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Multi-Functional Wireless Bug Detector & Hidden Camera Finder - Spy Centre Security - 1

Multi-Functional Wireless Bug Detector & Hidden Camera Finder

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Hidden Camera & Wireless Bug Detectors Just Got Better

The Multi-Functional Bug Detector is quite possibly the only portable sweep unit you will ever need to own! This is an upgraded version of our best selling Defender Hidden Camera & Wireless Bug Detector.  With its diverse array of functions users from novice to professional will be able to perform the most complete sweep for bugs and cameras with this multi-functional unit.

Easy to Use

The Multi-Functional Bug Detector is very easy to use.  Just turn it on and start scanning.  This will find any radio frequency within 10MHz-8GHz range. 

To find cameras simple plug in the camera finder and turn it on.  The bug detector will have a flashing red light. Look though the viewer and begin scanning the area.  The camera lens will refract the red flashing light.  If you see a red flashing light it could be a camera lens.  Take five steps left or right and look at the same place.  If you still see the flashing light then it is not a camera most likely it is a piece of plastic or glass reflecting the light. 

If you no longer see the flashing light go back to your original location and look at it again.  Find the flashing light and inspect the area that you saw the flashing light.  When you are close enough you should be able to see the actual camera lens.  Many of these lens are very tiny and are hard to see with the naked eye.

Why choose this product?

Looking for GPS trackers on your car?  Looking for hidden cameras?  Looking for an illegal audio transmitter?  The Multi-Functional Bug Detector is for you.  The Multi-Functional Bug Detector has a huge radio frequency range, so you can detect frequencies from 10MHz to 8GHz. 

The camera finder will be able to locate any camera.  The camera does not need to be turn on, it does not need to be transmitting to detect it.  Many other camera finders will not be able to find locate them unless they are turned on and transmitting. The Multi-Functional Bug Detector looks for camera lens, so the camera doesn't even need to be on or transmitting for you to be able to locate it.

The Multi-Functional Hidden Camera & Wireless Bug Detector also has a landline bug detector.  Simply plug it in between your phone line and landline phone and you can tell if someone has it tapped.

Another great feature of the Multi-Functional Wireless Bug Detector & Hidden Camera Finder is that it can detect laser tapping.  Laser tapping technology uses lasers to detect the vibrations on a window.  Using the vibrations of the window, it is possible to find out what is being said without actually hearing it.

What can the Multi-Functional Hidden Camera & Wireless Bug Detector be used for?

  • Detecting Audio Transmitters and Receivers
  • Detecting GPS Tracker Frequencies
  • Detecting Wireless Frequencies
  • Detecting Illegal Wireless Tapping Devices
  • Detecting Wireless Bugs
  • Detecting Wireless Hidden Cameras
  • Detecting Wired Cameras
  • Detecting Cameras turned ON/OFF
  • Detecting Landline Phone Taps
  • Detecting Laser Tapping

What are the Features of the Multi-Functional Wireless Bug Detector & Hidden Camera Finder?

  • Detects wired/wireless cameras, wireless mics, audio and video transmitter bugs, and hidden cameras
  • Advanced technology helps protect against phone taps

    What's Included with the Multi-Functional Wireless Bug Detector & Hidden Camera Finder?

    • Multi-functional Bug Detector
    • Lens finder attachment
    • Ac adapter
    • Carry strap
    • 2 telephone cables
    • Earphone
    • Telephone connector
    • User Manual
    • 90 Day Manufactures Warranty


    • Radio Frequency Response 10MHz ~ 8GHz
    • Telesecurity - Audio Frequency Range: 250Hz ~ 5KHz
    • Wireless tapping even with VOX
    • Hidden cameras, Hardwired and Wireless
    • Wire telephone tapping even on cable
    • Computer and Fax transmitters
    • Series and Parallel transmitters
    • Transmitting GPS trackers (only when GPS device is transmitting signal location)
    • Devices on internet phone and IP phone
    • Laser Tapping
    • Dimensions: 5” L x 2.5” W x 1” H
    • Weight: 0lb 3oz

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