Recording Device for Noisy Neighbors


Are the upstairs neighbors making your life difficult day by day with constant noise? Well, you don't have to keep enduring this torture. Buying the right noise recording device can help you listen, record, and report a noisy neighbor.

Audio recording isn't just for recording music. You can use it to listen to noisy neighbors and generate audio files as evidence of your misery living underneath the most inconsiderate neighbors.

It could be anything from loud machinery and slamming doors to noisy parties and loud music that incessantly runs into the night, disturbing your well-needed sleep.

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What's the answer to all the trouble you're experiencing because of loud domestic noises coming from your neighbor's house? You can talk to your apartment manager about the excessive noise that's disturbing your peace. But, you don't have to go half-prepared.

Right before you set up a meeting with your landlord or apartment manager, hear and capture the excessive noise that's evidence of the disrespectful neighbors around you. You can play the recordings that you gathered through your equipment.


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It's not easy telling the apartment manager or landlord that your upstairs neighbors are constantly yelling at their pet, child, or about any other thing in the house. You have to keep evidence such as recordings to show the authorities about the disturbance you're facing.

You can use different types of equipment for recordings, including a mic, headphones, a recorder, etc. Most people have a hard time realizing how nuisance noise is different from common noise. In simple words, they don't know when to complain and record the noises coming from their neighbors' homes.

When the noise coming from your neighbors starts at unusual times or causes too much distress that you start imagining if they even care about you, it's called nuisance noise. It can cause different reactions such as disturbance, annoyance, or emotional distress.


The primary responsibility to address noise complaints falls on district councils and government agencies. While environmental noise occurs due to a nearby industrial plant or traffic, domestic neighbors cause community noises. Here's a precise categorization of nuisance noise types:


It refers to unwanted sounds and noises that are outside the workplace. While they can be indoors or outdoors, the source of the community nuisance noise is out of your control. That's because the sources generally include noisy neighbors.


It refers to unwanted noises and sounds that occur in the workplace. It could result from broken machinery, damaged equipment, or noisy activities.


You may have heard the annoying sound that a blender makes when it's not preparing your favorite milkshake, right? Well, annoying and distressing noise from consumer products is called consumer product nuisance noise.

Before you're ready to take the complaint to a higher authority, you must learn to identify the noise.


It would be best to consider several factors when planning to buy a noise recording device to gain the required data as evidence of your loud neighbors.

Here's the list of considerations you must make before purchasing a device that you think will help you the next time excessive noise disturbs your sleep.


Obviously, you can't ignore the issue of range. Sometimes, noisy neighbors can be right above you, while other times, they may be on the other side of the street but still loud enough to wake you up at 3 AM!

For your information, there are several legal factors that you must consider. When the noise source is out of range, the device you plug in for use might not efficiently measure and record noises.

Even when the noise comes from the floor right above you, sound barriers like insulation material can be an obstacle to recording evidence. The best buy-in is a sound recorder that captures loud conversations like shouting and chanting along with airborne noises a couple of feet away.

With a good range, you will instantly have the recordings stored as digital data on your computer right in front of you. Our devices have the optimal range listed on the product page under the specifications drop-down tab.


Another main factor that you must pay attention to is the sound quality of your recordings. You don't want to prove the presence of noisy neighbors by walking in the apartment manager's room and playing indistinctive noises. To make sure that the neighbor noise is heard and perceived clearly, you must ensure that the generated audio files are high quality.

Buy a device that captures noise from a few feet away. On top of that, make sure the device can store recordings clearly as if you're standing next to the source of the noise.


Battery life is an essential factor for recording neighbor noise. You can't wait around every night for hours, hoping that the noisy neighbors will start banging loud music. You can get a voice-activated noise recorder or keep one active all night.

But for that, you will need a noise recorder with a battery life of 16-20 hours at minimum. That way, you can easily let the voice recorder sit on the window or somewhere where you can hear the noise clearly.


The microphone you choose must have specifications written in the manual or the packaged box, at the very least. This will save you the trouble of unpackaging the mic at home and realizing that it's incompatible with your recording device.

Once you're clear about the specifications of your recording device, make sure you find a high-quality microphone that integrates with it.

For example, a microphone that works best at recording human vocals won't be good at picking up a guitar or kick drum noises even if they're right above you. So, pick a specific product based on your need and purpose.


If you have ever roamed the electronics market for the right noise-cancellation headphones, you already know what we're talking about here.

It will be tough to pinpoint the noise in your recordings if your microphone picks up every sound it receives, ranging from traffic and house banter to birds and wind. So, make sure that the microphone you choose effectively records high-quality sound.


If you're a musician or a music enthusiast, at the very least, you'll already know the difference between the two. Condenser microphones are very different from dynamic microphones. Besides, to make sure that you have enough recordings to prove to your apartment manager, you must learn the fundamental differences between the two types of microphones.

