Multi-Functional Wireless Bug Detector & Hidden Camera Finder

Multi-Functional Bug Detector & Hidden Camera Finder

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Praised by beginners and professionals alike, the Multi-Function RF detector is the coverall solution for finding hostile eavesdropping equipment. Find hidden devices in a home, office, vehicle, or anywhere else where suspicions of data acquisition are occurring. Switch from detecting hidden cameras, wireless transmitting devices to detecting telephone tapping, laser listening devices, and even an anti listening white noise generating mode in seconds, the Multi-Functional RF detector is a complete self contained counter surveillance tool for protecting what matters most.

When inserting the removable Lens finder the Multi-Function RF sweeper the ring or 12 red LED lights become activated and the detector switches over into camera locator mode. These LED's give off an red light that refracts directly off the lens of a hidden camera. Using the red tinted viewfinder the LED's will blink in sequence and once a camera lens is located a single light will be blinking back. To deactivate the lens finder simply unplug the device from the top of the detector and the device changes into RF mode.

A full 10 MHz to 10 GHz range of detection is offered from the Multi-Function Bug Sweeper. This covers everything from classically designed transmitter devices, to modern spectrum bugging tools that utilize WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS, and 3G/4G services. Adjusting the detection range is handled by lengthening and shortening the antenna. When the Multi-Functial wireless detector identifies a signal over 9 bars of intensity a red flashing Alarm indicator light is instantly activated.

Utilize the Telephone in/out port on the side of the Multi Function to identify phone tapping. By inserting a POT telephone line the detector can determine if a break in the line has occurred such as a voice recorder, or feed. This can also be used to prevent phone tapping by keeping the detector connected. If a bridge is detected a bright red indication light is activated alerting you instantly that a tap has occurred.

The other modes are laser, and noise. Not as common, but still necessary for prevention is the laser detection mode. This mode is specifically designed for identification of potentially menacing laser listening devices. While the noise mode is for active prevention of listening devices. Under this mode an adjustable volume of white noise is generated to distort and disrupt an eavesdropping bug from gathering usable audio.   

This bug sweeper is quite possibly the best overall solution for counter surveillance by performing the most complete sweep with a single device. With its diverse array of functions and usages, this bug detection unit is the right choice.


There are unfortunately many ways data can be acquired to be used against you. That's why this spy preventer and sweeper is the right tool for the job. This easy to use device not only finds bugging equipment but can be used to prevent nefarious devices from recording or intercepting your calls. Before a sweep can begin there are a few steps that need to be taken.

Most areas are full of naturally occurring radio waves or non nefarious devices that can interfere with a sweep. These devices include microwaves, ovens, wireless phones and so on, but other devices can confuse the Multi-Function that you wouldn't consider. Air cleaner, chandeliers, and even heated floors can register as a positive result even when nothing is there. This bug sweeper is a highly sensitive piece of equipment so precautions should be taken to generate the best results.  

To turn on, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to activate the device. Signal, Laser, Noise, Phone, & camera can be highlighted by taping the M button. The ability to use a signal device to check for multiple potential threats can save you time and energy. To search for a wireless signal, select Signal mode.

Scan the environment and pay close attention to the Alarm indicator. This will activate when a extremely powerful signal is detected. The Multi-Frequency is specifically designed for finding close range signals within 10 MHz to 10 GHz so if a almost solid Alarm light is identified your practically on top of it.

Note that false positives are possible, double check the area for potential equipment that could register as positive. Even if the best prep work is accomplished it's still possible for some metal, or a bundle of wires to register as a bug even though it's connected to nothing. These are called "antenna extenders" and by identifying them early can be moved out of the area.

Laser mode allows for testing of windows to see if an external laser is pointed at the area in order to resonate the glass and listen into the environment. Testing is quick and painless, simply point the laser sensor on top of the RF sweeper towards the window and see if the laser Alarm indicator is triggered. An auto confirmation will also be present once a laser is intercepted. It's best to perform these tests with the least amount of interference possible, so keep any florescent lights off during the sweep since they can cause a false positive.

A phone line can also be potentially compromised by a tap being placed on the line. Using the phone mode the POTS (plain old telephone service) line can be rerouted through the device. Once the telephone has been connected simply take the receiver of the phone off the hook to open a line. Some tapping equipment is noise activated and would be triggered upon the phone line being open. It may be also wise to keep the device connected to the phone line after the sweep in case the tapping tool can be manually activated.

Connect the lens locator to switch over to lens finder mode. A flashing ring of 12 LED lights will begin to blink. Look through the tinted viewfinder and scan the area for something blinking back in sequence. It's a good idea to position yourself in the room where a camera would be pointed for the best results. If something is found, take at least five steps to the left or right and see if the blinking continues. If the blinking stops it very well could be a hidden camera.

