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720P Spy Glasses

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Hi-Definition Video Spy Glasses Built For Any Situation

The 720P Video Glasses are a remarkable innovation in spy glasses technology with a brand new low profile design, stealthy hidden camera with built in embedded microphone making people none the wiser that your glasses are actually a hidden camera. At the touch of a button, the 720p high-definition recording device captures everything in the direction that the user is viewing and it saves that video onto the built-in flash memory of the unit. This item record the world in high quality 720P with a time/date stamp and can easily be download to a Mac or PC. This device will run for 80-90 minutes and can hold up to 3 hrs of video and even provides crystal clear 720P video quality at a full 30FPS.

How Do the Spy Camera Glasses Work?

This device is very easy to use. Simply press and hold the power button until you see the blue light flash then let go.  When you let go you will see a blue light flash 1 time then a green light will flash 10 times and turn off. This indicates that the camera is on and recording.

Don't remember when the footage was recorded? No problem, you will always have a record of when the footage was recorded with a date/time stamp. The fashionable specs are not only classy with a modern design, but are very powerful as well!  Fully compatible with Windows and Mac computers. Simply plug this recorder into your USB port on your PC or MAC, a file will open once it has been plugged into the computer. You can then watch your video files right off the device or save those files to your computer desktop.

Charging is simple, just plug your recorder into any computer or powered USB for 3 to 4 hours and you are ready to go!

Why Choose this Discreet Body Camera?

Are you looking for a hidden camera that you can wear with any outfit, is hands free and people won't notice? This is the perfect hidden camera for you. Once you put on these covert spy glasses you never have to fumble around trying to get the right shots. No need to worry about pesky indicator lights giving you away in the middle of a covert operation. The glasses have a cleverly hidden indicator light, and only emits a blink when the unit is being turned on or off.

Packed inside of these stylish glasses you will find a high-definition video camera, embedded microphone and recorder. These spy glasses have 16GBs of built in flash memory allowing for you to store hours of recorded video and audio. Each video is date and time stamped allowing for you to easily manage your recordings.

You can quickly charge your glasses through any computer or powered USB port and download all of your files to a PC or Mac. There is no need for any special software to review your videos, simply watch your videos in VLC media player, Windows media player or iTunes. The advanced 'Quick Charge' allows for the glasses to be recharged rapidly, providing an outstanding 80-90 minutes of battery life.


  • Secret Shopping
  • Recording Abuses at Home or Work
  • Record problems with your Spouse
  • Private Investigations
  • Child Abuse Cases
  • Child Custody Cases
  • Record Meetings
  • Interviewing New Employees
  • Record Lectures


  • Shoots crisp, clear 720P Hi-Definition video at 30FPS
  • Time/Date stamp: Video files will have a stamp in the bottom corner that shows when they happened
  • Battery Life: 80-90 minutes. Integrated lithium-ion battery that quickly charges in 3-4 hours
  • Covert indicator light: The indicator light lets you know recording has begun and then does not illuminate until recording is terminated or paused. The light is located on the inside of the frame so that others do not see it.
  • Built in 16GB memory storage: Store hours of captured video or even use it as a USB flash drive
  • Records audio & video: Records hi-quality video & audio 
  • Fashionable and attractive:The 720P video recorder is not only amazingly functional, it is also an extremely good looking set of glasses
  • Plug & play simplicity: Fully compatible with windows and mac. simply plug it into your USB port and you’re ready to roll

What's Included?

  • 720P Spy Glasses
  • 1 USB Charging/Extension Cable
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • User Manual
  • 90 Day Manufacturers Warranty


  • Video Resolution: 720P HD (1280x960)
  • Field of View - 78°
  • Battery Life: 80-90 Minutes
  • Memory: Internal 16GB
  • Video Format: .AVI
  • Video Frame Rate: 30fps
  • Charge/PC Connect: USB cable
  • Start/Stop Record: Button on Frame
  • Mac & Windows Compatible: Yes
  • Dimensions: 5.5x6.0x1.5
  • Charge Time: 3-4 hours
  • Time & Date Stamping: Yes
  • Weight: 1.3oz


Q: Does this device offer Time and Date stamp?
A: Yes.

Q: Which media player do you recommend for playback?
A: We highly recommend that you download VLC Media Player it's a free download and works with Windows and Mac computers.

Q: How do you set the time and date?
A: Using Notepad(Windows) or TextEdit(Mac) create a text file named timerset and save it as a text file, then make sure it is in the root directory(above or below DCIM) of the glasses memory.  The text file should be in the following format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS so 08/16/17 2:36pm would be 20170816143600. Save this file as a text file and make sure it is in the root directory of the device. Make a quick recording to make sure the time and date has been successfully updated.

Q: How long is the battery life?
A: Roughly run for 80-90 minutes of operation.

Q: What is the field of view of this camera?
A: This camera has a 78°

Q: Will I need a SD card?
A: No, this device has a 16GB internal memory.

Q: How do I pull the information off the unit?
A: There is a micro USB port on the bottom side of the unit that you will use for charging and downloading your videos onto a PC.

Q: How long does it take to charge?
A: 3-4 hours.

Instruction Manual

  6671 Quick Start Guide


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