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In our new, digital world, a micro SD card is used for everything from hand-held cameras to our smartphones, and the better the memory card, the higher video resolutions it can handle. Not every device can handle any size memory card, however, so be sure to read the full product page before purchasing a product to ensure what size mini SD card it can accept.

Class 10 mini SD cards are always something to look for when HD picture resolution is a must-have, and each of our offered SD cards meet that requirement. Many manufacturers claim that their micro SD cards can record and play high definition video, however they do not have the "read/write" speeds necessary to adequately capture the amount of data generated by 1080p or even 720p high-def video. That is why we have tested each of our SD cards in each of our products to ensure that they can either handle the gigabyte capacity or that the video is recorded correctly at the highest quality.