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Worlds Smallest Micro Voice Recorder 90 Hours of Storage

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Voice Recording Just Got Better With Our Mini Micro Giant!

The smallest professional audio recorder on the market just got better with a quick one-button recording. This mini recorder features a 10-hour battery life and 90 hours of audio storage, which is incredible considering its' size, making it the perfect covert audio recording device. You can even listen to the recordings directly from the device using the included headphones or listen to the recordings on your PC or Mac computer.

How Does The Worlds Smallest Audio Recorder Work?

The no hassle ON/OFF switch located on the top of the unit will allow you to start recording at a moments' notice. Since this is a digital audio recorder, you can even listen to the recorded files directly from the device using the included headphones or download them to your PC or Mac computer for editing and playback. 

When listening to your audio recordings through the item itself, be sure to plug in your headphones before powering on the device. Once your headphones are plugged in, go ahead and power on the device. Press the (-) minus button located on the bottom of the device to start playing the first audio file, and press the (+) plus button if you want to move to the next file. If you need to increase or decrease the volume of the audio files while you are listening to them press and hold the (+) plus or (-) minus keys to increase and decrease the volume.

To charge this small device, plug the included USB cable into your PC, MAC or any USB device with power. It takes 2 hours for a full charge.

Why Choose The Worlds Smallest?

Looking for the tiniest digital audio recorder in the world? This item is the same size as a normal paper clip, giving it the flexibility to be creatively placed in virtually any location to make it an ideal spy voice recorder.

It has a 10 hour battery life to last an entire work day and 90 hours of storage, with an easy on/off switch for quick covert recording. This device can be setup to record continuously or upon voice activation quickly and conveniently. Files can be time and date stamped through a Windows computer for evidence gathering. This item comes with a pair of headphones so you can listen to the recordings directly from the device or plug it into your PC or MAC to download your recorded files. No special software is required to listen to your files since they are recorded in an .WAV format which can be played through VLC media player or most standard players. 

No need to worry about battery life; with this recorders' quick 2 hour recharge time and portable USB cable you can quickly charge your device on any powered USB port, PC or MAC computer.

Looking for a similar device but with voice activated recording and longer battery life? Check out our pro model of the worlds thinnest audio recorder; it is voice activated and has a 70 hour rechargeable battery!


  • Dictation Device
  • Recording Lectures
  • Recording Conversations
  • On-the-Go Covert Recording
  • Recording Business Meetings
  • Law Enforcement Evidence Gathering
  • Recording Verbal Abuse at Home or Work


  • 10 Hour battery life
  • Storage time: 90 hours
  • Tiny: 1.8 x .24 x .7 Inches
  • One touch voice recording
  • Fast recharge time: 2 hours
  • High quality voice recordings
  • Slim lightweight design, easy to hide
  • Voice activated or continuous
  • Audio pick up range: 40ft in optimal conditions
  • Listen to your files by headphones or computer
  • Date & time stamped (Windows computers only)
  • Plug and play download for MAC or PC, no software required
  • Clear recording sound with embedded amplified microphone

What's Included?

  • Worlds Smallest Mini Voice Recorder
  • USB Cable
  • Headphones
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty


  • Weight: 6.5g
  • Output: 2mW
  • Memory: 8GB flash
  • Voice Activated: Yes
  • Continuous Recording: Yes
  • Power: DC3.7V 70mA
  • Recording Type: .WAV
  • Sample Rate: 192kbps
  • Recording Time: 90 Hours
  • Download Files: Mac or PC
  • Product Dimensions: 1.8 x .24 x .7 Inches
  • Battery Life: Recording 10 Hours - Playback: 5 Hours
  • Date & Time Stamp: Yes (Windows PC Only)


Q: What are the dimensions of this device?
A: 1.8 x .24 x .7 Inches

Q: After I've plugged it into my Windows/Mac computer, what software will play the audio?
A: The best one we have used that is also completely free to download is VLC Media Player. 

Q: Does this item have the ability to record continuously?
A: Yes

A: Can this device do voice activated recording?
B: Yes

Q: Can the device date stamp and time stamp its recordings?
A: Yes, but this must be done through a Windows computer.

