Top 8 Best Hidden Cameras That Look Like Everyday Objects

Hidden cameras are the best way to keep your valuables, children and pets safe. They give you a close-up view inside your house, and they monitor everything discretely.

A home intruder is likely to see a normal security camera. However, they aren't likely to catch the alarm clock hidden camera designed to hide in plain sight. A hidden camera records both with and without WIFI.


WIFI Security Camera with Rotatable Lens

This hidden cam has been one of our longest-running, most reliable cameras. Small enough to be deployed anywhere, it offers detailed images. This one is perfect for capturing faces and other details near doors where people are coming and going.

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Bluetooth Speaker Security Camera

This is one of our popular model's thanks to its ubiquitous versatility. Everyone these days owns a Bluetooth speaker, and no one will think twice when you pull this out of your purse to kick off the party. This one is perfect for monitoring elder care or keeping an eye on the nanny or house staff.

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WIFI Air Purifier Security Camera

The WIFI Air Purifier Camera secures its place among the top 8 by seamlessly blending into its surroundings while providing advanced surveillance capabilities.

Its discreet design, coupled with the functionality of a typical household appliance, ensures effective monitoring without raising suspicion, making it an ideal choice for covert surveillance needs.

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WIFI 1080P Mini Clock Camera

The WIFI 1080P Mini Clock Camera secures its place among the top hidden cameras that mimic everyday objects with its inconspicuous design seamlessly blending into any environment.

Offering high-definition video recording capabilities, it provides covert surveillance while maintaining the appearance of a regular clock, making it an ideal choice for discreet monitoring needs.

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I know this device isn't an everyday object in a home or business. But this WIFI DIY Nanny Camera is perfect for those who prefer to create their hidden camera for their environment.

Battery-operated or hard-wired, this tiny camera is the ideal tool for finding out who is raiding the fridge at night or keeping tabs on when the kids get home from school. Whatever the situation, this hidden camera is the go-to when a traditional camera won't work in your environment.

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2K Digital Clock Security Camera and Calendar

The 2K Digital Clock Security Camera and Calendar earns its position among the top covert cameras that resemble everyday objects due to its seamless integration of surveillance features within a common household item.

With its dual functionality as a clock and calendar, it discreetly captures 2K high-resolution footage, ensuring effective monitoring without attracting attention.

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2K Ultra Power Bank Spy Camera

The 2K Ultra Power Bank Spy Camera combines functionality with discretion, making it an ideal spy camera for various surveillance needs. Its inconspicuous design as a power bank ensures that it blends seamlessly into any environment, allowing for covert monitoring without drawing attention.

With crystal-clear 2K resolution and advanced features like motion detection and night vision, it provides comprehensive surveillance capabilities while remaining discreet. Whether for home security, personal safety, or investigative purposes, this versatile device offers peace of mind without compromising performance.

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2K Photo Frame Security Camera

The 2K Photo Frame Spy Camera earns its spot among the top 8 due to its inconspicuous design that seamlessly integrates surveillance capabilities within a familiar household item.

With its covert functionality disguised within a typical household décor, it offers discreet monitoring while maintaining the appearance of a regular photo frame, and yes, you can change the picture out, ensuring effective surveillance without drawing attention.

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When most people hear the words 'spy camera' or even 'hidden cameras,' it may immediately conjure nefarious thoughts of deception and ill-intent; however, the truth is that investing in hidden cameras can be done for noble reasons, such as home security or even a body camera for personal protection. If you have been curious about how to find the best spy camera available, here is everything you need to know!

So when it comes to buying a spy camera, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Most people need hidden cameras for the obvious reasons of covert surveillance. This can be a very positive thing, especially regarding security. However, stealth and covert surveillance are sometimes more challenging than having a tiny camera on hand. Many factors come into play, such as the ability to connect to smart devices, the kind of memory card it uses, and much more.

Here are some significant factors to consider as you search for the best spy cameras on the market.

image of hidden camera in blanket


This is numero uno on the list of factors to consider seriously. Yes, this doesn't necessarily directly relate to the camera. However, it does mitigate or enable certain options. Finding your hidden spy cameras' location, angle, and placement will help you best understand what kind to purchase.


