SCOSCHE MagicMount Surface2 | Securely Mount Your Smartphone & Tablet
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This pair of magnetic mounts from MagicMount can be a great little addition to your purchase. Sure, the Surface2 comes with two metal plates and two rubberized magnetic pieces that are fully capable of being used with a smartphone or tablet and not bother the electronics inside, but we've come up with an even cooler idea: use it with a small hidden camera!


This package comes with two metal plates, one large and one small, generally used as the barrier between the back of a smartphone and one of the magnets that it comes with. For phones with QI wireless charging, it is recommended to use the small plate towards the bottom of the phone to avoid blocking the QI receiver in the phone or possibly getting heated up by the power exchange. These metal plates come with a powerful adhesive that can stick to most flat and clean surfaces, but you are also provided with a clear sticky film that can be placed between the metal plate and the device ( smartphone, camera, GPS, etc ) to allow for easy removal of the plate in the future. 

A customer in one of our retail locations gave us the fantastic idea of bringing these products into our store after he showed us how he used it with our Zetta Max Hidden Security Camera - Swivel to make his own ten-hour battery body camera! While we were blown away, we were already thinking of all the other items this could be used on, such as our World's Thinnest Micro Voice Recorder - Voice Activated for secure placement in tight places, or on our Zetta Max IR Hidden Recorder Spy Cam to stick it up underneath a shelf or table to watch over the room from a scantily observed location. 


This mounting system can be an easy solution for finding a spot to place your phone so it won't go sliding in the car, or to hide an audio recorder or a small camera, as you could place your devices in new and possibly better locations for easier access or for added secrecy. The bottoms and sides of shelving units and other precarious locations can now become secure spots to stick recording devices out of the way, while keeping the microphones open and free to capture anything being said in the area. 


  • Allows you to securely place your phone, tablet or small hidden camera in nearly any location with a metallic surface
  • Place the second metal plate on flat non-metallic surfaces like your wall or mirror for eye-level deployment
  • Use the second plate to securely place a phone or camera on your car dash board
  • Slap a small hidden recorder up underneath a shelf
  • Keep nails and screws off the garage floor
  • Keep your smartphone or tablet on the refrigerator for your music or video chat


  • Metal plates protect electronics from magnets
  • Sticky film helps in removal of the plate when needed
  • For use with smartphones, tablets, hidden cameras
  • One package can mount two phones or one heavy tablet
  • Can keep magnetic strength through most phone cases
  • 100% device safe, High-powered neodymium magnets


  • Small Plate Dimensions: 1 7/8th in x 1 1/8th in
  • Large Plate Dimensions: 1 7/8th in x 2 1/8th in
  • Magnet Dimension: 2 in x 1 6/8th in x 1/8th in
  • Magnet Dimension: 4 mini magnets in each rubberized casing
  • Double-Sided Bendable Magnet

What's Included?

  • Magnet x2
  • Small Metal Plate
  • Large Metal Plate
  • Sticky film x2
  • Cleaning wipe
  • Manual
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty


    Q: What type of magnets are these?
    A: Neodymium.

    Q: Can I use this with my QI powered smartphone?
    A: Yes, but be sure to attach the metal plate towards the bottom of the phone to avoid getting in the way of the QI charging sensor. If it's between the phone and the charger, it may get heated up and damage your electronics.

    Q: What is the best placement for this to sit on my device?
    A: Unless being used with a QI wireless charging device, it's best to stick it right in the middle for better balance. 

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