Best Fleet Dashcam Review

As a business owner with a fleet, protecting your business is paramount. When people see a business logo on the side of a car, they immediately assume that it has excellent insurance coverage and often push harder to place the blame on a commercial vehicle than they would in a standard car accident. Your fleet can expose your business to a myriad of costs, from accident claims to fraud. A dashboard camera helps keep your drivers alert and accountable. In some cases, it can help reduce your insurance premiums, and they are instrumental in preventing fraudulent claims.

Here are some dash cameras that are especially suited for fleet owners, such as electricians, plumbers, and businesses that do deliveries. These cameras are also affordable enough for an owner-operator such as a rideshare or taxi driver to install and protect themselves from libel and claims of criminal activity. There are many dashcam models on the market, but we have only found a durable handful to be featured on our site. Remember that every product sold by SpyCentre Security has the advantage of being supported by a US-based customer service team. As a result, we only work with those products that operate to a high standard and minimize the support we have to provide!


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This is our flagship model with front and rear cameras for full coverage. The rear camera is beneficial for sorting out those sticky situations where your vehicle may have been rear-ended or where thieves are attempting to steal items from the back of your cargo van (a 19-foot cable connects the front and the rear cameras). The rearview also can provide more information when dealing with a scenario where a vehicle may have approached quickly from the rear and caused an accident ahead. This provides the context that is often needed to exonerate your driver. The G sensor immediately captures the footage surrounding an accident, providing you with solid evidence without requiring anyone to save the data manually. The dual channel model is loaded with features from GPS and MPH stamping to hands-free control of the camera with your smartphone (which makes checking the footage straightforward at the end of the day). One of the easiest cameras to use comes with auto-on features that ensure you get the best coverage with the least amount of hassle.


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This is another popular model amongst our commercial users. It only offers front-facing coverage, so it is more popular among large box truck operators, propane truck companies, and delivery companies with small semi-trucks. The 2k video quality provides a higher resolution, giving a crystal clear image of the events leading up to a crash. This camera gives you up to 4x the quality of the picture compared to most dashboard cameras. It also has a wider lens with a 160-degree angle. This provides excellent coverage of the driving space and helps eliminate blind spots to tell the full story. Even better, the built-in lane departure warning system and forward-collision warning system can help alert your driver before an accident occurs, preventing accidents entirely!


The irrefutable video evidence can protect you and your drives from outlandish claims. Furthermore, they can save you on legal fees as you try to prove your innocence in a “he said, she said” scenario. With video evidence, your legal or insurance team can quickly establish your business’s innocence and get the false claim dismissed.


Most businesses have standardized processes for their employees to follow to help prevent known causes of accidents. When employees know that their driving is being recorded, it makes them more likely to keep their cell phones put away, avoid speeding, and drive cautiously at all times.


When paired with our GPS fleet management system, you can better track your employee’s days, the time at each stop, and what routes they choose. Our GPS tracking systems give you real-time performance that can be cross-referenced with video footage for better problem solving and accuracy. Identify where your vehicles are being used for excessive personal errands or where certain roads become too slow at certain times of the day. Our real-time GPS trackers are an excellent addition to complete fleet surveillance. 


Thieves are on the lookout for cameras that could entrap them. A visible camera discourages theft and encourages criminals to choose a softer target. These dash cameras are noticeable and help discourage theft and vandalism, saving you hours of insurance claims and hundreds in deductibles.