Once you know the location of where you are going to place your hidden camera, you will be able to understand what size you need. For example, a larger security camera may work well, discretely placed in the corner of a department store. However, it may not do as well in a living room. A mini camera, especially a spy cam, can fit in almost any location discretely without being noticed. If the camera has a wide-angle lens, this also opens up a lot more opportunities for placement.

The job you are looking to accomplish, along with the placement of the camera itself, will inform you of the size you need. For home security, smaller forms with non-identifiable builds may be best.

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Another factor to take into consideration is going to be the video quality. The video quality itself is contingent on its own set of critical factors. The camera connection, such as WIFI, hard-wired, or battery. Other factors that affect the video quality of hidden cameras will include storage methods, which will typically be reflected in the cost, so you always have to keep that in mind!


Storage is an incredibly important factor to take into consideration when it comes to purchasing hidden cameras. Depending on the kind of camera recording that you will be doing, what type of storage you use will be a crucial factor. For example, if you use continuous recording, you will be looking at an enormous amount of data depending on how long you leave your cameras on.

The negative effect of this can be mitigated somewhat by access to a hefty micro SD card or using motion-activated recording; however, the amount of storage and your camera's type of storage use is vitally essential to make the best decision possible.


If you are getting into the world of hidden cameras, you may be surprised to find out that most hidden cameras do use a wireless internet connection. This allows camera footage to be accessed remotely and streamed to any authenticated device. This is particularly popular in everyday household items like nanny cameras. Once the device is placed in the room, the footage it captures can be streamed from the nanny cams to a mobile device.

This is, of course, just one example and does not mean that all hidden cameras will come with WIFI capability. Some cameras record video and store it on a hard drive without any WIFI connection necessary.


When it comes down to it, night vision is a powerful feature that can bring many benefits to home security and much more. A night vision-capable hidden spy camera, or hidden cam, is an excellent option for beefing up security at home and in the office.

Motion detection and night vision are often paired together to have both night vision and motion detection features on a camera. For cameras with limited energy storage, this can help extend battery life in a significant way, but only if the device uses PIR (Passive Infrared Technology), meaning it triggers when heat is sensed.

Very few cameras have this feature and typically come with motion recording settings that trigger when there is a change to one of the pixels in the image; battery life is not conserved when in this mode, so we always recommend plugging in your devices to power as to not worry about running out of power while recording. On top of that, motion detection can also be an excellent option for cameras with limited storage, as it will only capture content as it is provoked.

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So how long will a hidden spy camera actually last? Well, the answer here may not surprise you - it varies and it varies widely! Some cameras are not dependent on battery life as they are hardwired to energy sources like a USB charger. Another factor that can help cameras preserve energy is the ability to enter standby mode. This, in some models, can be programmed as there may only be certain times of the day or night that surveillance is needed.


Now, if you have read to this point, you've probably already recognized that motion detection has already come up several times. When it comes to video surveillance, motion detection is a powerful feature that has a lot of benefits.

Motion detection can help you avoid stock-pilling mountains of useless data, and it can help improve battery life on some devices. This feature can be used with a video surveillance camera model and a photo surveillance camera.


Okay, now we know some of the most important factors when it comes to finding the best-hidden camera - but what does that look like in the real world? After all, if you have never purchased a hidden camera, it may be a little intimidating, and the last thing you want to do is waste hard-earned money on a product that isn't right for the job!

Thankfully, you don't have to do that. Here are three of the best cameras you can begin looking at!


This is one of the best stealth cameras you can purchase for your home or office. This 1080P 90-degree camera has some powerful features like night vision and the ability to rotate the camera 330 degrees through the app, and it stamps the footage with the date and time. Moreover, it is seamlessly hidden inside a fully functional Bluetooth speaker.

Co-workers, friends, or family can wirelessly connect to the speaker via their phones without ever knowing that it also doubles as a security camera.


A camera's field of vision is essential, and when it comes to home or office security, having the capability to change that field of vision can be a great benefit. This mini WIFI security camera has a rotatable lens that allows you to swivel up to 180 degrees. With audio capture and night vision, this is the perfect camera to keep in your home or office.

