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Multi Use RF Bug Detector - Spy Centre Security - 1

Multi Use RF Bug Detector

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The Multi Use RF Bug Detector is an Upgraded Countertek Ultra Pro

The The Multi use RF Detector offers a wide variety of detection options that rival some of the most expensive detectors on the market. The Multi use RF Detector is a signal detector which can detect all the wireless RF (Radio Frequency) devices within a 50 HHz – 6.0GHz range. This includes GSM phone, 3G/4G smartphones, standby registration signal, WiFi, wireless bug (hidden microphone), wireless analog & digital cameras, IP cameras, signal jammers and, new bug and spy cameras remotely controlled by cellphone.

Easy to Use

This bug detector is easy to use.  There are clear identifiable indication LED lights on the Multi use RF Detector that identify Power, Vibration identification mode, Audio beep identification mode, Acoustic audio signal identification, Cam/Bug/LTE camera spectrum signal, WiFi signal detection, battery low, and charging indication light.

Why choose this product?

Some detectors offer a signal display if a audio recorder is present but the ability of the Multi use RF Detector to give a warning and to hear and identify the signal. There is also a sensitivity and volume tuner, to help eliminate environmental noise and distance interference.  One of the many features of the Multi use RF Detector is the unique acoustic display. 

What can the Multi Use RF Wireless Bug Detector be used for?

  • Detecting Audio Transmitters and Receivers
  • Detecting GPS Tracker Frequencies
  • Detecting Wireless Frequencies
  • Detecting Illegal Wireless Tapping Devices
  • Detecting Wireless Bugs
  • Detecting Wireless Hidden Cameras

What are the Features of the Multi Use RF Bug Detector?

  • Can detect all wireless bugs from 50 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz. other audio receivers cover up to 900 MHz only.
  • Can detect the wireless bug, GSM/3G Bug, wireless analog camera, wireless digital camera / IP camera, 3G spy camera, WiFi, 2G/3G/4G phones, GPS tracker
  • Power-On self-test ensures all functions in normal condition.
  • Clear LED indications of setting signal type & battery status
  • 3 Warning modes
  • Auto indications of detected signal type
  • Support power bank for long time use
  • Standby / Idle 4G smartphone detection

What's Included with the Multi Use RF Wireless Bug Detector?

  • Multi Use RF Bug Detector
  • Rechargeable Battery's
  • Wall Adapter
  • User Manual
  • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


  • Detecting range: 50 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz
  • Dimension: L 11.6 x W 7 x T 3.3 cm (not include antenna)
  • Weight: About 170g (not include battery)
  • Power: 5V DC switching power adapter.  AAA / UM-4 rechargeable battery or dry battery x 4
  • Warning mode: LED indication. Beep alarm sound. Acoustic display. Vibration. Earphone silent detection
  • Sensitivity Tuner: Adjust detecting distance to find signal source. Eliminate the environment interference
  • Detecting Distance: Wireless bug (2mW) up to 25 feet. (beep) up to 15 feet. (acoustic) 10mW 2.4GHz Wireless camera up to 15 feet. 10mW 5.8GHz Wireless camera up to 4 feet.
  • GSM Cell phone up to 50 feet. Smartphone up to 13 feet 3G 2100 cell network up to  3 feet.
  • The detecting distance of wireless (RF radio frequency) device will be varied depending on its output signal strength

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