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Cell Phone & PC Monitoring

Cell Phone & PC Spying
Collected here are our PC and cell phone data recovery flash drives. These are great for recovering information when an employee who has a company phone or computer and has come under review for misconduct or checking to make sure your teenager really is staying away from that bad boy as you told them to. For finding the information you need, these are invaluable items to keep in your bag of tricks.

Programs are pre-loaded onto these drives that allow you to recover current data and some deleted files from a Windows PC, an iPhone, or an Android. Data recoveries can include text messages, call logs, pictures, some browser history and app information, and much more. Sometimes, not all data is lost. Many pictures, documents, and text messages are still stored in the device's memories after being deleted; they are just waiting to be completely overwritten by other, newer data. How far back these devices can recover data is dependent on how much data actually goes through the target phone or computer.

For each type of device, iPhone, Android, or Windows PC, you will need to sign on and operate the device. With phones, you'll need a way to plug the phone into a Windows PC. One more great feature is that you can use these recovery flash drives on as many phones or computers as you need. You don't need to stress when a new operating version comes out for your phone; these devices are quickly updated by the manufactures when a new version of software hits the market. Best of all, you can update your device's software for free by clicking on the update button while it's plugged into a computer with internet access allowing for you to use your investment for years to come.

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