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Anyone managing a fleet knows that monitoring all aspects of your business is a mountainous task, rife with concerns about time-keeping, use after hours of operation, and hazardous driving habits. Handing over the car to newly-driving teenagers or suspicions of infidelity are also causes of concern. What if you could see where they go? Is there an app for that?

SpyCentre Security's answer to these situations is in this tiny box, hooked up to a car or truck with only three wires or a TTL serial connection. A monthly subscription connects the device with online servers. Log in with a desktop computer or utilize the more clear-cut interface of the MotoMon GPS Tracking app to see a real-time feed of where the beacon is at that moment, or check the historical data up to 24 months past! 


The GV50MA is a valuable tool for observing and providing an accounting for these problematic issues. The cellular SIM card inside sends all available data to servers that store and compile the information for your benefit, allowing you to log in from anywhere to see the historical path taken to any spot visited by the tracker or check up on the current location. 

A calendar allows easy navigation to any time you wish to review within the web interface or smartphone application. In addition, the MotoMon GPS Tracking application has the unique ability to connect with your phone's map system to provide a route from your location to the tracker's position. 

Logged into the web browser, the operator can monitor every site visited, show every path taken to that point, and view a live stream of where the vehicle is at that moment. Create over 100 various types of reports, including the trip purpose, mileage driven, time is taken, and more, and export them to spreadsheets for data-tracking and historical input. Set all your available parameters in the web service and perform spot checks throughout the day using the applications for iOS or Android devices.

Connect this thin, slim GPS tracker to the ignition or another power source to turn it on once the vehicle kicks on. Once installed along the wires, tuck it up into the dashboard for a covert deployment while ensuring the antenna points up through the windshield. An internal backup battery would report the device's last known location should it be disconnected from the electrical source.


    Making financial decisions for your company should be accompanied by hard facts. Locating a teenager or an elderly driver in a time of crisis requires accuracy. Suspicions of infidelity need evidence. Not all of the options will be useful to your use case or your particular device. To make the best decisions for your company or your family, you can generate over 100 different types of reports using the system, with purposes ranging from:

    • Mileage tracking for maintenance of the engine
    • Speed violations above maximum limits you set
    • Sketch a GeoFence on a map to get notified of travel into or out of this area
    • Find reasons why unknown locations are visited frequently
    • Check for unauthorized use after hours of operation
    • Investigate hazardous driving habits or other shocks to the system, such as an accident


    Installing a GPS tracker into a vehicle provides the operator with extra data to manage a fleet, as evidence for that talking-to with young drivers or the hard truth of infidelities. Whatever the reason, the benefits of a professional hard-wired device are hard to deny.

    • Are you the fleet operator? There is no upper limit to the number of beacons you may attach to an account. 
    • Are you keeping tabs on new drivers? The slim body allows for covert installation up inside the dashboard.
    • Take the car for a quick "oil change" to get the beacon installation if you're concerned about the whereabouts of your spouse.  
    • Do you need to keep an eye on a CAT left at a job site or storage facility? Never worry about recharging the battery with a hard-wire installation!


    • Saves up to 24 months of historical data
    • Free ComputeriOS, or Android applications
    • 3-axis accelerometer and G-sensor detect shocks to the system
    • Easy navigation, click on a calendar day to see what happened
    • It kicks over to a backup battery if there is a sudden power loss
    • Reports generated from data on the start/stop times, locations frequently visited, speed-limit violations, state-line crossings, etc.
    • Track positions even with a loss of GPS signal! GSM localization pings against cell towers to provide a general location within an area, with greater accuracy depending on the number of cell towers pinged


      • User Manual, 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
      • GV50 Hard Wired GPS Tracker
      • Extended wiring cable


      • GPS activation: Built into the total price
      • Data plan: $39.99 **No contracts pay month to month**
      • Activate same day if GPS forms received before 4 pm CST
      • Daily Pro-rated amount $1.33


       GPS Activation Forms


      • Weight: 2.4 oz 
      • GPS Antenna: Internal 
      • Position Accuracy: 2.5m
      • Cellular Antenna: Internal
      • Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.2 x 0.5 inches
      • Operating Voltage: DC 8 Volt to 32 Volt
      • Operating Temperature: -30℃ + 80℃, Storage Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
      • Digital Inputs/Outputs: Configurable I/Os, one positive trigger for the ignition, one special I/O available as a negative trigger digital input or an open-drain output with 150 mA max drive current


      Q: How does the device get wired?
      A: There are only three wires required for installation, but we suggest getting a professional installation if you are not familiar with car electronics. There is also a TTL serial port connection if the car has an available port.  

      Q: Can I follow the device to the last reported location?
      A: You could follow it in real-time, or you could ping the last known location so you can get to that position. 

      Q: What happens if the GPS signal is lost?
      A: Even when the GPS signal is lost, GSM localization will kick in and ping to the nearest cellular towers to update the location, increasing detection accuracy with the number of towers pinged. 

      Q: Can I look at the history?
      A: Yes, with calendar navigation, you may click on any day that shows a record to see all the traveling and locations visited that day from the past 24 months. 



      • 1-800-292-7748, Monday-Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm CST
      • GPS account login: Click here

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