The Best Spy Gadgets On The Market

Spies on TV always have the most fun gadgets. They can listen in on secrets, put GPS trackers on the bad guy's vehicle, and their cell phones have a whole world of uses that we think are outside our reach.

Guess what? Walkie-talkies aren't the only spy gear you can get a hold of. You can purchase your spy gadgets and mail them directly to your home.

Whether trying to find solutions to real-life problems, increase information security, or protect your peace of mind, spy equipment comprises the tools you need to gather or protect data safely.

image of steampunk clock with embedded spy camera (Discontinued)


You may wonder, "How on earth will these devices increase my safety or the safety of my children? Is it worth it?"

Discreet spy gear goes a long way in the home. For example, if you're leaving your child with a babysitter, WIFI-enabled cameras can monitor your kids and their caretakers in real-time.

Some of our cameras are enabled with night vision, meaning you can have live footage day or night. This is also perfectly applicable if you are caring for elderly family members.

Having spy cameras installed help you remain confident that your loved ones are always cared for, and your possessions are secure, giving you the advantage.

You can't put a price on security.

safe hidden inside of book for storing valuables


1080P Video Spy Camera Glasses

Our stylish spy glasses fit every occasion and every outfit, but they're also an incredibly versatile, battery-operated camera. Because of their discreetness, you will have no problem recording audio and video without people noticing.

They're not just used as spy gear. These glasses are a great way to record parties, nature walks, or family events without always having your hands full of your smartphone.

On top of them being hands-free, you don't look like you're recording, which can put people at ease, even if they have full knowledge of what's going on.


  • The camera records video or pictures
  • Each video has the time and date stamped for easy sorting
  • A single touch begins recording with an 80-degree view and no indicator lights
  • 1.5 hours of battery life and can store up to 3.5 hours of video at 30 frames per second


    1080P Security Camera Watch

    Here we have another device that is perfect for every outfit and operation. Whether recording a fun event or gathering evidence, this battery-operated device is ideal for impromptu conversation because it lives on your wrist.

    It's easy enough to charge with any USB port. No need to purchase an expensive SD card! With 1920x1080 high-definition video resolution, this watch is one of the highest-resolution portable body-word cameras available in the world.

    The files are easy to review because there is no software necessary. You can download the files straight onto your Mac or Windows computer. It puts you in control and hassle-free!


    • No indicator lights while recording
    • Takes photos in high-resolution 4032 x 3024
    • Fashionable, works well with casual and dress attire
    • Durable metal body and leather strap with working timepiece
    • 1080P high-resolution video recorded at 30 frames per second
    • Time and date stamp can be enabled for all videos to help with organization and evidence gathering
    • 1-hour 40 minute battery life and this device can store up to 3 hours of video and audio on the built-in 32GB memory


      Pen Spy Camera

      This pen is perfect for the everyday spy because it functions as an actual pen. To the naked eye, it is precisely what it seems. It can take notes during a lecture, like every other pen on the market.

      However, it has a secret. With the push of a button, you can record videos in 1280x720 resolution, and record audio!

      You can record lectures and conversations or take pictures for later reference. Basically, if you can think of a use for a spy camera, this pen can do it. As far as video or voice recorders go, this is a smart device to always have on your person.


      • No indicator lights while recording
      • Durable metal body and really works as pen
      • Download videos to a Windows or Mac computer
      • Records video in 1280 x 720 at 30 frames per second
      • Videos can be time and date stamped for evidence gathering
      • 1-hour battery life and supports up to 128GB SD card that will store 16 hours of video and audio


        World's Smallest Micro Voice Recorder

        Welcome to the smallest professional audio recorder on the market. Your world of security just got less complicated.

        Since this voice recorder is the size of a paper clip, it beats out a lot of other spy gadgets on the market. It has no hidden cameras, but as far as voice recorders go, it's perfect for real-life situations.

        Suppose you don't have access to your computer but need to quickly review the audio, no worries! Users can plug in their headphones and listen to what was recorded directly from the device.


        • No indicator lights will recording
        • 10-hour battery rechargeable battery
        • The 8GB memory can store up to 90 hours of audio
        • This is genuinely a tiny device: 1.8 x 1.00 x .24 inches
        • Audio can be time and date stamped for easy organization
        • Embedded, amplified mic can pick up audio up to 40 feet away
        • Playback files on a Windows or Mac compute or with the included headphones


        iPhone Recovery Stick

        This is one of the most popular devices because it has a plethora of uses.

        Yes, security is a big one - being able to retrieve deleted data about yourself or others is huge! - but it's also incredible for personal use. We often delete things off our phones that we had no intention of losing.

        With this stick, it's easy enough to recover. It comes with the software preloaded onto the memory stick, so you're not worried about vetting anything from the internet.


        • Easy to use
        • Small and portable
        • Supports photo recovery from multiple file-hiding apps
        • Recovers many kinds of data, from notes to voicemails and beyond
        • Future proof! It can be updated for free by simply pushing the user interface update button


        Key Fob Hidden Camera

        Unlock discreet surveillance with our key fob hidden video recorder. This sleek device seamlessly blends into your everyday carry and is equipped with high-definition video recording capabilities to capture every moment covertly.

        With its compact design and easy operation, you can discreetly monitor any situation. Whether for personal security or investigative purposes, stay ahead with this powerful tool in your arsenal.

        Key Features:

        • 256GB Micro SD card stores 24 hours of high-definition video and audio at 30 frames per second
        • Record continuously or when motion is triggered. Long-lasting 1 hour and 45-minute battery life when fully charged
        • High-Definition Recording: Capture crisp, clear video footage in 1080P resolution, ensuring every detail is preserved
        • Easy Operation: With simple one-touch recording and intuitive controls, you can start capturing footage quickly and effortlessly
        • Discreet Design: Resembling a standard key fob, this device seamlessly integrates into your everyday carry, ensuring inconspicuous operation


        No matter your issue, SpyCentre Security is here to provide an easily accessible solution. We aim to provide you with the equipment to protect your home, assets, and peace of mind. If you are overwhelmed by the options, don't worry. We have personable customer support with hands-on access to our spy equipment, and they are well-prepared to help you make the right decision for your unique situation.

        With our decades of experience providing surveillance equipment to local private investigators, you can expect only the best from SpyCentre Security. We offer world-class devices to law enforcement and private investigators, so you can be confident that you're choosing the best tools out there.

        While we offer the best, we also strive to maintain a consumer-friendly price point to be accessible to anyone needing assistance. We offer counter-surveillance to further protect your privacy with tools like our Block-It Pocket, designed to hinder eavesdropping. Additionally, we are licensed in Texas to install security cameras, CCTV cameras, and other surveillance equipment. We're located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, so if you're local, call us today to get an estimate on your security system!

        If you're not local, do not despair. Our online store has a full array of spy gear to suit your needs. Remember, it is not a crime to arm yourself with spy equipment, but all products should be used legally and lawfully in accordance with locally applicable laws.