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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products
Front surveillance cam with rotatable rear view security cam.Built in G sensor securely stores videos when an accident occurs.
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View the front and back of your car live.Download your files to a computer or your smartphone.
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7 reviews 1080P Dual Camera Dash Cam with GPS and WIFI Reviews
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The perfect solution to protect you and your most valuable assets.Built in 2 inch monitor allow for easy set up and review of your files while in your car or truck.
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1 review 4K High-Resolution Dash Camera with GPS and 140° Field of View Reviews
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Records High-def 2K video 2560x1440P resolution.Wedge like body style makes this camera easy to mount and discreet.
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3 reviews 2K High-Resolution Low Profile Dash Camera with 160° Field of View Reviews
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This compact vehicle video cam is simple to operate.Great night vision to capture whats going on around you.
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Low-Profile 1080P Dash Camera With GPS Reviews
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1080P Dashboard Cam. Great for fleet vehicles.Supports up to a 64GB Micro SD Card.
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1080P Dashboard Camera with 145° Field of View Reviews
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Here you will find each of our car dashcams for sale. Each dash cam we carry offers date and time-stamped high definition, wide-angle video, and audio recording saved to SD cards which can then be removed and plugged into a computer for review. They come with their own mounts to be affixed to the windshield of your vehicle and are powered by your cigarette lighter adapter. Attach these car dashboard cameras to record video of your road trip through the countryside, along the beach, or even just on your daily commute. While you will capture some excellent nature footage along your drive, these items are really meant to keep everyone honest in the event of an accident, to watch over a vehicle while the driver is away, or to help manage and protect fleet vehicles. No matter the reason, dashboard cameras are a great way to have fun while also protecting your interests when out on the road. Nighttime recording is always a major concern for our customers. We have the best dash cam for low light, thanks to the HD video recording capabilities. G-sensor loop recording is another feature that most car DVR dashcams come with. This allows the camera to record continuously but then locks in and stores the segment when the G-sensor detects a sudden maneuver or accident. You can then get playback of the video files on the DVR recorder camera itself or plug the memory card into a computer to review.

SpyCentre Security Car Cameras Buyers Guide:  Whether you need to buy dashcams for an entire fleet of vehicles or are a driver for a ride-sharing service, dashcams are a favorite for anyone who wants peace of mind behind the wheel. First, determine why you’re getting a dashcam. Is it recording the road? Pointing back at the driver? Will it mostly be recording night or during the daytime? After you have the reasons for a camera in front of you, then start shopping. If you drive for a living, every camera we carry meets most drivers' bare minimum requirements. SpyCentre Security carries dash cameras powered by the cigarette lighter, includes a built-in microphone, and features a date and time stamp. Snapshots can be taken during mid-recording without disrupting the video, and the mounting tape and brackets are engineered to reduce road vibration for clear video and photo images. For the camera that has all the basic features, we recommend the 1080p Dash Cam. It records high-def video with a super wide 145° angle lens, catching most of the action on multi-lane roads. It compresses the video to H.264, storing many videos on a 64GB micro SD card. This little camera is set to continuous record until the G-sensor is triggered, which will lock the video if there is an accident.

Buy the 1080P Dashboard Camera with 145° field of view - Click Here

How Do Dash Cameras Work? These mobile surveillance cameras are designed with vehicles in mind. The camera bodies are compact and bracket mountable either on the windshield or car dash. The mounting equipment is also designed to be shock-resistant and stabilizing. Combine that with the technology in the dashcam, and you get a steady picture that doesn’t bounce or jolt like other video recorders. See the effect for yourself with our video evidence, and check out each of our dashcam product pages to view our test footage. SpyCentre Security only carries cameras that turn on when the car is turned on and record a continuous loop onto a micro SD card. You won’t miss a moment of driving until you physically stop the video or the G-sensor triggers. In the event of a collision, the Gsensor will trigger to lock in the video. Finally, our cameras have mini-screens built-in, so you can playback video right on the dashcam. Make interacting with law enforcement a breeze with video evidence they can watch right there. A few cameras include GPS location, which helps identify dangerous roads or conditions that caused damage to your car. Send an insurance rep directly to the GPS coordinates, and they can see the nasty potholes for themselves. Don’t worry about anyone tracking you with this function—our dashcam GPS functionality is solely dedicated to the device and can’t be tracked on smartphones.

Fleet Dashcams: Keep fleets secure with a truck surveillance system. Some car cams, such as the low-profile 1080P dash cam with built-in GPS, are ideal for fleets of semis to fleets of beetles. Record high-definition video with or without audio on a 128GB SD card. The vehicle speed and GPS coordinates are always recorded with this model, so you’ll know exactly how fast your driver was going and the precise location where something happened. This has exceptional night vision for overnight drivers that pick up incredible detail in the dimmest of street lights. Video evidence helps fleets receive insurance payouts faster, keep their drivers accountable, and provide them with tools to make them safer drivers. Dashcams like the low profile 1080P with built-in GPS are perfect for drivers because they include a lane departure warning system and a forward warning system. If an unfortunate event is about to occur, this camera can help alert the driver to prevent an accident. The GPS logger can also help provide added details when it stamps an incident's location and speed. However, we also offer separate fleet GPS logger systems with remote access management for clients who need that - Click Here.

Buy Our Best Dash Cameras: Dual-channel dashcams can also record what is happening behind the vehicle, thanks to a separately-mounted rear camera. These easy-to-install cameras offer both driving and backup camera coverage in the case of backing or rear-end accidents. These rear dashcams are not quite common, and we are happy to offer one with a dual 1080P high-definition video. With a 140° degree wide viewing angle coverage, there is very little you won't capture. The low-profile design ensures this one will not interfere with your visibility by hiding behind your rearview mirror. The free, handy mobile app allows you to review and download footage and access the entire menu without ever needing to touch the device. Or, you can view playback from the LCD screen on the device. As a bonus, this camera offers park assist mode to make parking just a little less stressful!

Buy the 1080P Dual Camera Dash Cam with GPS and WIFI - Click Here

Fleet owners, or drivers who contract with other companies, should consider getting a camera with a few more features, such as built-in GPS and collision warnings. Look for cameras that include LDWS (lane departure warning system) and FCWS (forward-collision warning system) to alert drivers to dangerous situations. If you do a lot of night driving, the 2K Ultra Hi-Res Wide Angle Dash Cam includes night vision for clear HD videos, either forward facing for traffic or backward facing for drivers and passengers. The 160° lens can be mounted either upside down or right side up with the rotatable video record mode. It even has an option for GPS, but contact us if you’re interested, as that doesn’t come standard.

Buy the 2K Hi-Resolution Low Profile Dash Camera with 160° field of view - Click Here

Have any other questions about car security cameras and dashcams? Contact us today, and one of our associates will be happy to answer any questions you have about the dashcams for sale. We can even make recommendations based on your needs. We’re well trained in considering all aspects of surveillance and security equipment and can help you choose the right device for your needs. We offer free 2-day shipping on all domestic orders. When you shop with us, you are working with experts. Buy in confidence, or call us today to ask your questions!