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Best Dash Cameras For Truck Drivers

Posted by Brian Frazier on

If you have been driving for any length of time, you are keenly aware that most drivers are not as conscientious as they should be. 

Truck drivers spend more time on the road than anyone else. While this amount of driving empowers them with better skills than the average driver, it also puts them at a greater risk for another erratic driver to cause an accident around them. 

For some reason, semi trucks seem singled out for careless drivers. Smaller vehicles commonly brake check semi’s, cut them off, and pull out in front of them.

As the larger vehicle on the road, Semi trucks tend to fare better in a collision. Unfortunately, these commercial-consumer vehicle collisions are commonly fatal to one driver, putting the commercial driver under more scrutiny.

Often, the guilty party in an accident will try to pin it on the semi-truck driver. They may be attempting to get a large settlement from the trucking company.

Dash cameras are gaining a significant following among commercial drivers. They provide a reliable record of an event and can be used in both court cases and insurance claims to protect a driver.

 These dash cameras are proving to be such a reliable record of events leading up to a crash, that many truck drivers are buying their own video recorders to install -- even if their trucking company does not provide them.

This footage can make the difference between being found at fault with a "preventable" or a "non-preventable" accident. This footage is often what you need to avoid points on the license and protect your status as a top-tier truck driver.

We've all laughed at the idiotic drivers captured on other people's dash cameras. Now it's time to follow suit and get yourself protected with the best dash cameras on the market. 

Best DashCams For Truckers



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This is another one of our low-profile designs. We're a fan of the low-profile body style as it takes up the least amount of space and we love to offer this option whenever possible. 

Now, the camera below is all about the image. It brings that crisp 2k camera that helps pick out tiny details even when driving through bumper to bumper 4-lane traffic.

This camera is slightly more versatile than any other camera on our list. It offers a 1080p camera, so you are still getting plenty of high-definition imagery.  It wasn't long ago that 720p and 960p were some of the best options, and the 1080p takes away that eyestrain and delivers YouTube-worth capture.

One of the nice upgrades for this camera is that it attaches with a suction cup in addition to the 3m tape. If you move from truck to truck frequently, this is the right camera as you can stick it onto the dash of your assigned vehicle.

It also offers GPS tracking and can stamp the GPS location to the video footage. That provides the additional proof of the accident and protects you even in situations where law enforcement takes your video card at the scene of the accident. This GPS stamp helps verify the location of the footage for additional protection. 

As with the 2k model below, there are a lot of added features such as lane departure warning and collision warning. If you are driving for a company with older trucks, these offer an immediate upgrade to your equipment.

We sell a lot of great cameras. There may be a few of you who want the higher image quality of the 2k or the affordability of the other camera we discuss, but this is our most-versatile model with the most balanced lineup of features.




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Short of our flagship Dash cam that also offers a rear camera, this one is the best option for high-quality video recording.

The low-profile design adds a layer of discretion and helps make sure that the camera is not blocking critical visibility.

One of the big selling points of this model is the 2k recording. This offers more clarity than our already high-definition 1080p recorder and up to 4 times more definition than most of the competitor's models.

With auto white balance, this camera is designed to capture perfect daytime and nighttime images. It runs on a loop, so you never have to start and stop it. 

The 160-degree wide angle of view is relatively common on our systems. We find that this gives you the optimum perspective for recording other cars without always capturing in-cab movement.

The microphone can be quickly muted if you don't want to record what you are saying.

 Overall, this is a set-it-and-forget-it system. However, when you need a faster frame rate, to capture the plate numbers of the cars around you, or if you want to be alerted if you cross the white line, this camera has those features, too.

 It's a lot of recording power inside a very affordable package.




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This durable workhorse is serving as the entry-level dash camera for a lot of our customers. It is a higher-grade recording device than most of our competitors, but at a rock-bottom price.

This camera is anything but entry-level.

The 1080p lens is a huge selling point. It captures an extremely detailed image, and at a 145-degree angle, providing full coverage of both lanes.

Like the 2k camera above, it comes with the 3m tape mount to reduce vibrations. The motion-activated recording means that you don't have to remember to start the camera. Just turn the key and let it do its’ thing.

In the event of an accident, the G-sensor signals the camera to lock that recording from being overwritten, ensuring that you don't lose vital footage in the chaos that follows.

At the price of a couple of Flying J's meals, this camera is cheap insurance.

We're proud to be one of the few digital shops that are backed by a US team. If you have any questions, just give us a call at 1-800-292-7748 Mon-Sat 10am to 6pm CST for immediate customer service. One of our skilled techs will either have the answer or be able to find the answer for you. 

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