The Best Wearable Spy Cameras

Wearable spy cameras have multiple uses, and our customers purchase them for a variety of reasons. Our wearable hidden cameras are designed to be attached to your clothing or as everyday accessories that you can wear that look entirely natural.

When you need to record an event, it is important to get high-quality footage in a court of law or for your own purposes. The challenge is that many wearable cameras sold online are too heavy. Or, if lightweight and small enough, they offer a poor image quality or horrible computer interface. We've been in this industry for decades and have seen it all.

Especially with the rise of cheaply made and easily imported products from China, there has been an increase in vendors selling look-alike products. Since we are an actual brick-and-mortar store specializing in face-to-face customer service, we have researched and tested our products thoroughly to make sure they offer the quality that we can stand behind.

Here are the best wearable spy cameras in the market. If you have any questions about these, don't hesitate to contact our Texas-based experts.


1080P Video Spy Camera Glasses

We know why Clark Kent always wore glasses; they were spy glasses! These sleek, modern glasses are designed to be your go-to video recorder for on-demand HD video.

Whether you are an engineer who needs to get the layout of a project during a walkthrough, or a private investigator who is doing reconnaissance, these glasses are easy to use and capture high-definition video. The mini camera hidden in the brow piece makes aiming this system as easy as turning your head to look at something.

This one also has an onboard microphone which is perfect for recording sound and conversations. If you work in a fast-paced environment that needs you to record everything, these cameras will do the trick.

With up to an hour and a half captured on one charge and interface with either a Mac or PC, you are looking at one of the most efficient body-worn spy cameras that we sell.

For those of you who missed out on Google Glasses, this might be the best alternative on the market for discrete recording.


Spy Pen Camera

Ever wanted to feel like you were in a scene from Mission Impossible? This ink pen video camera with audio will put you there. Designed to function as a ballpoint pen, this is one of those spy devices that you will want to slip into your shirt pocket for easy access.

With this little recorder, one touch is all it takes to start the recording. When the recorder turns on, a led light blinks briefly and then goes dark to maintain maximum stealth.

From there, the spy camera in pen captures full HD 720P video at 30 frames per second. A tiny microphone hidden in the clip records audio. To access your video, you unscrew the pen, and a USB connector lets you download it to either Mac or PC.

The slim lithium battery provides 1 hour of run time, making this the perfect camera for recording meetings and lectures. Or, wear it to conventions and let it help you remember the names of everyone you meet. It is also handy for capturing sexual harassment or other awkward encounters.


Key Fob Hidden Video RecorderWe talked about this key fob in our Best Spy Cameras For Cars blog post. While this key fob blends well with a vehicle, it is also works equally well at home and as a camera on the go. No one thinks twice about a key fob laying around, and if you call them a day later and say that you lost yours, they are likely to retrieve it and bring it to you.

Excellent for when you need deep cover

This Key Fob recorder records video and was one of the originals on this list to deliver 1920 x 1080 (1080P) video footage. It also can support a massive memory card, up to 256GB of storage, allowing nearly 24 hours of video and audio capture. The other neat feature is motion detection.

The motion activation mode will cause the camera to record for 3 minutes following the motion trigger. If the motion is still present, the key fob will keep recording. This can dramatically speed up post-processing as you only have to look at the footage where something was happening.

There is also a limited night vision feature on this little camera. It can see in the dark about 2 to 3 feet away in total darkness. It's a nice little upgrade and something you wouldn't expect on a small device.

This is one of our most effective covert cameras, and it rides along with your key chain, making it easy always to have a camcorder available at a moment's notice.


1080P WIFI Button Camera

This is a true body camera that brings back the button-down style. At less than 2.24 inches tall, this tiny camera can take one of our largest memory cards, accepting up to 128GB of storage.

The camera lens is hidden in the center of a black button. If you have a button-down shirt or polo with black buttons, this camera can blend right in. Unlike spy glasses, this chest-mounted camera tends to provide a more stable picture.

Granted, you have to turn your entire body to capture an image. However, since the torso is more stable than the head, it is easier to get usable footage with less practice. You get 1-hour of high definition 1080P video recording as well as audio recording.

It's perfect for those covert shopping assignments or a YouTube channel. It is also a handy way to interview people in an unobtrusive way that lets them forget about the camera and focus on you. The micro SD card is sold separately, so don't forget to pick that up as well.


We've already talked about some of the advantages of hiding a camera inside a key fob. These things are so ubiquitous that you can carry them with you everywhere and leave them lying around.

Plus, they give you a convenient excuse to come back into the room and retrieve your recorder. This one takes it to the next step by including WIFI capabilities. When you hold down the lock button, it activates the hidden spy camera and vibrates to let you know that it is running. Then, pressing the trunk key activates its own private WIFI network.

You can then connect to the camera with your WIFI-equipped cell phone and view the camera from up to 50 feet away on the free smartphone app. This makes it easy to see what is going on in real-time.

It also allows you to pull the videos off without accessing the SD card easily. Connect your phone and view the videos. If you are moving the footage to your Mac Or PC, you'll want to purchase and install a memory card.

These files are in .MOV format, which makes them easily accessible from any device. With an hour of battery life and rechargeable battery, this is the perfect key fob for those undercover assignments when you need a camera handy at all times. 


1080P Security Camera Watch

This watch is ready to turn you into a true action hero. The built-in mini spy camera is ready to record anything at a moment's notice. This watch is handy to carry on you to the most restrictive of situations. So long as watches are allowed, you can wear this stylish device.

Just refined enough to blend into the most elite of establishments, this watch isn't so eye-catching that it will attract undue attention. When you are ready to record, a subtle press of the button brings the 1920x1080 HD camera to life.

The camera is hidden in the "12" and faces out, which makes aiming this watch relatively easy. You also have an onboard microphone with a cover to help keep it free of moisture and out of eyesight unless you need an audio recording.

With an hour and forty minutes of battery life, you are set to capture the most important moments of a meeting. When you are ready to recharge, you can connect it to any powered USB port, thanks to the mini-USB connection. The 32GB internal memory will capture up to 3 hours of footage to make sure nothing is lost.

All of the footage is recorded in AVI format, making it compatible with both Apple and Microsoft. If you need it, you can have the footage date-and time-stamped for added validity. Finally, it has the ability to capture high-resolution photos at 4032x3024. With no indicator lights present when recording, it makes this hidden spy watch a must-have for almost any situation.