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Hidden Cameras Buyer's Guide

Posted by Bian Eaton on

Finding the perfect Hidden Security Camera is not always easy. There are many different options, for many different purposes, locations, and recording setups. In this buyer's guide, we'll help you determine the perfect Hidden Camera for your specific situation.
Hidden cams or Nanny cams come in many different objects but first you have to consider what kind of DVR and camera you need, then pick an object that fits the environment. 

What Do You Need to Think About?

- Where do I need to record? outdoors, in the house or office?
- How large is the area I need to cover?
- Am I going to need video in low light?
- Do I need to record for a day, several days or possibly a week or more?
- Can I get back to the nanny cam to watch the video when I need too? or do I need to get to the video remotely?

Battery Powered Hidden Cameras

Battery operated hidden hidden cameras are an extremely versatile model of the nanny camera line. Portable, self contained recording and motion based recording helps you get the most in video storage.  They may have limitations on how long the battery will last for it to be able to record, but they are extremely convenient.

Ask Yourself

• How much video do I need, a day, a weekend, a week?
• How much light is in the room?

Can you find the Hidden Cameras? Mouse over the image to discover.

Best Uses for Battery Powered Hidden Cameras

• Recording an area with no power
• Hard to reach places that can be cumbersome for a non-battery-powered hidden camera.

Night Vision Hidden Cameras

Night vision hidden cameras use IR light sensors to detect infrared light being emitted. This type of light is not usually visible to the human eye, and is easily detected by the IR light sensors. Once the low light situation is detected, the IR sensors on the night vision hidden camera initiate, and transfer the dark imaging to a black & white video recording. Night vision cameras are able to operate in low light, very low light, to no light.

Best Uses for Night Vision Hidden Cameras

• Recording Low Light, Very Low Light, or in locations with no light.
• Backup camera for an existing day time system.

Outdoor Hidden Cameras

Outdoor hidden cameras can be disguised as many things ranging from a rock hidden camera, to a bird house. Many outdoor hidden cameras are battery operated, reducing the ability to be detected. 

Best Uses for Outdoor Hidden Cameras

• Covert recording of outdoor environment.
• Recording anyone entering/leaving your home/business.
• Best used with other non-covert recording devices, allowing this to be 'super stealth'.

WiFi Hidden Cameras

WiFi hidden cameras operate using an existing wireless Internet connection and allow for remote viewing on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. These units have the ability to not only stream the video to your PC or mobile device, but also have the ability to record video internally via an SD card. These units are the most highly regarded, as you're able to securely access the footage from anywhere in the world via the internet.

Things to Keep in Mind

• Do I have wireless internet where I'm placing the camera?

Best Uses for WiFi Hidden Cameras

• Remotely viewing your cameras from your cell phone, tablet or PC from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


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