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USB HUB IR Illuminator for Night Vision Cameras

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Stylish USB Hub with Infrared Illumination

This unit is an accessory meant to boost the night vision capabilities of our night vision cameras. With 6 built-in infrared ( IR ) LED's, you can gain up to nearly 30 feet of night vision in a completely dark environment. What's more, it will not look out of place as it is disguised as and actually operates as a dual USB charging hub!

How Does the IR Illuminator Work?

There is nothing more for you to do with this device than to plug it into a USB wall charger and then aim it to where an area where a night vision camera could use an extra boost of IR to help it see more clearly. When the lights go out, a built-in light sensor will trigger the 6 IR LEDs to come alive. This will pump out light in the infrared spectrum, invisible to human eyes but not to light-sensitive cameras, and to a camera, it will almost look like a flashlight in the night. 

This product could hide out in the open in a living room, office, or kitchen-type setting as it actually functions as a USB charging station while also helping to create a broader range for a nighttime camera to see. 

Why Choose the IR Illuminator?

While many covert nanny cams claim to have night vision, they may vary with how far they can actually see or how broad the invisible light emits within the camera's field of view. Sometimes a room is too large for a camera's built-in IR system to capture completely, and you cannot see all the way to the opposite wall, so it seems as though the cam is just viewing black space. Plugging this device into an outlet closer to your target area will brighten the space with invisible light, boosting the effectiveness of your night vision camera while also conveniently providing two extra USB charge ports! 

Pair With These Devices


  • Boost the effectiveness of night vision cameras
  • Provide charge to USB powered devices


  • 6 Invisible IR LED's 
  • Night vision to about 30 feet
  • 2x functioning USB charge ports


  • 90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Functional USB Hub & IR Illuminator
  • Micro USB cable


  • IR LED's: 6
  • Light sensor: Yes
  • USB ports: 2
  • Size: W- 2in, L - 2in, H - 2in


Q: Is this device a camera?
A: No, it only provides charge through 2 built-in USB ports and illumination in the infrared light spectrum.

Q: How far does the IR illuminate?
A: It goes about 30 feet. 

Q: I have a few USB wall chargers. Which should I use?
A: This device can be used with 5V2A power connections.


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