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Pocket Keychain Voice Recorder

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Voice Recording with A Modern Looking Pocket Keychain

The one-touch key chain audio recorder is a great alternative to normal voice recorders. You can easily attach it to your keys, backpack/purse, lanyard, or whatever suits you! No confusing buttons to push or indicator lights; this key chain audio device operates by a simple switch allowing you to record at a moment's notice.

How Does The Pocket KeyChain Voice Recorder Work?

The On/Off switch is integrated seamlessly into the design. Twist the silver bottom portion to the right to turn on and twist back to the left to turn off.  To listen to the recording, unscrew the top to reveal a USB input. Plug the USB into a computer to hear the recordings and drag and drop any files you wish to save to your desktop. Here, only on Windows computers can you set the date and time with the included software and set the unit to trigger only when it hears a noise! Voice-activated noise level control from the software lets you lower or raise the microphone's sensitivity, enabling you to cut out the smaller sounds from triggering a new file. 

To charge this unit, plug the device into your PC, MAC, or USB with power. It takes 2 hours for a full charge.

Why Choose The Audio Recorder KeyChain?

Looking for a recorder that can be placed in plain sight? This item boasts a 13-hour battery life, 72 hours of storage, simple one-touch operation, and it records in a high-quality MP3 format. The high-powered microphone ensures crisp, clear recordings, and this unit only takes 2 hours to recharge, allowing for less downtime and more record time. You can time and date stamp your recordings (Windows only) for evidence gathering.

It also functions as a USB thumb drive, and you can plug this directly into your computer's USB port to charge or transfer your recordings to your computer. You can also use this to store other files such as word documents, images, and more.

Need something more robust, and that will last up to 25-days or continuously record for up to 24 hours off a full charge!? Check out our Pro USB thumb drive audio recorder.


This professional pocket keychain voice recorder is great for recording conversations, school lectures, business meetings, verbal abuse at home, work, or school. You can even use it to record your child custody case interactions with your ex or divorce case. This product can be used to record verbal interactions with law enforcement and is perfect for on-the-go recording or as a dictation device!


  • Simple on/off design with no lights to indicate its recording
  • Download recordings easily to a Windows or Mac computer
  • Clear voice recording with the built-in embedded amplified mic
  • Multiple recording quality options to choose from, XHQ and HQ
  • Easily switch between voice-activation or continuous record mode
  • Record continuously for 13 hours while in XHQ, or up to 15 hours in HQ mode
  • Recorded files can be date and time stamped on Windows computers for evidence gathering
  • Start and stop recordings with a flick of a switch. Audio pick up range of 40 feet in optimal conditions
  • Fast 2-hour recharge rate. The built-in 4GB memory can store up to 72 hours in XHQ, 144 hours in HQ mode
  • It blends in naturally on any key chain and works as a normal flash drive allowing you to save files from work or school onto it

What's Included?

  • User Manual, 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Pocket KeyChain Audio Recorder


  • Weight: .60 oz
  • Charge Time: 2 hours
  • Mac or Windows Compatible
  • Product Dimensions: 3.0 x .5 x .5 inches
  • Time and Date Stamp **Windows Only**
  • Continuous or Voice-Activated Recording
  • Storage Capacity: XHQ-72 hrs, HQ-144 hrs
  • Battery Life Recording: XHQ-13 hrs, HQ-15 hrs
  • Microphone Range: 40 feet in optimal conditions
  • PC Interface: USB, Recording Format: MP3, Memory: 4GB


Q: Which media player do you recommend for playback?
A: We highly recommend that you download VLC Media Player it's a free download and works with Windows and Mac computers.

Q: How long does it take to charge?
A: It takes about 1.5 hours to recharge.

Q: Can this device do voice activation recording?
A: Yes, this can be activated through software included in the device memory ( Windows computers only ).

Q: How can I tell when the device is fully charged?
A: The light will be a solid red while charging. When it is fully charged, the red light will flash.

Q: How do I set the Time and Date on a Windows computer?
A: Plug your device into your Windows computer. A removable desktop folder should pop up. Click open the folder to view the files. Click on the executable file Time Setup and click "Start." If the file is lost, you can download it from the support tab.

Disconnect the device from the PC and take a moment to make a 30-second audio clip. Once you have completed making your audio clip, plug it back into the computer, go to your voice folder, and ensure the time and date are correct on the file name. If not, repeat this step once more to ensure the time and date took.

Q: Can I set the time on a Mac computer?
A: Unfortunately, the program for date/time stamping and the files' quality adjustment does not work on a Mac.

Q: Do I need an SD card?
A: No, this unit has a 4GB internal memory that stores 64 hours of audio recordings.

Q: What's the battery life?
A: 13 Hours.


  • Date and Time Stamp Windows Computers - Click Here

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Very nice item: Pocket Keychain Voice Recorder

Very fast shipping. Love the small recorder and very simple to set up and use. I may buy another one eventually.

Great Device

Fits on my key ring looks almost like my flashlight. Easy to use just turn the knob on the bottom to turn on and off.

Tonya R.
Love it, I take it everywhere

Easy to use, fits on my key chain so I always have it with me.

Bruce C.
So Easy..Love it!

Easy to use. Just turn the switch to turn on and off. Great sounding audio quality.

Tyler D.
Simple to use

Attaches to my key chain, easy on and off.

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