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Listed here is our new OTG cable for Android smartphones and tablets that use either the Micro USB or the newer USB-C. With this cable, you can hook up any of our audio recording devices directly to your Android smart-device and listen to your recorded files while you're out and about, without needing to use any computer or any included headphones the unit may come with. This will work better than listening directly off a device that comes with headphones so you can listen directly off of it, as most units do not offer a fast forward/rewind option but only skip ahead or back to the next file.


For any recorder, you would first plug the OTG to your smart-device using the Micro USB or the USB-C connection, whichever your device uses, then plug the recorder or the recorder's cable into the USB port on the OTG while the recorder is turned off. From there, go into your phone/tablet settings to find external storage ( the audio recorder ) has been plugged in and enter that section, where you would see all your recordings. We suggest opening the files using VLC Media Player, a free application from the Google Play Store.



  • Plugs into any Android current smart-device
  • Dual USB Head with Micro USB and C adapter

What's Included?

  • Android OTG
  • Micro USB Head
  • USB-C Head


Q: Which audio devices will this operate with?
A: We have tested all of our audio recorders and they all appear to work.

Q: Will this work with an iPhone?
A: We've tested this as well, but unfortunately we could not get it to operate due to the way iPhones and iTunes are set up.

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