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5 Best Hidden Nanny Cameras of 2019 Review

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First, I feel I should provide a definition for a Nanny Camera, which is a video-only device with a camera and a recorder built into a functioning or non-functioning item, such as a clock, AC Adapter, or, the one that everyone knows, a Teddy Bear. People generally use them to catch maintenance workers coming into the apartment unannounced, monitor the way the nanny takes care of their children, document employee theft, or to just have a camera for security purposes when a full hard-wired CCTV system is not possible. 

I've only been in the industry for a couple years, and already I've seen many advancements in the field of covert surveillance. Back in the day, people with a need to covertly capture video of suspected child abuse, drug abuse, infidelity or theft did still have many options of different models of nanny cameras, but there was a limitation present in all of them: you had to pull the recordings out of the camera or plug the entire thing into a TV or computer to see what was captured. Sticking a new clock, teddy bear, or standing fan in a room isn't terribly difficult to find reasons for, but it would create quite a bit of suspicion if you were seen going back to mess with the item over and over again. Sometimes it's just hard to find some time alone to pull the recordings, boot up a computer, review the video footage from throughout the day looking for that one specific incident, clear the memory and finally put the memory card back into the camera for use again. Not only that, you would have no idea the camera recorded anything at all unless you went through this process, so it could become a daily or nightly thing you need to do, thereby increasing the chances of someone catching you in your pursuit to catch their abusive actions or indiscretions.

That whole bit is a thing of the past, nowadays. Many new nanny cameras have the ability to connect to the WiFi signal of the home or office so a smartphone or tablet can log in to see what's happening in real-time, even if you're halfway around the world! Each of the covert cameras here in my list of Top 5 Nanny Cameras use the same amazing app to connect with your smartphone, so you can cover as many areas of your home or office as you need. This app is one of the best, offering not only remote viewing of a High-Definition 1080P video live-stream, but also the ability to have the camera notify you, wherever you may be, when it detects something moving in front of the camera.

Each of the cameras I've listed can be operated solely from an Android or iPhone, but they still require a Micro SD Card in order to save their video, which can be played on a Mac or Windows PC using Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, iTunes or QuickTime. While this was a limitation for cameras that did not have WiFi access, this now allows quite a measure of freedom as whatever happened would still be recorded even if you were not able to pull up the live stream the moment you received the notification on your phone. Having this back up is essential for those busy-bodies that are always at work or always on the road, as you sometimes can never know when an incident will occur. Even if you can't get back to the camera for a few days and worry that there has been enough motion for the recorder to fill up the SD Card memory capacity, that's not a problem as this smartphone app allows you to see the files on the Card and download them to the phone from remotely!

WIFi Digital Clock Hidden Camera - Oval

 You need something that won't draw attention, or if it does then it should draw only the slightest glance. This little 1080P camera is disguised just as a clock, not a clock radio, not an alarm clock, just a tiny and boring clock. I'd say this item is best placed up and out of the way, in a place where you could just quickly look over to see the time as you work on your projects at work or do chores around the home, but still watching over an area you think could see some illicit activity. Be sure to leave it plugged into a wall for most uses, as the battery inside would only last for about 3-4 hours, and it'll take another 5-6 hours to recharge. This is perfect for locations that experience brown-outs as you'd have a back-up power supply that keeps the camera running for a few hours. 

Nanny Cameras generally have a maximum size SD Card they can handle, and this one maxes out at 32GB. Even with 1080P recording, however, this little guy can record a total of 31 hours, which means quite a few days of recordings if you've set it for motion detection recording only. Or, you could lower the resolution of the recording to get even more record time out of the card. View here

WiFi Weather Station Hidden Nanny Camera

 If a Nanny Camera is not going to be so tiny as to be near invisible, then it should actually serve a purpose so it can be out in the open. Be the utilitarian of the family with the Weather Station Clock Camera. The face of this clock not only displays the time but also the date, indoor temperature and humidity levels, the phase of the moon, and with the help of a piece mounted on the outside of the house you can also get a readout of the temperature and humidity as well. This device would be perfect for a kitchen setting, with a kick-stand mount for placement on the counter or screw mounts at the back for hanging on a wall.

