Hidden Cameras For Businesses

Hidden cameras aren’t just for spies anymore. These clever devices are great tools for mitigating loss and ensuring security for your business or house. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners calculates that businesses lose five percent of their revenue to fraud annually.

A hidden security camera can help you review your workplace and loss mitigation. This article examines the ways hidden spy cameras enhance the security of your home and workplace and suggests some of the best spy cameras on sale today and how you can deploy them for the most significant effectiveness.

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Commercial spy cameras are an effective tool in combating theft and fraud. While thieves may avoid conventional security measures, surveillance cameras can be strategically and covertly placed to avoid detection.

Spy cameras also shed light on blind spots, capturing areas you can't see with traditional CCTV cameras. Many are equipped to record in dark spaces. The recorders are smaller than conventional security cameras, typically weighing less than two pounds, and concealable in everyday objects.


Spy cameras are only beneficial when undetected. Luckily you can integrate many recorders into your environment without arousing suspicion. These sneaky cameras are disguised as everyday objects like digital clocks, WIFI routers, and USB wall chargers. Hidden spy cameras are also concealed in bluetooth speakers that really play music! Create a pleasant ambient shopping atmosphere while you watch out for theft and fraud by piping soothing music through the speaker camera. 

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Surveillance in common areas is legal, even expected. However, there are limits to acceptable surveillance. Employees are entitled to privacy in private and intimate spaces, such as locker rooms and bathrooms.

The non-profit Workplace Fairness states that employers can legally monitor their employees, provided the reason is relevant to the company and its function. Employees can use whatever means necessary to surveil their employees, as long as it pertains to the running of the business.


Hidden cameras are abundant and come in a wide variety of categories-if you can conceive of it, there's probably a secret camera version.

Robert Grey created the first spy camera in 1885 to be worn under the shirt with the tiny lens peeking out of a buttonhole.

Hidden cameras were primarily used by private detectives initially. The recorders have come a long way since then and are now used for many reasons; no longer a specialty item, covert video surveillance equipment can be bought off the shelf by anyone who has use of them and is easy to install.


A spy camera is invaluable if you have an open office. These tools facilitate monitoring your work area; you may benefit from surveilling your space: 

  • If you keep petty cash or confidential files anywhere on or around your desk

  • If you have privileged information on your computer

  • If you store any supplies, goods, or information not available to the general population of the company

Even the simple threat of a spy camera can serve as a deterrent. Since a tiny camera can be concealed in virtually anything, potential intruders or thieves won't know how to avoid them. 


Bluetooth Security Camera

The Bluetooth speaker is functional and connects via Bluetooth to available phones and devices. This camera is entirely discreet; no one detects that the same speaker they're listening to a podcast on is also recording them. This recorder's principal features are:

  • A 78-degree high definition 1080P camera

  • Accessible via the free PV Cam Viewer app on your phone or tablet

  • WIFI hassle-free setup using peer-to-peer technology. Watch video remotely on your Android or Apple smartphone or tablets

  • 64GB SD card holds and saves 34 hours of high definition video

  • Sends alerts via WIFI to your phone or tablet triggered by movement

  • Emergency battery lasts between two to three hours

This handy camera fits in any setting and is particularly good for an office. Bluetooth speakers are top-rated right now, and stores and offices often play soft music to set customers at ease. These cameras are functional and practical, killing two birds with one stone. The camera is easily set up and installed; they are maintained entirely through WIFI.


Bluetooth Speaker Security Camera

Every office and store is connected to WIFI, so no one will think twice about a router. Would you suspect it's just a front for a hidden camera? The router camera has numerous desirable features:

  • The cameras field of view is 120 degrees and is housed in the antenna, which can be pivoted up or down depending on placement

  • Night vision LEDs facilitate the camera recording up to fifteen feet in the absolute dark

  • The 256GB memory card allows you to review up to 200 hours of video

  • Motion trigger alerts, so if someone is in your office or store who shouldn't be, the camera will send notifications to your phone or tablet

  • Included rechargeable battery allowing this unit to work for up to 6 hours should the power fail
  • No indicator lights are present while recording, allowing this router camera to blend in naturally and leave plugged into power for 24/7 surveillance 

The setup is easy and accessible for any user. The camera live streams video if you need current footage in 1080P high-definition. Video is time and date stamped for future references or evidence.


Pro Black Box Security Camera with 180 Degree Rotatable Lens

The ambiguous little black box is sleek and easily concealed. The camera is a good fit for an office environment; it is elegant and subtle and can be placed between or among other objects without drawing attention to itself. 

  • Pan the camera 180-degree's from through the HDSmart IPC application

  • Can be left plugged in for 24/7 surveillance and last for up to 8-10 hours should the power go out

  • Store up to 156 hours of High definition 1080P videos on a 256GB SD card or save video directly to your phone or tablet

  • Video footage is time and date stamped. Record footage continuously or triggered upon motion detection

  • This camera will connect with whatever smartphone or tablet you're working with, iPhone or Android

  • WIFI hassle-free setup using peer-to-peer technology. Connect from remote access to watch live and historical footage

This recorder blends into a desk or a bookshelf; it could pass as a bookend or a discreet decoration. The lens is adjustable remotely via the app, so if you are not near the camera, you can still change the aim of the recording. 


Hiding a camera in plain sight by concealing it in day-to-day objects allows it to remain unperceived while also covering areas a fixed camera might not be able to. These hidden spy cameras are easily relocated. Their portability makes them easy to manipulate to get better views or closer looks at offenders. 


