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Top Three Must Have Hidden Spy Cameras of 2017

Posted by Bian Eaton on

Top Three Must Have Hidden Spy Cameras of 2017


The ultimate trio in accessories, a watch, a key fob and a pen. What could be more commonly overlooked while you record? These are classic, timeless items whose very designs are made for the utmost discretion and for only the user to pay attention to.

You keep looking at your watch because you want to know what time it is, you keep the key fob to your car in your hand because you don’t want to misplace your keys and when you write, who cares more about the pen than what your writing?

How long have you been searching for the right item to help you? Few hours? Few days? So let’s cut to the chase, skip to the pros and cons if you already know about how these items work.

2K Ultra Spy Pen Camera

2K Ultra Spy Watch Hidden Camera

Key Fob Hidden Video Recorder

Or continue reading on if you’re still on the fence…

So 2k video, what is that? No doubt you’ve been doing research about resolution and noticed that sometimes there’s different standards to different resolutions when it’s over 2k. So how can you choose whose got a video standard that’ll suit you?

We’ve learned that as fast as technology is advancing, proof is in the pudding, it’s best to just show you the video quality of the pen, the watch and the key fob so you can see for yourself if the items we carry have the level of detail you need.

Choosing items from other websites without videos, based off the video quality of someone else’s video’s is not recommended.

How do these items operate?

The pen’s simple operation is a single button. Press the power button down for 1 second to see a blue light turn on. The light will soon turn to green, flash and then turn off to begin discreetly recording. Stop recording by pressing the power button again to see the green light flash and then turn solid blue. Holding down the power button 2-3 seconds turns off the unit.

The watch has a single function button, similar to the pen, press the button to activate recording. A blue LED light on the (face?) will turn on, then turn green and flash. It will turn off and initiate recording. Press button again to stop recording. Hold for 3 seconds then blue light will turn off.

The key fob utilizes its natural features. The picture of the car Trunk, turns on the device, while the car “unlock” and “lock” buttons activate its recording for either continuous or motion.

How long do they record for?

Each unit can hold hours of video, but the battery life for the pen and watch are about 1 hour while the key fob is roughly 2.5 hrs.

Is there special software to watch the videos?

No and they download to both MAC and Windows computers. They’ll either play in windows media player or an open source video player such as VLC.

How do I get my video?

Retrieving video is simple, since the watch and pen have built in memory and the key fob has removable memory. Just plug the watch or pen directly into a computer via USB cable and you’ll be able to access all the video and move it to your desktop. With the key fob, just take out the removable memory and place into a USB reader and plug into your computer.

2k Hidden Video Pen

- Really writes
- Great video quality
- Built in memory
- Time date stamp
- No lights while recording
- Video records however the pen is placed, if the pen is on its side then the video will record sideways
- Needs normal room lighting, not good for low light

2K Hidden Watch Camera

- It does tell time
- Great video quality
- Built in memory
- Time date stamp
- Video is recorded however the pen is positioned, if your wrist is not righted and facing subject then the video will record sideways
- Not good for low light

Key Chain Spy Camera

- an be place flat to record upright
- Great video quality
- Good battery life
- Removable memory
- Doesn’t function as a usable key fob
- Not good for low light

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