Hi-Definition 1080P video recording does not hinder the memory space on this camera in the least, with up to 60 hours being able to be recorded onto a 64GB Micro SD Card. Go ahead and forget about it for a couple days, as everything that happened while you were away is safely stored inside the camera. Since this is another camera that comes with a 3-4 hour battery with 5-6 hours needed to recharge, I would again leave it plugged into a wall for continuous power so you only need to rely on the battery if the power goes out. View here

1080P WiFi Digital Clock Hidden Spy Camera With IR

  Now, lots of people have bedside table clocks. I do. Also, we all know that for many of the reasons of recording in a bedroom, you're likely going to need Night Vision. Don't limit yourself, however, as this clock would not look out of place at any couch-side table or cubicle, watching over your front door or your favorite red stapler at the office.

This clock is another of my personal favorites, and it is another item where “super boring” comes into play. With a mirrored finish to block anyone from finding the camera, this clock is just like many other uninteresting bedside clocks but with an added 1080P camera and a Night Vision IR emitter capable of seeing objects in complete darkness about 10 feet from the camera. No matter the time of the day, whatever you need to watch over will be covered by this nifty device. Set up this covert camera with a 64GB Micro SD Card to capture up to 60 hours of 1080P footage. This clock camera uses the same battery as mentioned with the other devices listed so far, so it is suggested to leave it plugged into a wall for power as the battery life would last for 3-4 hours with the same 5-6 hour recharge time. View here

WiFi 180° Pro Black Box Nanny Camera

 I would say the best use of this 180 Degree Black Box camera would be as a security camera versus a Nanny Camera as it is not disguised as anything but a black box. No one who is unfamiliar with the layout of the room would give notice, but it could be noticeable to someone with regular access to the area, like your spouse or children.

One of the first of it's kind, our 180 Degree Black Box is perfect for surveillance of a larger area. Inside is not only the 1080P camera and recorder, but a little motor that allows you to pan the camera back and forth a full 180 degrees with ease, all from your smartphone app. This is a great feature that can allow the long body of the camera to still be hidden behind something with it looking out the side of the housing, or to follow the movements of someone walking around the area.

With all of these features, the 180 Degree Black Box also has the longest lasting battery out of everything else in this list, with an impressive 10 hours of battery when not plugged into a wall, and it'll take another 8-10 hours to recharge that internal battery. This allows for the greatest possible range of use out of the rest of these devices as it is able to be placed anywhere at home or at your office with enough battery life to last a full work-day. Beyond that, there's even more! This camera will accept a 128GB SD Card, meaning you can record a total of 120 hours, which is the most record time I've seen out of any covert camera. View here

WiFi AC Adapter Hidden Spy Camera

 Ever since this camera came into the store it's been a management and customer favorite. I always say that every room of every house or office has something that looks just like this, making AC Adapter cameras virtually unnoticeable. Who would suspect, or even notice, if the cable they're using to charge their phone is tied to a different wall charger than they've normally used?

There are many AC Adapter cameras, but most do not actually function as a power source. This WiFi enabled camera, however, is also a functioning USB power supply, able to charge your smartphones or anything else with a USB plug-in, which further cements into anyone's mind that this is, in fact, just a charger and requires no further study.

One question I hear each time I show this camera to a customer is “How can it see anything when all my outlets are low to the ground?” Well, while that may be a limitation for many other AC Adapter cameras, that's not an issue with this intelligently designed device. The camera is actually tilted at a 15 degree angle in order to look up from a low vantage point. Other AC Adapter cameras require a placement of about 5 feet back from the target area so they can see all of a person walking through, making this a truly innovative design.

This impressive little camera can record in full 1080P and it can handle a 64GB Micro SD Card which will allow it to record for up to 60 hours, capturing days worth of footage so you can sit back and wait for whatever you're trying to capture to happen. View here

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