Hidden Car Cameras and Spy Cameras For Your Car

Need a Hidden Camera for Your Car?

From driving Uber to having an extra set of eyes to watch your car while you are at work, we have a car spy camera option designed to fit your needs.

Sometimes you want to record what is going on inside the car. Some of the most pivotal conversations you will ever have will happen in the car, and you might want to keep track of what was said.

A hidden audio recorder can make it easy to capture conversations in your car. What requires a little more creativity is figuring out how to set up a hidden spy camera inside your car. You will need a system that can capture a clear, stable image while the car is bouncing down the road.

If you have shopped for car cameras, you know that most other sites offer a repurposed WIFI hidden camera or a body-worn cam. We sell some of those as well, but they aren't our top pick for customers who need a high-quality image.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are based in the United States with a storefront near Dallas. This gives us hands-on experience with each of our products, and we back up every sale with friendly customer service.


Zetta Max IR Surveillance Camera 160° Field of View

Smaller than a pack of playing cards, this mini spy camera disguises easily in a wide array of little boxes and is our top suggestion for hiding a video recorder in your car. Set it above the rear seat, or leave it on the dash to get an excellent view of the entire inside of your car. While we have many Zetta Max cameras with 1080P HD capabilities, this one offers the widest array of features that most people are looking for in a car camera.

The IR feature is a handy night vision feature that helps to help catch thieves in the dark; it also helps provide a better picture of the car's occupants when you are doing those late-night Uber runs. The PIR capabilities also help to prevent false positives on the motion detection feature. Leave it on standby and only record when motion is detected. The passive infrared capability reads a human's heat signature to make sure you are only recording when you need to be.

This passive standby mode has enough battery life for up to 180 days of motion detection. If you are trying to catch that person who keeps keying your car, this one will wait patiently for days until it detects a heat signature or vibration. If you are running it in video recording mode, it gives you up to 12 hours of recording time -- more than enough battery life to protect your vehicle during an entire shift.

With a 5 volt DC charger for your car and the auto-start setting, you can automatically turn off when you turn the car off and start recording when you start the car. A removable memory card makes it easy to download the video that you've recorded. With a 256GB SD Card, you can get up to 200 hours of recordings.

This is also one of the few options that record audio. Many of the other hidden cameras are only designed to capture video, in compliance with US laws. This forces you to purchase both a camera and a hidden audio recorder. With the Zetta Max IR, you can record audio and video or turn that feature off to protect your privacy and save space. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more rugged and adaptable surveillance camera for your car.

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Zetta Max Swivel Security Camera Rotatable 180° Lens

For the past 10 years, we've had many customers coming to us looking specifically for an anti-vandalism device. If you are trying to stop break-ins or keying vandalism, this camera will get those angles that you need.

The swivel is one of our best-selling cameras. The body can sit just about anywhere, and then the swivel ensures that you can direct the camera right at the action. With a 160-degree viewing angle, you'll have no problem getting all of the coverage you need to protect your car. Just like the IR model, this one offers nighttime recording.

You can set it to record only when the scene changes or allow it to record continuously. Plugging it into your car's charger gives you endless power. You can get an impressive 200 hours of recorded footage when using a 256GB Class 10 SD card. Playback is simple, remove the SD card or plug the device directly into your computer.

Many of our competitors want to sell their customers something like the Key Fob or sunglasses cameras like we have below. Those body-worn devices don't deliver near the image quality, the ease of setup, or the battery life of the Zetta Max line. For hassle-free protection, one of these Zetta Max cameras will offer a proven track record. We've been selling them for years, and they have our vote as the best spy camera for cars.

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The LAWMATE 4K Ultra WIFI Key Fob Spy Camera stands out as the ultimate choice for hidden car cameras and spy cameras for your vehicle due to its exceptional features tailored for covert surveillance. Its compact keychain design ensures discreet placement within your car, allowing you to monitor activities without raising suspicion. Whether you're concerned about vehicle security or monitoring driving behavior, this spy camera offers unparalleled versatility.

Equipped with 4K ultra-high-definition resolution, the key fob camera captures sharp and clear footage, ensuring every detail is captured with precision. Whether it's facial features or other critical information, you can rely on this camera to provide evidence with impeccable clarity. Its wide-angle 66-degree lens also ensures comprehensive coverage of your vehicle's interior, minimizing blind spots and capturing a broader perspective of the surroundings.

The integrated WIFI functionality further elevates the camera's capabilities, enabling seamless remote access to live streams or recorded footage from your car up to fifty feet away. This added convenience enhances your surveillance efforts, providing peace of mind and empowering you with the necessary evidence in case of any untoward incidents or security breaches involving your vehicle.

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Some of our customers are very hands-on and enjoy figuring out the best, most sneaky surveillance options. This pinhole camera fits the bill perfectly. With the HD 1080P recording capability and a 90-degree field of view, this camera can be hidden just about anywhere to capture footage.

Depending on your skill, it could be hidden in the ceiling liner of your car or mounted inside an air vent. It can also sit on your rear-view mirror or be affixed to an existing dash camera to provide excellent coverage while still blending into the surroundings.

The included USB cable can be attached to a car charger to offset the shorter, 1-hour battery life or use the extended battery pack that can last for up to 40 hours. This is more of a DIY option, but it gives you a high-quality video camera that can be added virtually anywhere and seen through your smartphone.

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ZMax 86 MicroStick Camera

Most of our customers purchase our small security cameras to record conversations and interactions at home or in their business. Our small Zmax micro stick security camera is the perfect portable recorder that will sit nicely in your vehicle without attracting much attention.

There's only one button to turn it on, and a Windows and Mac-friendly settings program allows for some customization quickly and without much fuss. A standby battery for motion activation can keep this unit watching and waiting to record activity for up to 25 days! Let the Z86's clear and crisp 1080P video and hi-fidelity audio recording help protect your vehicles!

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When it comes to spy car cameras, there are a wide array of options to choose from. Your creativity only limits you. The right placement of a security camera with a wide-angle lens can help protect your reputation or catch vandals red-handed.