The 6 Best Counter Surveillance Tools For Thwarting Spies
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The Best Counter Surveillance Tools

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While all of the advancements we've seen in recent decades have lead to some amazingly convenient devices, such as smartphones and laptops, we're also at a point in history where that same technology has been miniaturized, and which can be used for all sorts of nefarious purposes. 

Most of our world's information is now distributed electronically, however breaches in security still happen. A nefarious device could be acquiring information regarding your health, business, or even financial information like credit cards and bank routing numbers. Personal conversations may also be at risk, as things said to some may not have been meant for others to hear, for reasons malicious or benign, and the leaking of this information may cause problems in the future. 

With that in mind, it's important that you take the time to ensure that your home and offices are protected. 

Below, we'll go over 6 of the absolute best hidden camera detectors and counter-surveillance devices currently on the market. 


Professional Multi-Frequency Wireless Bug Detector 

This RF detector, otherwise known as a bug detector, is an all-around excellent device for locating and pinpointing modern wireless bugging devices along a maximum range of 824 MHz - 7 GHz

It can activate within seconds and lets even new users sweep and identify different frequencies with ease. The unit feeds out visual displays with 6 bars for indicator lights to distinguish between 10 different types of signals simultaneously, cutting out the reception of any other type of frequencies so you can zero in on suspicious signal sources.

During a sweep, you can switch between 4 notification modes and 2 levels of sensitivity. You can choose to have the unit give silent notifications, to vibrate when a signal is detected, for the signal type to be displayed in the extra display read-out or to listen to the frequencies, and with enough practice you'll be able to hear the differences between frequencies, such as which sound poppy, static-y or whiny. If you're finding too many signals in an area, hit the attenuator button to increase the sensitivity and bring your detection distance down to a few feet to pinpoint the source of this transmitting signal. 

The main advantage of this device is that you can get accurate scans on many devices quickly and all at once, isolating a single frequency. 


Multi-Functional Bug Detector & Hidden Camera Finder

Appreciated by beginners and professionals alike, the Multi-functional bug detector is an all-around great solution for finding all sorts of eavesdropping equipment. You're able to switch between various modes allowing you to detect hidden cameras (camera detector), wireless transmitting devices (10 MHz ~ 10 GHz), telephone tapping (250Hz ~ 5KHz), laser listening devices, and more.

Another main feature of this bug detector is the removable lens finder. Plugging it into the device, a red light will shine off the device and reflect against hidden camera lenses, even those small enough to see out of pin-sized holes in the sneakiest of hiding places. 

This unit has special features not available in any of our other counter surveillance items. These options are the ability to be hooked into the phone line for a landline telephone, either POTs style ( plain-old-telephone ) or an IP phone in order to determine if the phone lines are tapped or to utilize the laser detection feature to find if a laser microphone is being shone at a window. These high-tech ways of surreptitious recording don't stand a chance against detection with this product!


Anti Spy Hidden Camera Finder with LCD IR Detector 

The newest model of camera lens finder is one of the best around.

The device has a bank of red LEDs that flash in the normal visual spectrum, reflecting against hidden camera lenses just like any other device with this detection mode. Look through the red plastic film and you'll see all other colors washed out making it easier to see tiny pinprick reflections of light bouncing off of any hidden camera lenses.

What makes this item different from the rest is that it has a built-in camera that puts a live feed directly to an LCD screen, and combined these can be used to find infrared night-vision LEDs not visible to the human eye. Turn the lights off in a room, and if there's a device emitting any infrared light into the area, this camera will show a bright source of light on the LCD screen to pinpoint exactly where the IR night vision light is coming from.

Beyond these features, it also has a long battery life of about 2 hours, allowing you to scan multiple times or for extended periods of time. It also comes with its own charge cable, so you'll never have to worry about batteries for this device.


Data Recovery Stick | Extract Deleted Text Messages 

Available in models designed for either Apple or Android devices, these innovative gadgets will allow you to become a digital forensic examiner. This USB drives have forensic software that allow you to retrieve data from virtually any Android or iOS device. All that you'll need is the screen unlock code, some time and a modern Windows computer.

The main feature of this recovery stick is that it can recover a wide amount of deleted data. Once you delete data, say a text message or a contact, it remains within the device memory as long as that data hasn't yet been overwritten by newer information. It can retrieve texts, call logs, contacts, calendar entries, photos, mp3 files, videos, documents, and internet history. It can even recover data from various apps as well.

This can function as a backup drive for your phone, which has several advantages, or you may use it for monitoring and keeping track of electronic communications on a child's personal or employee's company phone.  

These versions of forensic recovery software can give you peace of mind while saving you hours of frustration when trying to recover certain pieces of data. 


Rabbler White Noise Generator | Protect From Eavesdropping Devices 

After the decline of the analog phone line, as soon as everyone had a personal computer in their pocket, keeping it protected has become a top priority for virtually anyone. 

Even when standard measures are taken, micro covert audio devices can still get under the radar and grab sensitive information from you. This is precisely where The Rabbler comes in, as it can provide you with 10 hours of security at the touch of a button.

A standard white noise generator can still let an audio recorder pick up certain levels of sound, such as perhaps a cadence of a voice which may be able to identify that a person was in that room, but the Rabbler blocks this from happening. It can do that because it generates a jumble of recorded voices which will make your own voice simply part of the din of jumbled noise, so much so that even the most advanced listening devices won't be able to distinguish your voice from the rest. It really sounds like a crowded restaurant, which can be a perfect situation to have a private conversation.  

Another strong point for this device is that it's portable and small in size, allowing you to easily carry this into important meetings or any situations where you don't want conversations to be picked up by outside RF bug devices.


Block It Pocket Cell Phone Signal Blocking Bag 

Modern technology has evolved so quickly that most modern devices and even video cameras can now be compromised remotely. Incredibly, this can sometimes happen even if the device is powered off. 

Therefore, people need to take extra precautions and extra security products to protect their devices while visiting public areas. This is where the Block It Pocket shines.

Once you place your phone in the bag and have closed the clasp, your cellphone is now protected from any outside signal. This blocks calls, phone access (GSM), and location information. This bag can also protect you from the harmful radiation that cellphones emit naturally as well.

Beyond that, this bag can protect RFID passports, credit cards and transponders, protect against EMPs and other devices that can track or hack your phone. Plus, the bag is both stylish and easy to use. 

Overall, this bag can provide complete protection from nefarious and hijacking signal sources, ensuring that your data remains safe. 


The Best Counter Surveillance Devices

Whether you're trying to protect your home or office from leaking information through a transmitting audio or video device, an RF (radio frequency) detector or bug detector is one of the best pieces of technology currently on the market to locate these kinds of devices so you may protect yourself and disable them.

Not only can they seamlessly detect spy cameras and other bugs, but these types of counter surveillance equipment will give you peace of mind, knowing that your area is secure at all times.

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