It's critical that no matter what is detected through the signal detector that a physical search be performed. If the RF detector has highlighted a potential threat inspect the area and the object for potential clues. Counter surveillance is not a quick process, multiple sweeps at different times, and days are highly suggested. If you come across a bug, keep searching. In many cases you might have found what is considered a "foolish bug" which are easier to find devices to distract from more well hidden, potentially more sophisticated equipment.


Do you have a feeling someone is spying on you but not sure how? Has there been indications that someone has information about an event they weren't around for? Do you think someone might be listening in on your phone conversations? Then this is the best tool for the job.

Unlike the Defender, the Multi-Function allows for multiple preventative tools to beef up not only your sweep but long term protection arsenal. The advantage of a laser finder, phone tapping indicator, and white noise generator greatly increase overall results, while still utilizing a wide band detection range and removable camera lens finder. This device is easy to operate and allows even a beginner to sweep and find a potential threat like a pro.


  • Detecting Audio Transmitters and Receivers
  • Detecting GPS Tracker Frequencies
  • Detecting Wireless Frequencies
  • Detecting Illegal Wireless Tapping Devices
  • Detecting Wireless Bugs
  • Detecting Wireless Hidden Cameras
  • Detecting Wired Cameras
  • Detecting Cameras turned ON/OFF
  • Detecting Landline Phone Taps
  • Detecting Laser Tapping


  • Detects wired/wireless cameras, wireless mics, audio and video transmitter bugs, and hidden cameras
  • Detects all transmitting bugs
  • Detection of active radio transmitters up to 10GHz, even identifying the most sophisticated transmissions
  • Instant confirmation
  • All 3G/4G cell based devices: GSM 850 / 900E/ 1800/ 1900 , UMTS 850/ 900/ 1800/ 2100 (3G), CDMA 450 (A-H)/ 800/1900 standards. LTE, GSM, GPRS, GPS, WCDMA, UMTS, TDSCDMA
  • Active cordless DECT phones
  • active WiFi and Bluetooth devices
  • All radio transmitters with analog modulation (AM, FM, PM)
  • All radio transmitters with digital modulation & continuous carrier (FSK, PSK, so on.)
  • Advanced technology helps protect against phone taps
  • Prevents audio recording via the built in white noise generator 


    • Bug Detector
    • Lens finder attachment
    • Ac adapter
    • Carry strap
    • 2 telephone cables
    • Earphone
    • Telephone connector
    • User Manual
    • 90 Day Manufacturers Warranty


    • Radio Frequency Response 10 MHz ~ 10 GHz
    • Telesecurity - Audio Frequency Range: 250Hz ~ 5KHz
    • Wireless tapping even with VOX
    • Hidden cameras, Hardwired and Wireless
    • Wire telephone tapping even on cable
    • Computer and Fax transmitters
    • Series and Parallel transmitters
    • Transmitting GPS trackers (only when GPS device is transmitting signal location)
    • Devices on internet phone and IP phone
    • Laser Tapping
    • Dimensions: 5.0 x 2.5  x 1.0
    • Weight: 0lb 3oz


    Q: Can this detect a laser microphone?
    A: Yes, this has the ability to find laser microphones.

    Q: Can this detect is my landline is tapped?
    A: Yes, as long as you are using a POTS (plain old telephone system) it can detect if you are being tapped

    Q: Can this find cameras?
    A: Yes, this can find cameras, it doesn't matter if the camera is turned On/Off, if it is hardwired or wireless it can detect the camera lens of the camera.

    Q: Can I locate real time GPS trackers?
    A: Yes, this can locate real time GPS trackers

    Q: Can this jam signals?
    A: No, this does not jam signals, but it does have a white noise generator.

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      multi functional bug detector & hidden camera

      High Quality product...I am still getting acquainted with the bug detector aspect, there is a learning curve on what constitutes a false positive. The hidden camera finder part is top notch!

      Jala M.
      It works but..

      I was able to figure out the lens finder portion with ease, took me a bit of practice and reading to actually figure out how to accurately do the RF detection portion. If it was a little more user friendly in that aspect I'd give it a 5 star.


      Yes, bug detectors do tend to take a bit of practice before they're fully understood. Of course, feel free to give us a call if you have any pressing questions. We are available Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm CST, and can be reached at 1-800-292-7748.


      In the past I have used the defender model, which is pretty much just the consumer version to this unit. After using them both I'd recommend to use this guy, has a much better pickup and the multi functionality makes it a lot more versatile while using. definitely a commercial based product.

      Cool item worth the money

      I had been looking for a RF/Camera finder for quiet some time now, This is one of the only ones I have ever been able to find that offers the multi functionality RF detection and the camera finder adaption. Great product for the overall functionality and price.

      Hayden N.
      Laser Detection Feature

      FINALLY I found a RF detector that offers the detection of laser tapping. And for a great price especially considering everything else it can do.

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