Typically, sound recorders have a built-in microphone. It's fitted inside as a tiny device that performs the central role of capturing sounds. To report a noisy neighbor, buy a sound recorder with a built-in dynamic microphone.

Your best bet at capturing loud noises is entirely possible because recording noisy neighbors can be like recording a live concert. Here're the qualities of a dynamic microphone:

  • Easily withstands high sound pressure
  • Most commonly used for live performances
  • Captures sound in nearly all directions (omnidirectional)
  • Suitable for live settings and loud sounds

On the other hand, a condenser microphone is a complete opposite of a dynamic microphone. It's not suitable for low frequencies but rather higher frequencies and quieter sounds. A condenser microphone focuses on delicate sounds with high sensitivity features.

Such microphones are set up and used in recording studios or classified cardioid. You must do your research beforehand and ask all related questions to make the most viable purchase.


Ease of use is something that you can't ignore at all. You can't deal with complicated controls and buttons if you have no previous experience with such equipment.

On the other hand, working with complicated controls and a complex button system can take away the right opportunity to record the neighbors being loud or arguing with another neighbor.


All the voice recording equipment, including microphones, recorders, and more from SpyCentre Security, come with US-based customer support and a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. You will require protection as a consumer when declaring the device's features that you utilized for recordings.

Plus, high-grade sound recorders can cost quite a lot. So, getting a warranty in case something goes wrong with the equipment will help recover your investment.


USB Power Bank Audio Recorder with 150 Day Standby

Measuring only 3.7 inches long, this fully functional power bank audio recorder offers an extended battery life of over 336 hours or approximately two weeks. The standby battery offers 150-day support non-stop and is voice-activated with a single click.

The standby support of this device is for over 5 months, and that too with voice activation enabled! It also comes with the ability to store up to 576 hours of high-definition audio recordings, US-based customer support, and a 1-year manufacturer's warranty from SpyCentre Security.


Mini Micro Stick Voice Activated Recorder

The Micro Mini Stick Noise Recorder comes with a separate button that lets you use the extended battery for nearly 120 hours or approximately five days. Being so tiny has its advantages, allowing for easy placement in a pocket, on a counter, and more.

It offers the same great features of larger and more noticeable voice recording equipment, like date and time stamp, voice-activated recording, and the ability to record at 128 kbs. The ability to be able to download your files to a Windows or Mac is another nice feature along with the robust 1152 hours of storage this voice recorder can store.


Voice Recorder Spy Pen with 31 Hour Battery

The tiny pen-size voice recorder that's a pen has a data capacity of 8 Gigabytes that stores up to 288 hours. It has a battery life of over 31 hours for continuous use or 30 days standby time while in voice-activation mode. You can charge it fully in two hours, and the best part is that it writes, allowing for this covert spy pen to blend in naturally anywhere. A quick counter wise turn at the top of the pen allows for fast recording at a moment's notice, even when caught off guard.


Pro USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder Voice Activated

This ordinary-looking and fully functioning flash drive voice recorder is an elite product and must-have for anyone trying to make recordings. This device boasts a 25-day standby battery life while in voice activation. Each recording can be time and date-stamped, and the included 8GB memory can store up to 288 hours. You can quickly download your recordings to a Windows or Mac computer and, best of all, leave the device plugged into any powered USB port for unlimited battery life while recording.


Smart Security Camera

The Cordless WIFI Security Camera with Microphone can efficiently record noises and minimize useless video and audio capture resulting in higher battery efficiency. Rated to be mounted outdoors, this 1440P high-definition video camera has a magnetic mount allowing for easy placement anywhere.

Quickly and securely capture that noisy neighbor or barking dog with audio and video, including time and date stamps. Video recordings can even be seen from the comfort of your home via the free VicoHome app available for iPhone or Androids.

The built-in battery can run for up to 2-3 months, thanks to the advanced artificial intelligence that helps cut down on useless recordings. This surveillance camera can support up to a 128GB SD card and includes a wide 140-degree field of view.

It comes with US-based customer support and a 1-year manufacturer's warranty directly from SpyCentre Security. So, what're you waiting for when the product offers both video and audio surveillance?



Neighbor noise disputes are a never-ending issue. So, is it legal for you to record noisy neighbors? Well, it is technically allowed to record noisy neighbors to prove your poor living experience as long as you're not invading their privacy.


Recording nuisance noise through the walls is all about the sound recorder's quality that you've purchased. If it's a highly-quality microphone with the proper compatibility and features, it will be highly efficient in recording audio through walls.


Once you record the neighbor noise, take the recordings to your district council or apartment manager to deal with the issue. District councils are more authoritative and second-stage in dealing with such matters.

Approach the police if you want additional support or if the local government fails to help.