WIFI Security Camera with Rotatable Lens

Small, light, and easily concealed, this camera is excellent for any surveillance. It captures a wide range of motion and is simple to use, even for beginners. Its features include:

  • 720P video recording with four infrared LEDs, creating a fifteen to twenty-foot recording range in the absolute dark
  • 120-degree field view from the camera lens

  • The swivel head moves up to 180 degrees

  • Sound is audible from as much as twenty feet away

  • Fully accessible via remote features on your device

  • Forty-five hours of high-definition video, stored on a 128GB storage card 

  • Can be left plugged in and can last for up to five-hours should you lose power

  • Can sit upright or lay on a flat surface or pair with the SCOSCHE MagicMount Surface 2 to mount it to metal surfaces magnetically


HD 1080P Power Bank WIFI Security Camera

This camera has a genuinely excellent disguise. Who doesn't need a little extra power for their phone every once in a while? Plenty of people own power banks, and keeping one at the office makes perfect sense; you may not want to schlepp your charger to and from work every day, so why not save a power bank nearby? 

A power bank inspires no suspicion and is an excellent location for a hidden camera, and this one is functional, so doubly useful. The camera has:

  • 120-degree field of vision covers offices with ease

  • Stream high-definition 1080P video through your phone or tablet

  • Store up to 200 hours on a 256GB storage card recording in 720P high-definition

  • The camera records up to eighteen feet in the absolute dark with eight hours of battery

  • You can leave it plugged in for 24/7 surveillance
  • It really charges phones and tablets


WIFI USB Wall Charger Spy Camera with IR

What could be less assuming than a wall plug? This USB wall plug contains a hidden camera and is entirely functional. This recorder is perfect for any situation. People use phone chargers everywhere. Whatever your workplace-office, store, or private residence-the USB plug fits the environment. The camera allows you to charge your phone or tablet as well and also has:

  • 120-degree field of view means you can plug it in anywhere and still be able to see most everything

  • Stream 1080P high-definition video through your smart phone or tablet

  • Setup is done through the free Android or iPhone TinyCam Pro app

  • 200 hours of High-def video stored on a 256GB storage card

  • It can record an image up to ten feet in the absolute dark because of built-in LEDs

  • Continuous recording or motion-triggered

  • No downtime because it is plugged in for 24/7 surveillance


Nanny cams protect the most vulnerable people in your home by monitoring the people interacting with and caring for the elderly or the infants in your home. These tools hide cameras in standard household devices. Nanny cams in clocks and weather stations blend into the decoration of houses naturally and allow you to watch over your loved ones even when you're not physically present. 


WIFI Weather Station Hidden Nanny Camera

The functioning weather station does double duty; it records activity while providing the daily weather, time, and conditions. Extremely discreet, this clever piece of equipment seems helpful (because it is!) without arousing any suspicion. The camera fits in any room without seeming out of place. The recorder's features include:

  • 110-degree range of view which allows for you to cover large portions of an office

  • 1080P streaming with built-in night vision that see up to 15 feet in complete dark

  • Three to four hours of battery power should the power cut out

  • Two hundred hours of 720P high-definition video are kept on a 256GB micro storage card

  • The camera is accessible and controllable remotely through the app on your smart devices


WIFI 1080P Mini Clock Camera

Every house has a clock; most have multiple. You can place one of these functioning digital alarm clocks in each room of your home and not draw any suspicion. The clock is small and fits on shelves without taking up much space while having these functions:

  • WIFI accessible; you can access the live-stream footage remotely from anywhere via your Android or iPhone devices

  • 1080P camera uses infrared to record up to fifteen feet in the dark

  • Continuous recording or motion-triggered. This can be quickly set up or changed through the free app

  • Video is time and date stamped for evidence gathering and organization

  • 120-degree field of view gives you a massive recording range 

Every feature is controlled remotely through the app on your device. The camera records up to 200 hours of footage, storable on the 256GB micro SD card.


Mood Lamp Security Camera

In the realm of business security, the Mood Lamp Security Camera emerges as an invaluable asset, seamlessly combining discreet surveillance with a touch of aesthetic appeal. This covert device discreetly conceals a high-tech camera within its stylish lamp design, making it an ideal solution for businesses seeking inconspicuous security measures.

  • A 90-degree field of view with a 1080P high definition video camera

  • Swivels 330-degrees through the free HDSmart IPC app on your phone or tablet

  • Can see up to 15 feet with the built-in night vision

  • 256GB SD card holds and saves 156 hours of high definition video

  • Sends alerts via WIFI to your phone or tablet triggered by movement

  • A fully functional mood lamp with the ability to change the color of the lamp through the free application


What should you look for to ensure you get the most from your hidden camera? What features does your camera need to function optimally? The guide below looks briefly at the most important considerations for purchasing a hidden camera. 


WIFI connectivity lets you watch the footage remotely, from anywhere on your tablet or cell phone. You can move the lens and change the settings from any location. WIFI connectivity also lets you download the footage wherever you are and have it sent directly to your smart device.


The SD in SD card stands for "secure digital." These tiny devices are flash memory cards that hold your video footage. SD Cards dictate how many videos you can store at one time on your recording device. The larger the card, the more video that can be stored.


Battery life and live power are how long your camera works if it isn't plugged into a power source.

Knowing your battery's longevity is Important if you lose power or there isn't an electrical outlet to charge your device. The amount of battery life and live power dictates how long you can continue recording. 


View range is the field of vision your camera uses to capture images. A more comprehensive view range means you don't have to worry about placing your camera in the exact correct location.


Infrared is essential if you plan to use your camera at night or in the dark. The night vision range dictates how far the camera allows you to see in the dark.