Worlds Smallest Micro Voice Recorder 90 Hours of Storage
No bigger than a paper clip!

Worlds Smallest Micro Voice Recorder 90 Hours of Storage

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Voice Recording Just Got Better With Our Mini Micro Giant!

The smallest professional voice recorder on the market just got better with a quick one-button recording. This device features a 10 hour battery life and 90 hours of audio storage, which is incredible considering its' size, making it the perfect covert audio recording device. You can even listen to the recordings directly from the device using the included headphones or listen to the recordings on your PC or Mac computer.

How Does The Worlds Smallest Work?

The no hassle recording has a simple ON/OFF switch located on the top of the unit which will allow you to record at a moments' notice. No special software is required to listen to your audio files; either listen directly from the unit with the included headphones or plug the tiny recording device into any computer with the supplied USB cable and listen to your audio files through windows media player or VLC media player. You can also listen to your audio files on a MAC through iTunes.

When listening to your audio recordings through the item itself, be sure to plug in your headphones before powering on the device. Once your headphones are plugged in, go ahead and power on the device. Press the (-) minus button located on the bottom of the device to start playing the first audio file, and press the (+) plus button if you want to move to the next file. If you need to increase or decrease the volume of the audio files while you are listening to them press and hold the (+) plus or (-) minus keys to increase and decrease the volume.

To charge this small recording device, plug the included USB cable into your PC, MAC or any USB device with power. It takes 2 hours for a full charge.

Why Choose The Worlds Smallest?

Looking for the tiniest voice recording device in the world? This item is the same size as a normal paper clip, giving it the flexibility to be creatively placed in virtually any location.

It has a 10 hour battery life to last an entire work day and 90 hours of storage, with an easy on/off switch for quick covert recording. This item comes with a pair of headphones so you can listen to the recordings directly from the device or plug it into your PC or MAC to download your recorded files. No special software is required to listen to your files since they are recorded in an MP3 format which can be played through VLC media player, windows media player or iTunes.

No need to worry about battery life, with this recorders' quick 2 hour recharge time and portable USB cable you can quickly charge your device on any powered USB port, PC or MAC computer.

Looking for a similar device but with voice activation and longer battery life? Check out our pro model of the worlds thinnest audio recorder its voice activated with a 50 hour battery life.


  • Dictation Device
  • Recording Lectures
  • Recording Conversations
  • On-the-Go Covert Recording
  • Recording Business Meetings
  • Law Enforcement Evidence Gathering
  • Recording Verbal Abuse at Home or Work


  • 10 Hour battery life
  • Storage time: 90 hours
  • Tiny: .7in x 1.8in x .24in
  • One touch voice recording
  • Fast recharge time: 2 hours
  • High quality voice recordings
  • Slim lightweight design, easy to hide
  • Audio pick up range: 40ft in optimal conditions
  • Listen to your files by headphones or computer
  • Plug and play download for MAC or PC, no software required
  • Clear recording sound with embedded amplified microphone

What's Included?

  • Worlds Smallest Mini Voice Recorder
  • USB Cable
  • Headphones
  • 90 Day Manufacturers Warranty


  • Output: 2mW
  • Weight: 6.5g
  • Memory: 8GB flash
  • Power: DC3.7V 70mA
  • Recording Type: .WAV
  • Recording Time: 90 Hours
  • Product Dimensions: .7in x 1.8in x .24in
  • Battery Life: Recording 10 Hours - Playback: 5 Hours


Q: Why is there music loaded on my device, is it used?
The manufacture pre-loads music onto the unit to ensure that the memory functions properly.

Q: What are the dimensions of this device?
A: .7in x 1.8in x .24in.

Q: Which media player do you recommend for playback?
A: We highly recommend that you download VLC Media Player it's a free download and works with Windows and Mac computers.

Q: Can this item do voice activation recording?
A: No.

Q: Can I listen to my recordings directly from the device?
A: Yes. It comes with its own set of headphones.

Q: Do I need an SD card?
A: No this unit has an 8GB built in flash drive that stores 90 hours of audio recordings.

Q: Whats the battery life?
A: 10 Hours

Q: How long does it take to recharge?
A: 2 Hours

Q: Can I download my recorded files to my computer?
A: Yes. You can download any of your recorded files onto a PC or Mac using the USB cable provided with the unit.

Q: I need to delete my files on a PC? How do I do that?
A: Simply plug your item into the PC. Access your recorders stored audio files. Once you see your recording simply choose the ones you want to delete with your mouse and press delete on your keyboard. If you want to delete everything on your device left click with your mouse on the first recording in the group and hold down the shift key then click on the last recording while holding down the shift key, all of your recordings will be selected then just press the delete key on your keyboard and you're done.

Q: How do I delete a recording I do not want on a MAC computer?
A: To delete a recording on a MAC computer you will need to find the file you would like to delete then right click on it. Select trash. While the device is still plugged into your MAC you will need to go to the trash folder on your computer and delete the files from the trash folder also. If this step is not done the recordings will not be deleted from the device. You will also not be able to see the recordings unless it is plugged into a Windows computer then the files will be view able and you can delete them from the device.

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