Audio Surveillance Buyer's Guide


It's understandable to want to have a mic or surveillance system to protect yourself from lies, threats, and various other things that can happen in a conversation. Just make sure that the law is on your side. Surveillance systems can only help if they're legal to use. Otherwise, you're just creating evidence against yourself. This guide will go over voice recording and some devices that offer excellent audio quality. We'll also take a look at some reasons why you may wish to keep an audio recorder around. We hope that you will be able to make an informed decision as to what type of product you need to accomplish your goals by the end of this article.


Phone recorders will capture both sides of the conversation. Use the Bluetooth Cell Phone Recorder for business or personal calls by seamlessly pairing it with your Bluetooth-capable smartphone. It will act as an earpiece and capture the conversation within its internal memory. As a dual function, it can also record the general surroundings like a traditional audio recorder. It's truly an all-in-one device, allowing the playback of files right away with a built-in speaker. No cables are required, as it plugs directly into a computer with the onboard USB connection. 


Hidden voice recorders are masters of stealth, contained inside objects such as flash drives, keychains, and pens. You'll need evidence if you're to take matters to court or the HR department. You can secretly capture any audio with recording devices that look like everyday objects attached to your keyring, lying on your desk, or held in your hand as you take notes. The Multi-Functional Digital Voice Recorder Watch with Bluetooth will sit nicely on your wrist without being big and bulky like video recording watches. A digital face shows the time and date, and it also allows access to the massive amount of options for this covert audio recorder. It has the highest quality audio recording capability of any other hidden voice recorder we carry, capturing audio at up to 1536kbps (the next best on this list gets only 705kbps)! Most other recorders will require either a computer or blatantly obvious wired headphones to listen to the audio files, but if you're partial to Bluetooth earpieces, you can pair them with the recorder watch and listen to all of your recordings on the go!


The USB Power Bank Audio Recorder is a fantastic set-it-and-forget-it tool if you're looking for long-term audio surveillance. It'll address a significant issue people often have: not enough battery! When set to continuous recording, the battery can last up to 336 hours, but voice-activation mode puts the covert audio recorder into a standby that can last up to 150 days. Talk about blowing other products out of the water! The ability to record noise or conversations for that long can't be understated for the person that wants security or peace of mind. Don't have anyone writing down the minutes of your millions of meetings? Do assaults at home or the office come at random? The USB Power Bank Audio Recorder is great for that, with two weeks of continuous recording power or five months of standby time! It'll only take 5 hours to charge it up, too, so it'll be back and gathering the evidence you need in no time.



Sometimes, size does matter. The World's Smallest Micro Voice Recorder has an exceptional battery life of ten hours while only being as large as a paperclip! It weighs just a few grams, making it unnoticeable when sewn into clothes or dropped into a bag. Charge it up and use it again 8 times over: it'll store up to 90 hours! Collect everything that's said during a meeting to review for minute-writing, later, or review a lecture you couldn't stay awake through. From bringing a stop to the bullying to simple dictation of critical ideas, voice recorders have their place in everyday life. Most hidden voice recorders can be operated with one-touch, making them very easy to use and helping to relieve stress in high tension situations. Many have voice-activated recording functions, too, only triggering audio capture when a sound is heard within range of the device. You'll gain that peace of mind knowing you will never have to worry if the device is recording.