Unlike the Bluetooth speaker camera, this camera presents more obvious. However, this can be a good thing. For example, if you want to keep this camera in your office, it doesn't stand out, but it can be noticeable as a camera which could help increase security. Sometimes a visible camera can help to discourage any unwanted behavior.


Another excellent option for office security is the WIFI router hidden camera. This is one of the best-hidden camera options for keeping an eye on public spaces in the office without being conspicuous. This particular camera can record 720P and stream 1080P footage directly to your smartphone, making it incredibly convenient to check.


So now that we have covered some of the critical factors you need to consider when buying a spy camera, here are some common questions that people like you have asked in the past!


This is a great question and one that makes a lot of sense! If you purchase a spy camera, you may want the purchase to be discrete. Because of this, retailers like SpyCenter Security will often bill with a discreet name. However, certain financial institutions will automatically add more information to the billed statement, so the best method is to contact your financial institution and inquire.


This is another question that a lot of first-time shoppers find themselves asking. After all, when it comes to buying the smallest spy camera, or body camera, it can feel sneaky. Are you allowed to be doing this, and is this something that you will get in trouble for? The simple answer is that using a spy camera is 100% legal - however, context matters!

It is legal to use hidden cameras to record for security reasons when protecting your private property; however, there are limitations. Any private space, such as a bathroom, changing room, or bedroom, should never be recorded. Laws can vary from state to state. However, as long as you are not using cameras in spaces understood to be private, you are typically in the clear.

Double-checking the laws of whatever state or county you live in always pays off. If you have good reason to use security cameras, whether in your home or office, then being sure that you are legally protected for your own state of mind is a good move!


So you have your full HD video hidden camera. It's equipped with night vision, a memory card, and good battery life, but now comes the real question - where to put it? Some hidden cameras can look like everyday objects, like smoke detectors, making them easy to place in almost any location. Other cameras may be more obvious, but this can be good as you want people to understand they are under surveillance.

Regardless of whether or not you are shooting for discretion, the most important question with placement is your viewing angle. Being sure that you place your hidden camera at the right angle is important. For example, if you are using your hidden camera at the office, you want to ensure that any valuables at risk are well within the field of vision.

If you use a wireless camera, you can move the device to various locations to see which one is best. If you have a wired camera connected to a USB charger, you may be more limited. Finding the right angle for the job is important and may take some trial and error.


We've talked a lot about both spy cameras and security cameras. A spy camera can almost always be a security camera. Let's talk a little further about the difference between these so you can best understand what kind of camera you need to purchase!


Let's tackle what makes them similar before we get into the key differences. This may seem overly obvious to state. However, the main similarity is that they both record video. Not only that, but they can typically have similar features. Both record footage and can rely on battery power; a security camera that detects motion can do so no differently than a spy camera with motion detection. Night vision is also a standard feature found in both styles, and they can come in various sizes. Both types of cameras will save their data to DVR.


So while a spy camera and a security camera can have similar features, they are very different, and this typically comes down to their purpose. A security camera functions to help improve security - similar to a spy camera - however, the main difference is discretion.

The purpose of a good security camera is two-fold: to capture footage and improve security and prevent any unlawful behavior. Typically will be prominently displayed. They are easy to spot and instantly recognizable in public places and workplaces. For example, a high-end tech store may have a security camera in every corner. While they won't have flashing lights or be made of particularly noticeable materials, these cameras serve a purpose to both capture illegal behavior and discourage it from occurring. Their visibility is key to their preventative measures.

A spy camera, on the other hand, does serve to capture and save videos. However, it is not often used to prevent any unorthodox behavior. Instead, it is typically employed to capture behavior rather than prevent it. While spy cameras can be used for security purposes, the truth is they are typically not easily noticeable, so they won't be the best at preventing unwanted behavior.

(We have seen them capture criminals up close after those criminals had disabled the more obvious cameras)

So which kind of camera is right for you? The truth is, it comes down to what you want to use it for. If you are looking to beef up security, both styles are good options - however, a security camera will typically be more noticeable than a spy camera. If discretion is vital, look into the mini-camera world of the spy camera. These discrete cameras can be hidden in an everyday object and are perfect for discrete observation.