The Best Wearable Spy Cameras With Audio


Wearable spy cameras, also known as wearable hidden cameras, are any camera worn on the human body. Usually, a hidden spy camera disguises itself as an ordinary object so the recorder can capture video discreetly. In addition, they tend to be light, allowing users to carry the camera over a long period without any worries.

While they used to be expensive, your average spy camera now goes for an affordable price and can easily record high-definition video. In addition, many shops sell quality hidden cameras that you can wear as you go about your day.


Many people purchase a hidden spy camera for a specific purpose. Here are some reasons why you may see someone with a spy camera.

  • Property security: For example, a security guard may use a camera to record suspicious people on business property.
  • Personal surveillance: You may want a spy camera during your trips if something goes wrong.
  • Photography: Body-worn cameras tend to take photos as well, and a body camera can take some good pictures when you cannot use a camera with your hands.
  • Entertainment purposes: Wearable cameras can be a good solution if you're publicly recording content for your YouTube channel.
  • Entities such as law enforcement or intelligence agencies: For example, police body cameras.

In addition, a person may use a hidden camera for illegal activity. For example, people use spy cameras to stalk and scope out their next targets for voyeuristic purposes. Often, these recordings are unlawful.

Some may use hidden cameras for a more dependable reason, such as recording children. For example, parents may use a camera to record their babies while in their cribs, or they may use hidden cameras to intrude on their child's privacy.


  • They're cheap and can protect your assets: Most hidden cameras don't cost too much and can record high-definition video to keep your assets safe.
  • They can catch an intruder: Because hidden cameras have motion detection, many can alert you if an intruder is approaching your house, or you can set it to record constantly.
  • Great for gathering all evidence: With a hidden camera, you see what the camera sees. Therefore, a tiny camera can capture someone you're talking to when they're in the act.
  • Catch trespassers: Whether for your home or a business, you can rest easy knowing a hidden camera can record a trespasser through continuous or motion detection.
  • Record your pets: You can use spy cameras to record your pets when you're gone or when one knocks something over. You can see which pet did it.
  • Monitor your kids or elderly relatives: A hidden camera can monitor your children when you're gone, or if you have elderly parents, you can use it to ensure they are safe and their caregivers are not taking advantage of them.


Ensure the hidden camera is in sight of your recorded target

    The spy camera needs to point at your target with no obstructions. This way, you get the clearest recording possible.

    Have the best audio quality

      Place the spy camera where the mic can pick up the target. You don't want your camera to pick up an audio recording of something else, such as a TV.

      Place it near an external power supply

        This only applies if your camera does not use a battery. Otherwise, you may want to place it near a place where you can charge the battery.

        Connect to the WIFI network

          This step only applies if you have a WIFI-enabled camera. If you do, you should connect it to your network. That way, you can view the recordings in real-time and transfer data without using a memory card.

          Is the camera in an obvious area?

            If you're setting up your camera in an area where a person's eyes will be looking toward it, you may want to put it elsewhere. You want to ensure the camera is in a place that can see your target easily but won't be noticed.

            Protect it from the elements

              If your camera isn't weather resistant, don't put it in an area where rain, heat, snow, or other elements can get on it.

              Check the lighting

                Is your camera in an area where it can pick up the target without being too dark? If not, you may want to move the camera or have a camera with night vision.

                It needs to be camouflaged

                  If you have a camera disguised as an ordinary object, you don't need to worry about this step too much. However, if it's not, find a way to hide it.

                  Read the manual

                    Review the manual to ensure that you have installed it correctly, and see if there are any other instructions you need to be aware of.

                    Test your camera

                      Check your camera beforehand to ensure it's charged, recording correctly, and producing good video.

                      Maintenance is key

                        Finally, you should always maintain your camera. Wipe the lens down frequently, replace the batteries if applicable, and delete any unneeded video from the memory card.


                        4K ULTRA SPY WATCH CAMERA 

                        4K Ultra Spy Watch Hidden Camera

                        This camera is disguised as an ordinary watch, with a pinhole camera in the 12 part. It captures high-definition photos and videos with audio, and its rechargeable battery can record for up to an hour. So strap it on and capture those critical moments.

                        1080P HIDDEN BUTTON CAMERA

                        1080P Hidden Button Camera

                        This camera works excellently for private investigators, with its lens like a button. You can attach this to your shirt for discrete recording anywhere you go. Depending on your use, this hidden button camera has between 45-60 minutes of battery life and records 1080P video and audio.

                        4K ULTRA SPY PEN CAMERA

                        4K Ultra Spy Pen Camera

                        A pen is one of those everyday objects everyone has in their hands and pockets, making it the perfect camera. Disguised as a workable Inkpen, this camera is one you can place in your pocket and feel like James Bond as you use it to record 4K ultra content with audio, for up to an hour, on a single charge.

                        1080P VIDEO SPY CAMERA GLASSES

                        1080P Video Spy Camera Glasses

                        Glasses are the perfect place for a hidden camera, as what you see is what the camera also sees. These spy camera glasses enable you to easily record high-quality 1080P video and audio. It's one of the best wearable spy cameras, not just because of its design but because it has 1.5 hours of battery life and can store up to 3.5 hours of video with its built-in 32GB memory.

                        1080P FLASH DRIVE MICRO USB SPY CAMERA

                        1080P Flash Drive Micro USB Spy Camera

                        Finally, we have this USB camera, which is unique because it is truly a functioning thumb drive. Instead of using a Micro SD card to store videos, the built-in 16GB memory allows you to store 2.5 hours of high-definition 1080P video and audio. Just plug it into your computer and review its contents when you're done. You can also keep it attached to your pocket with its keychain feature. This Micro USB camera has up to 1 hour and 40 minutes of recording time before its lithium battery needs a recharge.