Best Motion Activated Spy Cameras

For over 25 years, hidden spy cameras have been one of our areas of expertise. We've sold some of the earliest technology in the industry. These were expensive, relatively bulky units with grainy video quality. This technology has improved greatly and offers perfect devices for hiding in plain sight, and that offers excellent video quality (Check out some of our YouTube videos on the individual product pages to see how high definition these spy cameras are!)

Unfortunately, the market is also full of cheaply-made devices that have constant connectivity problems and sub-par components. Our devices undergo regular quality checks and are backed by our SpyCentre Security friendly, Texas-based customer service team. This means that we only carry the best quality products that we know we can stand behind. Here are some of the best motion-activated spy cameras on the market. Our list will help you quickly hone in on the one that is right for your need.


Zetta Max Micro Camera

This is an excellent choice when you need to find the best hiding place possible but cannot add anything new to the room. Smaller than a pack of cigarettes, this mini spy camera hides well in just about any room. Hide this camera behind the things already in your house. It works well when Velcro-ed to the underside of furniture or hidden behind plants and pictures on the shelf. Zetta Max is one of our most robust brands. The single-switch activation gives you peace of mind that it is recording on the first try. You can switch your recording modes between "Custom Settings," "Motion," or "Continuous." Then, press the power button until the green light comes on to signal that it is recording. Additional settings are available to help fine-tune the motion and vibration sensitivities. You can easily download the program to your computer and connect it to the device. All of the images are sent to an SD card for viewing later on your computer. When set to motion detection mode, you have 8 hours of recording time available, thanks to the rechargeable battery. For more time, you can plug it into a wall outlet for endless power. An excellent choice for home security while you are away at work. This device also records audio, making it a rare find in the surveillance market, especially for the size and price.

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WIFI 1080P Mini Clock Camera

Another mini camera with a powerful set of tools, the WIFI 1080P Mini Clock Camera provides you with that added connectivity that you need to remotely check in on a situation. When tied in with your home or office WIFI, a high resolution video stream is available at your fingertips. As well, you can download recordings right to your smartphone without ever touching the device again! This makes it an exceptionally well-suited hidden camera for businesses. Even better, you can enable the motion detection system to push live alerts to your smartphone and notify you when someone (or something) is in the room! A strong battery is included, but when plugged it into a wall, it can provide 24/7 surveillance and remote access. Use the battery as a backup in case the electricity goes out, or place it somewhere you couldn't get power for up to 8 hours of 720P hi-def video recording during the day, or up to 3 hours of recording in the dark with night vision turned on. Installing this hidden camera in an office or your home would not draw undue attention, as it's a functioning alarm clock! 

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WIFI Weather Station Hidden Nanny Camera

This might be one of our best-hidden camera models. Designed to look like a weather station, it blends naturally into your environment while offering another way to tell time and atmospheric conditions. Leave this nanny camera plugged into an outlet to take advantage of the endless run time while hiding in plain sight. It can even run for roughly 4-5 hours on its rechargeable battery if the power was to go out. As with some of our other models, multiple units can be connected to the same WIFI network, allowing them to work together to create a networked security system for your place. This one has the most popular features that our customers love, such as the motion-activated recording with time and date stamp along with push notifications to your cell phone when someone is in the room. What sets this hidden cam apart is the high-definition camera with a 110-degree field of view that captures stunningly sharp images. When it comes to IP cameras that can detect motion, this is one of the best video recorders on the market and a popular option among our customers.

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WIFI Lone Wolf Hidden Camera with IR

Sometimes you need a high-quality video recording, with WIFI connectivity and the ability to see at night. We have the perfect nanny cam for you! This discrete and sleek clock-styled camera can record up to 17 hours of 1080P HD footage to a 32 GB micro SD card. As with the model above, you can log in remotely and watch the live feed from your cell phone in real-time. This one also works well with other devices, and you can connect several of them to the same network, allowing you to monitor a larger area. The infrared LED nighttime camera works well to measure activity up to about 20 feet away, with a satisfyingly clear image. Our Lone Wolf model costs a little more but has some of the greatest versatility for monitoring any situation.

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WiFi 1080P Pro Black Box Nanny Camera

One of the greatest advantages of choosing a body heat-motion detector camera is that it can go to sleep and provide you with extended recording time. This extends the battery life and reduces the amount of footage that the memory card has to store. You can also leave this device plugged in for continuous power to allow for 24/7 coverage. This discreet black box camera provides an excellent down-view of an area with its 90-degree field of view. This enables you to cover a large space with full HD video of what is occurring in the room. Get the birds-eye view of your room with one of the most inconspicuous models that we sell. This video camera can also send push notifications to your cell phone anytime motion is detected. The 1080p resolution also backs up to an onboard SD card or can be viewed remotely on your smartphone.

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All of our devices will work with Mac or PC, and many of them will work with your Android or iPhone smartphone. If you have any questions, call one of our friendly staff at 1-800-292-7748 to get our advice!