Q: Can I listen to my recordings directly from the device?
A: Yes. It comes with its own set of headphones.

Q: Do I need external memory?
A: It does not have a slot for external memory, but it does have a built in 8GB flash memory that can hold 90 hours worth of recordings. 

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: 10 hrs

Q: What's the recharge time?
A: 2 Hrs

Q: Can I download my recorded files to my computer?
A: Yes. You can download any of your recorded files onto a PC or Mac using the USB cable provided with the unit.

Q: I need to delete my files on a PC? How do I do that?
A: Simply plug your item into the PC. Access your recorders stored audio files. Once you see your recording simply choose the ones you want to delete with your mouse and press delete on your keyboard. If you want to delete everything on your device left click with your mouse on the first recording in the group and hold down the shift key then click on the last recording while holding down the shift key, all of your recordings will be selected then just press the delete key on your keyboard and you're done.

Q: How do I delete a recording I do not want on a MAC computer?
A: To delete a recording on a MAC computer you will need to find the file you would like to delete then right click on it. Select trash. While the device is still plugged into your MAC you will need to go to the trash folder on your computer and delete the files from the trash folder also. If this step is not done the recordings will not be deleted from the device. You will also not be able to see the recordings unless it is plugged into a Windows computer then the files will be view able and you can delete them from the device.

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United States United States
Good product but memory too small for me

Good but too small memory for me

United States United States

This is what I been looking for! U have no idea how much I needed to no what was happening to my mother n I'm going to buy another 1

United States United States
Best ever

Excellent ! Very pleased ! I give it five stars because of the size ! Very small gadget delivers extremely à high quality voice even in closed pocket when the person is walking quickly unbelievable But true it is definitely the best I will buy more I cannot believe how it does the job perfectly !!!

Sharon .
Battery not lasting

Yes, I was very impressed with the size, it is very easy to conceal. But, the battery life even thought was charged it only lasted for a half an hour, then it just shut down cut off right in the middle of a very important meeting not sure if it’s defective. I did have it charged overnight, maybe that was the problem. Overall, it is a good product caught some whispering but couldn’t make it out during the meeting. When playing back with the headphones it’s hard to get to the next recording because the demo keeps playing over and over until you can actually skip past it but it takes a while. Would recommend it to people...


Good day and thanks for the review. Sorry to hear your having an issue with the battery life. I see from your review that you said you charged the device over night. We recommend to charge the battery for 2 hours with this particular item as over charging can cause battery degradation. In regards to the demo feel free to plug the device into the computer and delete it off so you can bypass it all together when playing back through the headphones. Also keep in mind you can store and playback your audio files from a computer, which also helps when your listening to quiet sounds as speakers on a computer are able to be turned up louder than the unit itself while playing back on the headphones. If you continue to run into issues with the devices battery life give us a call Mon-Fri 10am to 6pm CST @ 1-800-292-7748 and we would be happy to assist you. All of our audio recorders are backed with a 1 year manufacturers warranty and we will be happy to exchange it out for a working device if deemed defective. I am also including instructions on how to playback using the headphones below. How to Playback Files on the Device: ● Make sure the device is turned off and plug in your headphones. ● Slide the switch into the ON position. ● Solid light = Standby mode ● On the device next to the solid light is a ( - ) and ( + ) button ● The ( - ) button switches the device from Music folder to Recorded files. ● To Play the next files press the ( + ) button. ● To change the VOLUME of the recording being played press and HOLD the ( + ) or ( - ) button.

United States United States

Well, I recorded on the the recorder for only 2 hours and then it just shut off and then it went to the demo recording and I couldn’t get to my next recording. I do like the small size of it, would like to order an extra one to record in other places


Thank you for the feedback! There may be some troubleshooting we can do to help you get a better experience with the device. It sounds like it may have not received a full charge, and perhaps, if you had been trying to listen to recordings via the included headphones, you had hit the + button and not the - button to switch from the demo to the recording you had made. Give us a call at 1.800.292.7748 and we'd be glad to help.

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