Weatherproof WIFI Mini Surveillance Camera

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      Product Details

      What's Included?

    • User Manual, 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
    • Weatherproof WIFI Mini Surveillance Camera
    • USB Cable, Power Adapter, SD Card Reader
    • Product Specifications

    • Weight: 5.5oz
    • Time and Date Stamp
    • Charge Time: 13 hours
    • Video Resolution: 1080P
    • Frame Rate: 20fps~1080P
    • Lens FOV: 110, Audio: Yes
    • Mac or Windows Compatible
    • Application Name: TinyCam Pro
    • Video Storage 256GB: 500 hours
    • Motion Detection Distance: 20 feet
    • Product Dimensions: 3.0 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches
    • 4G Battery Life With Night Vision On: 4 Hours 
    • 4G Battery Life With Night Vision Off: 5 Hours
    • WIFI Battery Life With Night Vision On: 6 Hours
    • WIFI Battery Life With Night Vision Off: 11 Hours
    • PC Interface: USB, Video Format: .MP4, Memory: Up to 256GB Micro SD Card
    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: Does this device record without WIFI?
      A: Yes, it will record in default settings once powered on to WIFI or 4G.

      Q: If I am on vacation and someone accidentally unplugs my camera, can I set it up remotely to view it again?
      A: Unfortunately, you could not set it up remotely. You would need someone local to set it back up.

      Q: Will I be able to see in complete darkness?
      A: Up to 15 feet.

      Q: I'm having trouble seeing the camera over the internet. What could be causing this?
      A: Several possible reasons for this could be that your phone is not connected to the device's WIFI signal, the password to your WIFI router was input incorrectly on the app when you were trying to connect it, or possibly you did everything correctly, but your internet at the house/office went out.

      Q: Sometimes, the video stream is smooth. Other times, it's choppy and has a lot of lag time. How can I fix that?
      A: We recommend lowering the stream quality to 640P to achieve a less choppy video signal. This won't change the recording quality, but it can be a quick fix if you are affected by slow data transmission.

      Q: I'm on vacation at a hotel and trying to connect it to their WIFI, but I can't open the live stream on my phone. Why not?
      A: Most likely, it's due to the hotel only granting access to the guest's WIFI account rather than their administrator account. Potentially, it could work, but this would be the most common reason it would not. Refer to the answer to the question below regarding special characters.

      Q: I'm having trouble connecting this device to my WIFI. What could be happening?
      A: Double-check your WIFI password. If everything is spelled correctly, check for any special characters in the password (i.e., $, &, *, #, etc. ). If there are, you'll need to change the password to one with only letters and numbers.

      Q: Can the video be date and time-stamped?
      A: Please refer to the quick start guide - Click Here

      Q: What's the largest SD card that can be used?
      A: 256GB.

      Q: What media program is suggested for reviewing the files?
      A: A great and free media player that works with both Windows and Mac computers is VLC.

      Q: Can videos be saved on a PC or Mac?
      A: Yes.

      Q: Does this item record audio?
      A: Yes.

      Q: Does this product work with 5Ghz Signals?
      A: No. Only 2.4Ghz.

      Q: What is the default password?
      A: 123456

      User Guides

    • Quick start guide: Click Here
    • How to format device memory: Click Here
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