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A Dummy Router To Fool The Experts

This discreet, small object is disguised as a WiFi router while concealing a high-definition camera with a max record resolution of 720p and up to nearly 15 feet of night vision! Set the spy cam to record night or day, either continuously or only when it sees something move to cut unnecessary footage. This inconspicuous device enables WiFi connectivity with a smartphone or tablet! The live stream footage to your screen can increase to 1080p so you can see an even sharper image. Sync it to a WiFi signal at the home or office and view it from any device connected to the internet. This system operates through the TinyCam application, available for Androids and iOS devices.

A simple solution for any circumstance where you'd need to know right away, this nanny cam is a great investigative tool. Checking in on houseguests, monitoring caregivers, or just needing to know who's coming and going from your property or the office are just some of the possible uses. The device stores everything onto a micro memory card, up to 128GB, and is plugged into a wall outlet for continuous power and recording capabilities.

How Does This Stealthy Camera Work?

This nanny cam is operated through the TinyCam application, free to download from the Google play store or Apple App store. Enter your smartphone's WiFi settings and sync with the dummy router's WiFi signal. Within the application, point your camera to the QR code located on the bottom of the spy cam to scan the code, which will enable a direct connection, and you'll then be able to watch the live stream. Within TinyCam settings, choose a WiFi signal with which to sync the device. This process facilitates remote access to that high definition video stream. If the password to the WiFi has special characters (i.e., $, &, *, #, etc. ), this will need to be modified, as TinyCam cannot attach to a WiFi that has them.

If you need to monitor multiple areas, add as many TinyCam devices as you need, and they'll all be accessible through this one application. While it does not function as a real router, this nanny cam does have a dummy Cat-5 connection port located in the back, along with an antenna to bring the disguise together. 

The footage can be retrieved in two different ways: pulling the memory card and inserting that into a computer or downloading the files onto a smart-device via TinyCam! The latter feature can be essential in a situation where fiddling with a router may arouse suspicion. When using a Windows or Mac computer to review your videos, we recommend saving your files to your desktop and watching them through a standard video software such as VLC media player.

Why Choose this Nanny Cam?

This high-def spy cam looks very convincingly like a WiFi router, complete with an antenna and WAN connection port. Hidden in the front are night vision LED lights and the 720p camera. The antenna houses the light sensor, which switches the night vision LED lights on and off for up to 15 feet of clarity in complete darkness. A slot for SD card storage is in the back near the reset button, which will accept a 128GB or below micro memory card. All setup is performed through the free TinyCam application available to Android and iOS devices, enabling the user to interface with the camera for live streaming and remote downloading of footage. Complete the setup through the TinyCam application, from setting the date and time of recordings to defaulting the camera to record continuously or only when motion is detected. 

Setup for this device is simple and allows for the peace of mind that comes with having eyes where you need them at all times. This hidden camera can be your surveillance tool during the day or night, during the day or night, helping to keep everyone honest. 


  • Record how the children are treated
  • Make sure the housework gets done
  • Monitor the level of care provided by caregivers
  • Watch for unannounced maintenance visits
  • Catch infidelities
  • Monitor for child abuse
  • Monitor for drug abuse
  • Night-time security


  • Video Stream Quality: 1920x1080 
  • SD Card Storage Resolution: 1280x720 
  • IR Night Vision: up to 15 feet
  • Supports up to a 128GB SD Card 
  • Motion detection or continuous recording
  • Easy playback on Windows and Mac computers
  • Quick WiFi setup using peer to peer technology
  • All videos are date & time stamped

What's Included?

  • Wi-Fi Router Hidden Camera
  • SD Card Reader
  • USB Cable
  • USB Block Charger
  • User Manual
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty


  • Pixel count: 1 million CMOS Picture Sensor
  • Stream quality: 1080P
  • Record quality: 1280x720
  • IR night vision: ~15FT
  • Recorded file format: .mp4
  • Visual Field of View: 120°
  • Memory card:  128GB or below
  • Date/time stamp: Yes
  • Mobile phone operating system: Android/IOS
  • Power adapter: 5V~2Amp


Q: I'm trying to set up the camera, and I've waited a bit, but it isn't showing up on my WiFi list. What's going on?
A: Check the power connections at both ends and that it has a 128GB or below SD card inside. The reset button near the memory card slot would take care of most issues after holding it down for about ten seconds. 

Q: Which media player do you recommend for playback?
A: We highly recommend that you download VLC Media Player. It's a free download and works with Windows and Mac computers.

Q: I can't see the camera over the internet. What's going on?
A: Check your internet connection and the password you used to sync the camera with the WiFi. TinyCam devices cannot operate on WiFi with special characters in the password. 

Q: I can see the camera remotely sometimes, and other times it looks choppy and not smooth; what's going on?
A: Poor reception or trying to connect during peak hours are the most common reasons. Lower the stream quality, and this will help in some cases.

Q: I'm trying to set up this camera at a hotel, but I can't see the camera on my phone; what can I do?
A: Most likely, you're connected to the hotel's guest WiFi and do not have admin access to the network, or it could be the fault of the password, and TinyCam devices cannot connect with a WiFi with a password that contains special characters.

Q: I set up the camera, but I don't want to use WiFi. Will it still work as a motion-activated camera?
A: Yes.

Q: Can the system capture 1080p video?
A: No, files are recorded in 720p. Only the live stream will come in at 1920 x 1080. 

Q: Will recordings play on my Mac?
A: Absolutely!

Q: Does this Item record audio?
A: No. It does not record audio.

Q: Does this record at night?
A: Yes, it can see about 6 meters from the camera in darkness.

User Manual

 2007 Quick Start Guide

 How to Format Device Memory for Windows, Macs & Chromebooks

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