The Best Spy Camera Chargers

Using a hidden surveillance camera is an excellent way to record without casting suspicion on yourself.

A small, hidden camera in your wall outlet is a perfect technique for capturing 1080P HD video because it flies under the radar. The fact that it looks and acts like a functional charger means it goes unnoticed by people. You don't even have to think about hiding it or fearing discovery because it lives right under the noses of the people it's recording! It's meant to be seen is probably one of its most significant advantages.

So, what's the point of owning this device? What are some practical applications for such a thing?

We're glad you asked.


  • NANNY CAM: When you leave your child(ren) at home, knowing you can check in at any point is always reassuring. There no longer have to be stretches of many hours without checking in.

  • WATCH YOUR HOME: Instead of hiring a house sitter, you can check in on your home yourself and have someone you trust who can visit the house in person if you see anything problematic.

  • PROBLEMS WITH SPOUSE: If you're concerned about your spouse's behavior, these cameras are an excellent way to check in without alerting your significant other to your suspicions.

  • WATCH CHILDREN: Even if you have children who are old enough to stay at home while you run errands, it's comforting to be able to check in and make sure everything is okay.

  • DOMESTIC ABUSE AT WORK OR HOME: You can install it at home or in the office with a camera such as this. It's discrete enough to help you quietly gather recordings while monitoring the situation.

  • CHILD ABUSE: Unfortunately, we sometimes have to take precautions against such cases as these. Having a surveillance camera helping you out with home security can decrease your worry.

  • DIVORCE CASES: Having incriminating instances recorded is a simple, effective way to ensure you have control of the situation, should a case like this arise.

  • CHILD CUSTODY CASES: Once again, with your camera recording, you won't have to worry that you'll miss a moment that could gain you the upper hand in a difficult situation such as a child custody case.


    You may think that recording audio/video is this camera's only feature. That is incorrect.

    Our wall charger camera is a functional charger with a USB port. It can charge your iPhone, Android, tablet, and anything else you ask!

    This camera is even more discrete because it is functional as a charger. Someone may not look twice at the camera until they need a charger. If they plugged in and found the box not working, they would likely remove it and leave you without remote view of the situation.


    WIFI USB Wall Charger Spy Camera with IR

    Our WIFI USB wall charger spy camera can see up to 10 feet in the dark with its built-in night vision for 24/7 coverage. It is a modern USB adapter with a 120° embedded camera, so you can place it virtually anywhere and expect excellent results. There are no indicator lights, which makes it perfectly subtle for the home or your business.

    This device offers a high-definition 1080P HD resolution live stream through the free app for iOS or Android smartphones or tablets.

    This unit can support a 256GB micro SD card that can store up to 200 hours of video. This footage can be easily downloaded to a Windows or Mac computer with the included micro SD card reader. All footage can be watched with standard media viewing apps.

    The setup is simple. All you have to do is download the TinyCam Pro app, plug the camera in, then log into the phone's WIFI settings. Once completed, connect to the WIFI of the device, then scan the provided QR code. At that point, you are ready to set the device up for your business's or home's WIFI network. Once connected, you can set up motion detection, enable the date and time stamping of your recorded data, and more with the free application.

    This spy camera is the perfect solution for ensuring the nanny or maid service is doing their job. Keep an eye on your kids or loved ones to be confident that everyone is okay while you're away.

    It's even perfect for monitoring your valuables. With the motion alert turned on, you can rest knowing your possessions are watched over. Just leave the camera plugged into any room in the house for complete assurance that if someone walks by, you'll know it.


      Generally, within the United States, it is legal to record video within your home without the person knowing they are being recorded. That is why nanny cams are becoming so popular. Even out and about, there aren't many restrictions placed on covert surveillance cameras.

      Most laws involving this information maintain that anywhere there is a "reasonable expectation of privacy" (hotel rooms, changing rooms, bathrooms, etc...), it is illegal to place hidden cameras. However, some states don't even have restrictions on that. If your home state doesn't restrict recording someone without their knowledge, consider the morality of it. This action is incredibly invasive to the other party and needs to be weighed heavily against the consequences before any action is taken.

      When researching laws, it is also essential to understand the distinction between audio and video recording. Typically, restrictions regarding audio surveillance are a lot stricter across the country.

      Researching all the laws within your state and country before pursuing hidden cameras is critical because the laws aren't universal. If you don't abide by these laws, any footage you gather may work more against you than for you. The only way to effectively gather evidence and protect yourself at the same time is to abide by every law, no matter how technical.


      The USB Wall Adapter Hidden Video Recorder is another functional wall charger that is actually a hidden camera. It is one of the most simple-to-use devices we have ever carried. You have to plug it into an electrical outlet, and it will automatically turn on and start recording.

      Because quality is crucial to us, it is outfitted with 1080P high-definition video and supports a 256GB Micro SD card that can store up to 100 hours of footage. This device can record continuously or only switch on when it detects motion.

      The free application live streams video at 4K high-resolution. You can watch your videos back directly through the app on your phone, or you can pop out the SD card and watch your videos on your Windows or Mac computer. No special software is required; just use your onboard media player.

      USB Power Bank Audio Recorder with 150 Day Standby

      Our USB Power Bank Audio Recorder is the first 336-hour battery-operated audio recorder. It is designed to look and function like a portable battery for your phone, making it the perfect option for those who need to record audio without drawing eyes.

      It has incredible capacity, clocking in at 336 hours of continuous recording or up to 150 days on standby voice activation mode.

      That's 3,600 hours of run time! It has built-in 16GB memory, which can store 336 hours of audio recordings. The only light present is a battery life indicator so you can quickly charge your device before an important event, but no lights are present while recording.

      Another handy feature is that this recorder comes with a detachable magnet, making it easy to mount in an out-of-the-way place.

      2K Ultra Power Bank Security Camera

      Lastly, we have the 2K Ultra Power Bank Security Camera. The sleek design makes it low profile and versatile, successfully morphing to fit whatever the need. It has a USB charging port when you're not using the hidden camera but your battery is running low on your phone or tablet

      Alternatively, it can store up to 200 hours of 1080P high-resolution video directly onto an SD card that can later be retrieved. It can be left plugged in for 24/7 surveillance or run continuously for up to 24 hours or 180 days in standby mode.

      The camera has a 90-degree field of vision and night vision capabilities that can see up to 15 feet in complete darkness!