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Record Your Conversations

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At, we strive to provide a wide array of equipment to help you legally keep track of your conversations. We also provide secret video recording equipment. The advantage of audio recording devices is that you can store a larger amount of data. These devices also require less battery, allowing you to use them for long stretches.

Here are some of the most popular recording devices we sell, as well as a few gems that we personally love.

Worlds Smallest Micro Voice Recorder With 90 Hours Of Storage

The size of a paperclip, this gem offers 90 hours of storage with 10 hours of battery life. With a 40ft range, it is capable of picking up most conversations with clarity. Small enough to be overlooked, it is a favorite even in scenarios where all parties know they are being recorded as it is quickly forgotten about and allows for easy, natural conversation.

Journalists and personal assistants especially love this one.

The recordings easily upload to a Mac or PC with a USB cord. There is no need to download any additional software to work with the files.

  • 10 Hour battery life
  • Storage time: 90 hours
  • Tiny: .7in x 1.8in x .24in
  • One touch voice recording
  • Fast recharge time: 2 hours
  • 40-foot listening range
  • Listen with headphones or computer

Cell Phone Recorder

While Cell phone recording apps are a popular search, they lack the quality and flexibility of a dedicated device. This device does not store phone conversations on your cell phone, leaving your precious smart-phone memory for other tasks (like taking pictures).

It is also easy to use and deploys to a phone within seconds. Simply plug it into the headphone jack, wait for the red light and proceed with the conversation as normal. Very handy for the fast-paced life where you need to record conversations on the go.

As a bonus, it can also function as an ambient recorder, separate from your phone.

  • 20 Hours of recording time on a single charge
  • 144 Hours of storage
  • Voice activated recording
  • Place it in your shirt pocket, pant pocket  and record conversations

Flash Drive Recorder

As more and more commerce is done around computers, this device is proving to be a staple in offices across the country. This is one of our most robust recorders with 24 hours of continuous recording battery life and up to 25 days on standby.

It also functions as a normal flash drive, allowing you to carry school and work files on it. Leave it lying on a desk to record conversations in the room, and thanks to it’s disguise as a flash drive, no one is the wiser. College students enjoy the ability to record lectures and then easily access them when they plug them into their laptop.

  • Voice activation recording feature
  • Use the built-in battery as your power source or plug into any USB power source for unlimited recording power
  • 288hr audio capacity:(12 days of recording capacity)
  • 8GB memory: Double the memory as our previous version

Voice Recorder Spy Pen With 19 Hour Battery

These spy pens have long been a staple for private investigation work and now are available for every businesswoman. New, sleek design offers more discreet recording with comfortable all-day wear. This one offers 19 hours of battery life and 144 hours of recording time.

Plus the pen works, so you can use it to take notes and sign contracts all day long. Refillable cartridges are available.  

  • 40ft Audio Range
  • 30 Days Standby/Voice Activation Mode
  • Battery Life: 19 hours continuous recording
  • Operate by external power supply (PC, USB Port)
  • 8GB Storage: Stores 144 hours of voice recording
  • Charging Time: 2 Hours, rechargeable battery

Legality of Recording Your Conversations

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to record your conversations. Perhaps you need to get an admission from the other party, or simply wish to record the conversation for your own review and training purposes later. At times, recording your conversations are essential to protecting your reputation.

We do not provide legal advice, and it is important to speak with a legal expert for your location before recording a conversation. Federal law often allows for “one-party consent” which means that only one party needs to have consent before the conversation is recorded.

Many states have “two-party consent laws” where all parties must consent before a conversation is recorded. Additionally, with the advancement of technology, things like Skype calls and FaceTime calls may have different restrictions.

In most cases, it is illegal to bug a device or room and to record a conversation surreptitiously where you are not a party of the conversation. A brief conversation with a private investigator or lawyer in your state can help you get better guidance on your specific scenario.

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