entire fleet's location and movement, or you can zoom in to track one vehicle in particular. All vehicle locations are automatically reported and displayed on your computer every 10 seconds, so there's no need to “ping” any unit to determine its current location.


  • Wiring Manual, 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Hard Wired Live GPS Tracking Unit


  • GPS activation: Built into the total price
  • Data plan: $39.99 **No contracts pay month to month**
  • Activate same day if GPS forms received before 4 pm CST
  • Daily Pro-rated amount $1.33

Activation Documents

 GPS Activation Forms


    • Weight: 12.5 oz
    • Alerts: Text or email
    • Temperature: -30 C to 75 C
    • Web-Based Mapping System
    • Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.0 x 1.5 inches
    • Signal Type: LTE/4G network, quad-band GSM/GPRS cellular
    • View or Download Reports: Speeding, start/stop, geo-fence, etc


    Q: I just activated my subscription, but my device doesn't show on the map.
    A: The device cannot show its position on the map until it senses motion to the first update. Take the device for a drive, and it should immediately begin tracking. 

    Q: I know the device has moved. However, it's showing it's in the same place as it was yesterday. What's going on?
    A: The issue is that the device has not transmitted its location to the server since the last location shown on the map. Either (A) the device doesn't have enough power, (B) it does not have a clear view of the sky (and therefore cannot calculate its location), or (C) the device is in an area with no wireless data service, and therefore cannot transmit its proper location. We recommend a physical inspection of the device.

    Q: I'm not receiving any email or SMS text alerts. What could be happening?
    A: There are several possible reasons for this problem. Either (A) the checkbox was not selected in front of the SMS entry on the Alert Editor, (B) you have a 1 in front of your number (1-405-726-9900) when the 1 is not supported by your wireless carrier, (C) you don't have a 1 in front of your number and the carrier requires it, (D) a spam filter caught the SMS text message at your local wireless carrier (they may decide it was spam), or (E) the wireless carrier failed to deliver the message.

    Wireless carriers do not guarantee the delivery of SMS text messages. We’ve seen cases where some messages were delivered in 20 seconds, while others were delivered minutes and sometimes days later. We hope this does not happen to you. To confirm Alert notifications are being sent properly, set up an email alert, select the email checkbox along with the SMS text checkbox. Also, make sure the email isn’t going into your spam filter.



    • 1-405-726-9900: Option 3, Monday-Friday: 7- 7 pm, Saturday: 9-4 pm CST
    • GPS account login - Click here
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    Martha D.
    Super simple

    I was completely blown away by this tracker! It is the first real time tracker I have ever used and I absolutely love it. The online portal is super user friendly and even has a live chat system built into it that offers tech support right their!

    As Advertised

    Portal was very in depth, tracker worked exactly as advertised and was hands down what I needed.

    Tanner Q.
    No long term contracts!

    The simple fact that I wasn't getting tied into a contract and could turn the tracker on and off as I needed is fantastic.

    Juan R.

    Loved the fact that even if the tracker is not "activated" to where you can log in and view it the tracker will still log up to 90 days worth of data. Considering I have this on my vehicle for theft prevention that's a wonderful feature cause it allows me to keep the service off until I actually have a incident occur.

    Angela M.

    Unit worked exactly as described. I was going to attempt installing it myself but after further review I ended up just having my local car toys install it for me, took them about a hour and I was setup and ready to go!

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